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Týr announce live DVD, debut live single

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 at 3:11 PM (PST)

TÝR delivers a stunning show performed live with the Symphony Orchestra of the Faroe Islands. This special event was recorded at The Nordic House in Tórshavn, the Faroes on February 8th, 2020. This seismic live album will be available on Metal Blade Records on 2 LP (gatefold, with insert, poster, digital download), a 2 CD/DVD digi-book set with 12-page booklet, and everywhere digital music is sold on March 18th, 2022.

Working with the Symphony Orchestra was without a doubt one of the highlights of our careers,” admits vocalist Heri Joensen. “The feeling of sheer sophisticated power behind us was extraordinarily uplifting. We were awed by how well the songs worked in a symphonic setting. ‘By The Sword In My Hand’, for example, seems to take on a new life. It is based on a Nordic traditional melody, and the lyrics are about Sigmundur Brestisson, Faroese Viking chieftain who, on behalf of the king Olaf of Norway, forcibly Christianized the Faroes. We are very excited to finally release a live DVD, CD and LP, and even with the incredible new artwork by Gyula Havancsák, that excellently captures the epic atmosphere of the event. In other news, our team is working on tours, festivals and shows, so please stay tuned and patient. We hope to see you all soon!

Pre-Orders for the album are available at:

A Night at the Nordic House Track Listing:
01. Hel’s Prelude
02. Gates of Hel
03. Grindavísan
04. Sunset Shore
05. Ragnars Kvæði
06. Gavotte from Suite in G Minor
07. Blood of Heroes
08. Ramund Hin Unge
09. Hold the Heathen Hammer High
10. The Lay of Thrym
11. Tróndur í Gøtu
12. Mare of My Night
13. Turið Torkilsdóttir
14. Fire and Flame
15. Torkils Døtur
16. Ormurin Langi
17. By the Sword in My Hand
18. Álvur Kongur

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Tyr to release eighth album ‘Hel’ on March 8th

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 7:27 PM (PST)

On March 8th, the Faroe Islands’ Tyr will release their eighth full-length, Hel, via Metal Blade Records. Hel is a collection of ruthlessly melodic and irresistibly compelling progressive folk metal that will immediately resonate with any who have followed the band at any point over the two decades of their storied career. For a preview of the album, the first single, “Fire and Flame”, can be heard at: – where Hel can also be pre-ordered or watch the lyric video below.

Hel track-listing:
1. Gates of Hel
2. All Heroes Fall
3. Ragnars Kvæði
4. Garmr
5. Sunset Shore
6. Downhill Drunk
7. Empire of the North
8. Far from the Worries of the World
9. King of Time
10. Fire and Flame
11. Against the Gods
12. Songs of War
13. Alvur Kongur

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TYR To Kick Off North American Headlining Tour This Weekend

Posted by Metal Riot on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 2:42 PM (PST)


Faroe Islands-based folk metal collective TYR will kick off their North American headlining tour this weekend. The journey will commence on May 5th in Brooklyn, New York and wind its way through nearly two-dozen cities, coming to a close on May 30th in Reading, Pennsylvania. Support will be provided by Orphaned Land, Ghost Ship Octavius, and Aeternam. See all confirmed dates below.
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Eluveitie are headlining a fall North American tour with support from epic metal act Tyr and killer Estonian outfit Metsatoll. Read an interview we just did with Metsatoll here. They are fucking awesome. Some of the best riffs I have ever heard (and not just because I am Estonian).

Click HERE for tour dates and more!

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New music videos from Darkane, Týr and Chimaira

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, January 31, 2014 at 9:16 PM (PST)


Hey kids. Some new video metal madness for ya, hot and fresh out the box. Who still watches videos? Metal fans (and people who all watched “Blurred Lines” for the nudity)!

ChimairaTýr and Darkane have all dropped some visual riff bombs for you that are all better than any stupid Super Bowl ads you might see in the near future.

Stay metal instead and click HERE to check em out.

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Tyr release “Mare of My Night”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 1:39 PM (PST)

Tyr Faroe Island folk metallers Tyr have premiered “Mare of My Night” off of their upcoming album Valkyrja.

Valkyrja will be released on September 17 in North America and September 13/16 in Europe/UK.

Stream “Mare of My Night” via Metal Insider.

Check out what vocalist/guitarist Heri Joenson had to say about the track here.

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Tyr announces “Valkyrja” ; streams new single

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, July 23, 2013 at 1:55 PM (PST)

Tyr Faroe Island folk metallers Tyr have announced that their newest album Valkyrja will be released on September 17 in North America.

The opening track “Blood of Heroes” is streaming at

Frontman and founder Heri Joensen had this to say about the concept of the new album:

“The woman that the warrior leaves may represent the earthly women. Freyja, The Lady Of The Slain, may represent the perfection of Women, and the Valkyrie is the link between the two, taking men from earthly to godly women.”

Check out Tyr tour dates here.

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Cover Art Battle: Metal Riot’s Cover Art of the Year (We Have A Winner!)

Posted by jessepac on Tuesday, December 27, 2011 at 12:48 PM (PST)

Time has come and all the little metalheads have opened their respective holiday boxes under their non-denominational tidings, with each headbanger giving thanks for the one thing that truly matters: Cover Art! Without cover art, we’d have no idea which album to buy, which album to avoid, and which album to try on a whim.

MetalRiot always brings the best in cover art to the fans and it is now time to declare the best cover art for all of 2011. We had some great picks this year, including some that garnered over 300 votes during their week-long reign as champs. We’ve put together the biggest winners from this year and they run the gamut from the extreme and wacky, to nude and rude. Where ever your metal heart lies, choose wisely and help make your pick the Cover Art of the Year!

Click here and vote for your favorite album cover of the year!

Happy New Year Edit:

In an insanely close race, almost 4,000 metal heads picked their choice for Cover Art of the Year. In the end, only eight votes separated first place from second.

This year’s cover art of the year is…..Breathe In Life by Betraying The Martyrs. Congratulations!

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Band Name Origin Wednesday: Týr

Posted by JDKleinhans on Wednesday, July 6, 2011 at 10:17 PM (PST)

Ever wonder where some bands come up with their band names?  Well, we do, and we’re sick of sitting around scratching our heads about it and we bet a lot of you Metal Rioters are sick of doing the same damn thing. So, we’re pulling our sleuth gear out to bring these heavy metal mysteries into the light and every Wednesday we’ll be pulling the curtain back to bring you sweet revelation.

From the the secluded Faroe Islands situated between the Norwegian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean comes the epic folk sound of Týr, a sound unlike any ever heard. Revelation from whence and where they come awaits you here.

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How many of you Metal Rioters out there have gone to your local record store of choice and picked up a new metal album solely based on the art that graces its cover? Unfortunately, with the growth of iTunes and Pandora it seems easier and easier to overlook album cover art in general, but in the world of Heavy Metal we’re here to remind you that this art form is still alive and well!

Each Tuesday we will present to you the best album covers of the week and draw focus into what makes each cover so f’ing rad. June has now passed us by and now it’s up to you to determine who is “June’s Cover Art of the Month”! Check ‘em out and VOTE!

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