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The Atlas Moth to tour with Mustard Gas & Roses

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 5:25 PM (PST)

What can we say that hasn’t been said already about Chicago’s harshly imaginative noise makers THE ATLAS MOTH?

It is no secret we love the bastards and that you may have indeed seen their faces on various FBI Most Wanted lists around the country…but in reality they have just been plotting their latest rock n’ roll itinerary, not some bank heist.

The Atlas Moth have new tour dates announced with special guests Mustard Gas & Roses and will also share select dates with the natural born killers in He Whose Ox Is Gored. Fans can also expect special performance in Los Angeles at Resident DTLA with Of Feather & Bone on June 5th. Any of these shows is likely to be awesome as all the artists completely slay.

Released February 9, 2018 via Prosthetic Records, The Atlas Moth’s latest opus Coma Noir entered the Billboard charts at the following impressive positions and continues to draw praise from media and fans alike.

#24 Current Hard Music Albums
#24 Top New Artist Albums
#121 Top New Artist Albums Consumption

Produced by Sanford Parker (Eyehategod, Voivod), Coma Noir is perhaps both the bands most accessible and yet grim record yet. The band remain in a category all their own straddling extreme metal, psychedelic revelation and alternative rock’s barren corpse.

Tour dates below.

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Photo by Eric Tra

Who knows what I will be doing next week, but I already know my four favorite albums for February. Might as well post ’em since so busy right now mostly moving and arguing with NitwitTweeters (Nitweeters) on Twitter. These are my choices for my four favorite ragers of the month, which I am already looking ahead towards the end of.

Read up on them BELOW.

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Wow. I have loved The Atlas Moth since their first record, for sure one of the coolest and more inventive bands of the past decade’s recent wave of American experimental metal. It has been awesome getting to befriend Stavros and see his band’s star rise. Hearing Coma Noir today over at Revolver HERE is a huge thrill. The title track has moments that are so heavy I was like,” Is this Atlas The Gates?”, but the dudes haven’t gone straight melodeth something. There is still a ton of atmospheric melodic brilliance to the dark churning guitars and a sense of anarchic psychic agony and searching that always appealed to me about their shit.

Make no mistake though, a lot of this is the most rocking and heavy shit they have done to date. “Furious Gold” is desperate and feral but the playing is assured even as it hungers for blood. I think this one is gonna break them a lot bigger! The dudes knocked it out of the park for their Prosthetic debut and Sanford Parker fucking killed it on the production. Eberythng sounds insane and crisp but also dirty and unique. Tones to drool over galore (the end of “Last Transmission From The Late, Great Planet Earth” is as exciting as any melodic soaring moment from pre-super Alex Jones douchebag era Billy Corgan Pumpkins) and just a lot of awesome stuff to drift your mind outward 2. This is a total banger.

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I’d rather be the band that consistently has played to a few hundred people every night for a career than playing arenas for a certain amount of time and then wind up playing in the suburbs to 30 people for the rest of their “career” as they cling to what’s left. – Stavros Giannopoulos


I haven’t had a chance to chat much with my friend Stavros from psychedelic warriors The Atlas Moth since interviewing him for New Noise Magazine when third album The Old Believer first dropped. Since then the band have toured with Russian Circles and Boris plus have some great new stuff from said tours available in their online merch store (the fuckin’ hoodies are DOPE!).

Now that Stavros is home and momentarily settled, it was time to pick his brain anew about recent stuff, being a fan before a musician, not pleasing everyone and generally being the man.

Click HERE for more.

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Album Review: The Atlas Moth – The Old Believer

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 2:08 PM (PST)


Space noise gods The Atlas Moth return with The Old Believer on the always superb profound lore stable. I will always love this band for being so unique and doing their own thing. Any Moth release you are bound to get some very tripped out and introspective shit paired with raw black metal howls and a growing emphasis on semi-melodic sung passages that call to mind early Hammers Of Misfortune. It’s a striking blend of indie, sludge and psyche-doom that spirals out of the third eye like cloudy thoughts releasing first drops of rain before a deluge.”Collider” and lead off track “Jet Black Passenger” build on the loneliness of An Ache For The Distance while the band overall just sounds more pro than ever (but not at the expense of their edge). If anything they are refining what they do while still just as cool as they were out the gate on the raw and chemical doused 2009 LP A Glorified piece Of Blue Sky (still perhaps my favorite, if only because you always remember falling in love with a band’s first album you were exposed to with fondness.)

The Old Believer cover art looks like a cross between American Horror Story and a Jarboe release, and the music inside is just as affecting as the visuals. The ominous yet inspired “The Sea Beyond” speaks of seas full of alien, crystal entities. The whole record seems to yearn for lost or yet to be found knowledge. ‘Sacred Vine” opens with sparse drums before one of the most thrilling passages from the band yet thumps down on your skull. The best thing  about these guys is they make use of practically every frequency of the guitar at their disposal. Similar to The Ocean’s recent gem Pelagial, you get high pitched droning and hypnotic shimmering sections, mid tempo chug that is way smarter than metalcore tropes and a sense of real movement. Close your eyes and you are sure to have your imagination sparked, images dancing on the back of your eyelids. you wont even need ayahuasca to feel impelled to search within for growth. Hearing music like this and artists working hard to evolve, at least for me, makes me want to create incessantly myself. The halls of inspiration open wide and invite participation.

Click HERE for more and to hear “Collider”.


The Ocean have posted a brand new tour documentary from their 2013 Pelagial World Tour over on their youtube channel. With quality similar to their recently released “Collective Oblivion” triple DVD, this portion covers the European leg of The Ocean’s recent headlining tour, as well as the line-up changes at the end of the year 2013; when Luc Hess and Jona Nido were replaced by Paul Seidel and Damian Murdoch. It’s truly an in depth look into what it’s like to tour on a worldwide scale as an underground metal band. View part one and part two now at

The Ocean are currently in North America for the first time since last year’s The Summer Slaughter Tour. Their co-headline tour with Prosthetic Recording artist Scale the Summit began last week. The tour also includes special guests The Atlas Moth and Silver Snakes, and is being presented by Metal Sucks.The tour kicked off on Wednesday, March 5 in Seattle Washington and will wrap up on Sunday, March 30 in Cambridge Mass., including two dates scheduled in Austin, TX for SXSW.

The Ocean will notice a change in the lineup from the last time around, as they’ve added drummer Paul Seidel, and guitarist Damian Murdoch to replace Luc Hess and Jona Nido, who departed the band on mutual terms late last year. Live videos have been made available from The Summer Slaughter Tour stop at the Rave in Milwaukee, WI. Fans can watch “Demersal: Cognitive Dissonance” (featuring guest vocals from CJ of Thy Art is Murder) HERE.


Click HERE for tour dates or to watch the blog video. It is well worth it and quite moving.

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Chicago’s The Atlas Moth are one of the very best bands in the underground and synergy is their forté. Leaping tall genre boundaries in a single beer/riff, the Moth truly kill (listen to their Doors cover so I don’t have to explain). Several of the best records of 2011 came out on Profound Lore and “An Ache For The Distance” by The Atlas Moth is one of them (certainly in my top 666 for the year along with Gigan, SubRosa, Conny Ochs, The Haunted and USX). “An Ache…” captures the band’s love of noise and black metal AND really starts to capture the melodic expansiveness of their Deftones appreciating side. Grooves and grinding attack meet waves of psychedelia and hissing steam combined with sheets of brittle yet melodic black ice. It’s fascinating as all get out and to top it off they are some of the coolest dudes going.

Click here for an interview with Stavros of The Atlas Moth about the new record, doing things your own way, working with James Murphy and more.

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