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Sean Yseult – Retrospective
Opening Reception:
Saturday, November 7th – 8pm-11pm
424 Broadway Fl2, New York City
Sacred Gallery NYC
On Display:
November 7th – December 31st

New York, New York: Sean Yseult, best known as the bass player from the multi-platinum and twice Grammy-nominated band White Zombie, presents her first solo show in New York City. RETROSPECTIVE – a love letter to her long-time muse, New Orleans – is a collaboration of early work from 2004, SEX & DEATH & ROCKNROLL (2012), MISSISSIPPI MERMAIDS (2013) and her current show, still on partial view at the Scott Edwards Gallery through October 2015, SOIRÉE D’EVOLUTION: TABLEAUX VIVANTS ET NATURE MORTES.

This exhibition brings Yseult full-circle, having lived in New York City from 1982 – 1991, during which time she co-founded White Zombie while attending Parsons The New School for Design in Manhattan’s West Village, before moving to New Orleans in 1996 with nothing more than a single suitcase, a guitar, a banjo, and a Polaroid Land Camera.


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The Wild Girl of Champagne with Fanfare

The Wild Girl of Champagne with Fanfare by Sean Yseult

Scott Edwards Gallery is pleased to present “Sean Yseult – Soirée D’Evolution: Tableaux Vivants et Nature Mortes.” This Exhibition features the most recent work of Sean Yseult (former White Zombie bassist) based on a sordid secret society soiree in 1873 and the elaborate living pictures & still lifes staged as part of their lavish parties. Opening Reception will be held Saturday April 18, 7pm-12am.

As soon as I read the above in my email I had to reach out to my friend Sean Yseult to see what she had been bubbling in her ever boiling cauldron of creativity. We spoke not only about some amazing new news for White Zombie fans but also of her new band Star & Dagger‘s next move as well as absinthe, feral girls who drink blood,  Tableaux Vivants and so much more!

For this epic read see BELOW.

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Ex-White Zombie/current Star & Dagger bassist Sean Yseult has a very creative new exhibition opening soon.

Scott Edwards Gallery is pleased to present “Sean Yseult – Soirée D’Evolution: Tableaux Vivants et Nature Mortes.” This Exhibition features the most recent work of Sean Yseult (former White Zombie bassist) based on a sordid secret society soiree in 1873 and the elaborate living pictures & still lifes staged as part of their lavish parties. Opening Reception will be held Saturday April 18, 7pm-12am.

The exhibit will be on display:
Front Gallery: April 16 – June 14
Back Gallery: June 18 – August 9 (Partial Display)

For a lengthy and very interesting press release on the background of the show’s historical and mystique filled origins, proceed BELOW.

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“Keep truth in your head/get back from the floor…find your peace”.

It’s crazy listening to the DIVEST set from just after 9/11 which was just posted as name your price on Bandcamp HERE. It’s raw and real. This was one of the most intense performances of my life and was from before my old band I sang for changed our name to Divest and worked with Dr. Know from Bad Brains. About a year before we started the album Ghost Town Reckoning. We were still called Bleed Theory at the time of this live set.

We had a song called “Valley” that said ,”The streets are now empty even when full. A token of appreciation from zero tolerance. It’s a no legged dance but truth is the ship’s fuckin’ sinking. So leave us be, we’ll prove there’s more than your inefficiency.”  

Those words really hit me today listening to this thinking of how 9/11 was avoidable and how Bush and Cheney fucked up so much. I get goosebumps recalling the feeling of performing for the New Yorkers that week, just two weeks after the attacks. People were so glad to be back out and hearing rock n roll, participating in celebrating life together.  Dave She Wolf (aka Donna Lupe) guested on “The Hollow Point” and now plays guitar in Star And Dagger (with Sean Yseult of White Zombie notoriety).

Nate Kelley (of Shabutie/ early- Coheed And Cambria fame) was our bassist in DIVEST/Bleed Theory at the time and had this to say about the show:

 The mood was still pretty surreal; the buildings had only gone down two weeks before. We put a lot of heart into this one. There are points where the performance is in danger of careening off the tracks, but we ended super-strong. One of the best ever, especially tracks 6 and 7 (dig the no-count entrance into “Atlas”).

Zac Shaw (now of Dead Unicorn) was on drums for this show.

Cover design by Matt Goldpaugh of Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones.

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Bluesy fuzz rockers Star & Dagger have returned with another music video! The video for “In My Blood” was directed by Art Haynie and based on Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. The track is from the band’s crucial 2013 full length Tomorrowland Blues. It isn’t super heavy but it has serious swing and dirty, gutter rock guitars with real vintage wallop.

If this silly party fest featuring ex-White Zombie and Cycle Sluts From hell members doesn’t strike you as a good, campy rock n’ roll time…well, I’m not gonna hurt ya. I’m just gonna bash your brains in!!!!

You can witness the bloody good fun HERE!

Star & Dagger live shot by James Cullato

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UnknownStar & Dagger have released a rocking new live video!

S&D is the new blues-rock/sludge/retro band featuring alumni of White Zombie, Cycle Sluts from Hell and Eagles of Death Metal. They have released a new video for their song “Freak Train”. The video shows the band in their live element and was shot on their recent 2013 UK tour.

Star & Dagger are shown in the video doing what they do best, getting down and dirty with their inspired, riff-centric no bullshit rock.

The video was shot entirely with GoPro cameras by Chris Lee, and edited by Todd Perley, MeowMeow Productions. Featuring: Sean Yseult, Von Hesseling, Dava She Wolf, Dave Catching & Gene Trautmann.

Click HERE to ride the “Freak Train”, baby!

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Star And Dagger reveal April UK Tour Dates

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, February 25, 2013 at 11:11 PM (PST)

Star++Dagger+181133_10150887935184790_78156Star & Dagger have announced April UK Tour Dates via their Facebook page! The underground all-star band features a cast of characters from White Zombie, Eagles of Death Metal, Queens of The Stone Age and Cycle Sluts From Hell playing fun, distorted dark blues influenced hard rock.

The short run, power punch tour will commence Tue, April 16th in Manchester UK @ The Roadhouse (Patrick Swayze not included, this is Engand!) and wrap up Mon, April 22nd in Brighton, UK @ Green Door.

Stateside, the band have already played with the likes of Down, St. Vitus and Helmet.

Click HERE for the full listing of dates! And let’s start a petition for them to come back Stateside and tour with someone like Earthless or Black Cowgirl later in 2013. Hey, it’s ok to have dreams, right?

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Star & Dagger announce impending UK tour

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, February 8, 2013 at 5:52 PM (PST)

178251_431901870192370_850773598_oSuperb sludge n’ rollers Star & Dagger have just announced a new venture and dropped news of an upcoming UK tour!

From the band’s FACEBOOK“STAR & DAGGER has joined forces with ROCKY ROAD TOURING! April UK tour dates with SUPAGROUP, will be posted here soon!”

Star & Dagger is a bluesy new metal band featuring past-members of White Zombie, Cycle Sluts From Hell and Queens Of The Stone Age.


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Star & Dagger, the new sludgy blues band featuring alumni from White Zombie, Cycle Sluts From Hell, Queens Of The Stone Age and Eagles Of Death Metal, have talked to Metal Riot about their forthcoming full length “Tomorrowland Blues”!

Dava She Wolf (guitar): “We have an upcoming full length called “Tomorrowland Blues”. It has a futuristic retro concept of Valley Of The Dolls kind of cover art. The back cover is an adult gameboard of all the things that can go wrong in life. It was produced by Ethan Allen and Dave Catching (Eagles Of Death Metal) in Joshua Tree and we’re really excited about it.”

Sean Yseult (bass): “We stayed in two great locations in Joshua Tree. One place Hicksville was a crazy trailer park gone mental. We all stayed in different trailers. One was an outer space trailer. There was also a BB Gun shooting range. We took over and everyone had a huge party. Lots and lots of wine and good food and music. Then we did five songs at Rancho De La Luna. That’s a huge party in itself. Eagles Of Death Metal and QoTSA have done many recordings there. It’s just amazing. Dave’s home turns into the studio and we decided we would never play again unless Dave Catching was in the band. I first met Dave when White Zombie was headlining 5,000 seaters. We’d taken Kyuss out on the tour with us and I asked if Dave was their manager. They said,” No…He’s our mixologist” (laughing). That’s Dave!”

Stay tuned for updates on a release date and label soon!

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2011 has been a truly intense and progressive time for metal, punk and hard rock across the continuum. Let’s start being thankful early, and working on our New Year’s Eve hangover really early, by hearing from some of our favorite bands about what made 2011 FREAKIN’ RULE (or suck if you are Jason Christopher or Ari – with maybe the funniest quotes).

Bad Brains, Taproot, Star & Dagger (ex-White Zombie/Cycle Sluts From Hell), The Resurrection Sorrow, Stone Sour/Black President, MonstrO, Wisdom In Chains, Antidote 8, PUi, Nothing But Wolves, Demilitia (ex-Kittie), Tainted Entertainment, Birdhand, Destrophy, The Compulsions, Design The Skyline, Jungle Rot, Blackguard, Painmask, Three, Nightmares For A Week, Ross the Boss band/Ivory Night, Within The Ruins, The Empire Shall Fall (ex-Killswitch Engage) and Now There Is Only A Signal have all contributed.

To read their thoughts on 2011 click here.

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If you want bitchin’ good heavy blues rock with serious metal bite, look no further. “In My Blood” is Star & Dagger‘s first release in the form of a three song vinyl EP. The band’s members are Sean Yseult (White Zombie), guitarist Donna She Wolf (Cycle Sluts From Hell/She Wolves), vocalist Von Hesseling, and drummer Dustin Crops (Jesus Christ Superfly). The “In My Blood” EP contains material recorded in Joshua Tree, California with Ethan Allen and songs produced in New Orleans by former White Zombie guitarist J. Yuenger, at his new studio the Graveyard. Yuenger also plays guitar on a track.

The “In My Blood” EP includes foil stamped illuminati skull cover, blood sleeve with band photo and lyrics, and blood colored translucent vinyl. Jacket, sleeve and labels by Lindsey Kuhn.

The run is limited to 500 copies, including a special signed version only available at the band’s live shows. Pre-order HERE.

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Band Spotlight: Star & Dagger

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 12:06 PM (PST)

Star & Dagger is the new low end riff outlet for bassist Sean Yseult of White Zombie fame. More devil/less disco, the band combine bluesy, sludgy riffing to rival Kyuss with psychedelic feedback plus the crooning vocals of Von Hesseling. Rounded out by Donna She Wolf (Cycle Sluts From Hell) and Dustin Crops, plus live guitar beefage from Dave Catching (Eagles Of Death Metal), Star & Dagger are set to kill. They even cover “Out Of Focus” by Blue Cheer!

An upcoming show with Helmet and a 3 song 12″ is due out on Last Hurrah Records featuring material tracked in Joshua Tree with Ethan Allen and songs produced by (and featuring a cameo from) White Zombie guitarist J. Yuenger. A full length “Tomorrowland Blues” is also in the works. Lindsey Kuhn will be doing the album art for Star & Dagger’s first release.

You can hear “In My Blood” and “Used to me” (not on 12″) streaming on their Facebook. (Band photo by Leslie Van Stelten).

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