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IX from C.O.C. is some of the best fuzzed out tones from the band this side of America’s Volume Dealer, perfect to ease the aches and pains of what ails you or to help incur new bruises rocking out.

Just a real rambling rumble here , a sense of friendship and exploration in these tunes. One of my favorite albums in the band’s career, actually. My fave since In The Arms of God, which I dig as much as Deliverance and Animosity and more than Blind, to be honest. Though any era of C.O.C. is the bees knees, the total shit, rock n roll, etc. The band are touring  with Bl’ast!, Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band and Lord Dying in the best, coolest fucking package tour of the year, in my opinion. I spoke to veteran musical soldier Mike Dean about the tour and the latest John Custer collaborative

C.O.C. audio event, HERE.

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Kyuss Lives! responds to lawsuit filed by Josh Homme

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, March 16, 2012 at 10:16 AM (PST)

As many of you know, original Kyuss guitarist Josh Homme file a federal lawsuit against original members John Garcia and Brant Bjork of the second incarnation of the band, “Kyuss Lives!”,  for alleged trademark infringement and consumer fraud.

Homme stated:

“With open arms, we made every attempt to help them continue Kyuss Lives respectfully. Only to discover while they looked us in the eye, Kyuss Lives! management and band had filed federal documents in 2011 in an attempt to steal the name Kyuss.”

Well, Garcia and Bjork have responded to the lawsuit with the following statement:

“We are both shocked and saddened that our friend and one time band mate has chosen to file a lawsuit against us, especially after having positive discussions since our reformation.

“We look forward to resolving this private matter behind closed doors and moving forward with work on our new album and connecting with our amazing, loyal fans.”

Truth be told I am a little torn on this. As a long time Kyuss fan Homme has stated many times in the past that he has/had no intention of reuniting with Kyuss and that he felt that to do so would almost be disrespectful. It also seems that initially he offered his blessing when Kyuss Lives! formed. All this leads me to believe the whole thing is about money and hopefully it can be sorted out before it drags both bands names through the mud.

To read Josh Homme’s 2007 quote about reforming the band click here.

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The Sword announce North American tour dates

Posted by KageDrummer on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 1:17 PM (PST)

The Sword - Warp RidersTexas heavy metal act, The Sword, have announced new tour dates with MonstrO and Kyuss.  The tour is scheduled to begin  September 16th in Toronto, Canada and end December 6th in Buffalo, New York. For the full tour schedule click here.

The Swords last album, “Warp Riders,” was released August 2010 though Kemado Records.

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Nick Oliveri (Kyuss and ex-QOTSA) faces 15 years after S.W.A.T. standoff

Posted by jessepac on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 12:47 PM (PST)

Nick OliveriFrom the LA Times comes this sad tale of Kyuss bassist Nick Oliveri:

“Oliveri was arrested July 12 after a fight with his ex-girlfriend escalated into a four-hour standoff with police. The 39-year-old bassist had locked himself and his ex-girlfriend inside his apartment when she was collecting her belongings to move out after he allegedly hit her, according to law officers. A SWAT team was called, and two hours later, Oliveri allowed his ex-girlfriend to leave, officers said.After another two hours, Oliveri surrendered to authorities. According to police, after officers searched his home, they found a full-loaded rifle along with cocaine and methamphetamines.

Oliveri is charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance with a firearm, two counts of possession of a controlled substance and one misdemeanor count of resisting, obstructing or delaying a peace officer.If convicted on all counts, he faces a maximum 15-year prison sentence. Oliveri was fired from Queens of the Stone Age by frontman Josh Homme in 2004.”

Oliveri was set to kick off the much-anticipated “Kyuss Lives!” tour, which has strangely just added a second leg. It is not clear if Oliveri will tour with the band or not.

Click here for the tour dates!

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