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Untimely Demise Denied Entry to US, Tour Ends at Border

Posted by JDKleinhans on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 1:26 PM (PST)

Canadian thrash trio Untimely Demise were denied access to the United States earlier this week, only several dates into their three-week tour of the western half of North America.

Having successfully blazed their way through the first five performances in Canada on their way south, Untimely Demise proceeded to the border checkpoint into Washington, and due to a logistical paperwork error involving one member, after multiple attempts, the band were not allowed entry into the country. Frustrated, they turned around and headed home, posting a statement on their Facebook last night explaining the situation in detail and apologizing to their American fans and friends they’d planned on raging with over the next few weeks. In the meantime, the band still have some badass regional gigs confirmed in Saskatchewan and Alberta in May, and will have more to broadcast in the weeks ahead.

Stay tuned for future US live actions once this is all cleared up. Get the full scoop on this unfortunate situation, confirmed Canadian tour dates, and live footage here.

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Album Review: Untimely Demise – “City Of Steel”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 12:34 PM (PST)

Hostile lyrics, a sick sense of humor, dirty and dark riffs and flashy solos highlight “City Of Steel” by Untimely Demise. Bloody thrash and tints of groove metal collide to create the perfect environment for undead nazis and commies to wage war. “City Of Steel” (Sonic Unyon Metal) was produced by Glen Drover of King Diamonnd/Megadeth fame, who really seems to get what this band is about. Drover guests with his always ripping leads throughout the album and nothing feels forced. The core band of bassist Murray Cuthbertson, drummer Scott Cross and guitarist/vocalist Matt Cuthbertson create a fun, raw racket that should appeal to fans of Kreator, Skeletonwitch and Megadeth alike (Matt’s often raspy vocals calling Skeletonwitch to mind). There’s even some parts that sound like Pro-Pain backup vocals. Occasionally they sort of hover between sounding like “Colony”-era In Flames in a tug of war with early Megadeth, which is pretty rad.

“City Of Steel” is high energy and carries a lot of punch, very in your face and raw. The very metal tones of Untimely Demise are contrasted to the cleaner, soaring leads to good effect. The album also doesn’t overstay its’ welcome and it is easy to listen to every track. You’ll find yourself raging to the violent intro of the title track before it explodes into a straight-forward groove riff, enjoying the Skolnick/Peterson-esque intro of “Unmaker” and thrashing to the religion-skewering opening cut “Virtue In Death”. While not yet the top of the genre, this is a kick ass band who have loads of evil potential. This is certainly a good album for beefing up your thrash collection if you want to add another cool band into the mix. You simply can’t argue with the coolness of the snarled “Streets Of Vice” lyric ,”Greedy rats feast on your skin as you sleep in the filthy gutter”!