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Metalcore vets and proud pit starters Sworn Enemy are touring the 15th anniversary of As Real As It Gets with one of my favorite live acts in thrash, Thy Will Be Done, along for the trip. Fans of East Coast motivational metal need to get fired up and represent!

Dates BELOW.

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I’ve been bumping the new Sworn Enemy lately, as anyone who knows me well can attest to. “Stand And Deliver” and the Slayer-core of “No Mercy” are just metallic hardcore boiled down to a venomous essence. The windmill, circle and flying punch pit potential to this shit is unreal! It’s all good. After all, we are all Living on Borrowed Time, as the band remind us on their latest platter of the same name. No mercy, no surrender.


This is hardcore with a real knowledge of the foundations that make heavy metal, crossover and especially street hardcore legit, No trends. No poses. Just making sure the real power of our underground music culture isn’t “Slipping Away”. Thanks to the real warriors who fight this good battle. Some names have changed, but this is still the same Sworn Enemy you can rely on to pack a punch for a bag lunch. Ok, that rhymed but was kind of dorky. Basically, these guys remind you to fight back and not be held down.


“…And never lose focus!”


Click HERE to read a talk with Sal LoCoCo on the new album, no apologies.
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Sworn Enemy are for a certain type of hardcore and metal fan. If you didn’t like them before for some stupid reason, Living On Borrowed Time isn’t going to change things. And that’s good for the rest of us.

The new album from veteran Sal LoCoco’s street smart crew continues to meld thrash and late 90’s Biohazard-esque mosh core with a certain “maniacal” savvy, anger and conviction. Titles like “Do Or Die” and “Hard Way” plus spine crippling double bass and Overkill-type 80’s thrash solos are arm in arm here with pit friendly distorted havok. It is always refreshing to hear something this pissed, violent sounding and yet capable of making old riffs sound new again, not to sound too critical. The band are walking familiar ground, but the spirit and performances remind you what you love about this type of shit.

Click HERE to read more.

Death Ray Vision premiere “Break Every Chain” lyric video

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 2:05 PM (PST)

Death Ray Vision Massachusetts metalcorers Death Ray Vision have premiered the lyric video for “Break Every Chain” off of their upcoming debut album We Ain’t Leavin’ Till You’re Bleedin’ which will drop on September 10 via Bullet Tooth Records.

Death Ray Vision are expected to head out on an east coast tour starting on September 13 with Sworn Enemy and Acaro. Dates are TBA.

Check out the “Break Every Chain” lyric video here.

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