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Harvestman presents art, track listing for “Music for Megaliths”

Posted by Metal Riot on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 5:45 PM (PST)


Neurot Recordings presents the fourth full-length recorded document from HARVESTMAN – one of Neurosis vocalist/guitarist Steve Von Till’s solo ventures – with the impending release of Music For Megaliths.


As with prior HARVESTMAN and other solo releases by Steve Von Till, Music For Megaliths sees the artist handling a wide array of instruments and approaches, including vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, synthesizers, hurdy gurdy, effects, and more, fully performed, recorded, and mixed at his own The Crow’s Nest studio in Northern Idaho. Neurosis’ Jason Roeder also provides drums to the album’s fifth track, “Levitation.” The seven sonically and mentally expansive tracks were mastered by James Plotkin, and the album completed with artwork by Thomas Hooper.


Confirming the album for release on May 19th, Neurot has unveiled the artwork, track listing, and more for the exploratory new album, with audio samples and more to be released in the coming weeks.

Track listing BELOW.

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Remember that spooky, loopy “Digital Crush” track we unveiled here a little while back?

Now sonic soothsayer Gridfailure has premiered a new song “Hostile Alchemist” over at Decibel HERE. Taken from a forthcoming Hostile Alchemy EP, which was made in protest to the current “misinformation-fueled politics driving the true threat of a global nuclear holocaust”. Fans of the harsher side of Pharmakon,  more formless ambient black metal, Lou Reed’s groundbreaking Metal Machine Music, Insect Ark, Scorn or those who like it when their tv gets possessed like in Poltergeist will enjoy the audio manipulations of Gridfailure’s Dave Brenner thoroughly.

The song “Hostile Alchemy” features some amazing collaborators from some of the coolest acts in the current scene. You get guest vocals from the always proving she is way too talented Leila Abdul-Rauf (Vastum, Ionophore, Cardinal Wyrm), synth from lovable nihilist Jeff Wilson (Wolvhammer, Abigail Williams, Chrome Waves), and accordion from the eclectic Benjamin Levitt (Megalophobe), plus layers of vocals, bass, guitar, synth, keys, xylophone, Theremin, percussion, electronics, and more from Brenner.

Expect a lot of good stuff to keep churning forth from Gridfailure. This project is funner than spending too long licking 9V Batteries and even more likely to socially ostracize you. In all seriousness, it is a super cool foray into uncharted territory in a musical landscape that far too often forgoes risk and the fun of experimentation while favoring empty fashionable gestures.

Gridfailure is not concerned with that shit.


GRIDFAILURE sets March for “Hostile Alchemy” EP release

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 4:19 PM (PST)


GRIDFAILURE will release the Hostile Alchemy EP in the coming weeks, as the experimental outfit acknowledges one year of auditory disrupt.


Conceived in the final weeks of the 2016 election cycle in protest to the profoundly destructive and misinformation-fueled current style of politics we’re witnessing, Hostile Alchemy delivers nine tracks which bare a more reality-based intent than the outfit’s customary horror. In addition to suffocating layers of instrumentation and vocals by GRIDFAILURE creator David Brenner, Hostile Alchemy features guest contributions from a wide cast of allies including Leila Abdul-Rauf (Vastum, Ionophore, Cardinal Wyrm), Faith Ciavarella, Mark Deutrom (Bellringer, ex-Melvins), Jeff Wilson (Wolvhammer, Abigail Williams, Chrome Waves), Pete Tsakiris, Benjamin Levitt (Megalophobe), Christian Molenaar (Those Darn Gnomes), Alexei Korolev (The Company Corvette), and more.


GRIDFAILURE will digitally release Hostile Alchemy on March 24th with a physical entity of the record to follow. The artwork, track listing, and preorders are live RIGHT HERE.


GRIDFAILURE‘s second full-length, Teeth Collection,will be completed in the coming weeks for release in the Spring, with sprawling third album, Drought Stick, directly behind it. An ambient collaborative album with Megalophobe, several other new projects, videos, and much more is also in production.
GRIDFAILURE was formed in February 2016, and the past year has seen the release of several records which sole founder of the project David Brenner performed on, including Theologian’s Dregs, and Before My Flesh Was Torn By The World, the Theologian/Lament Cityscape Soft Tissue collaborative album, and several titles for Cadabra Records, including Theologian’s scores for H. P. Lovecraft’s The Lurking Fear and Pickman’s Model LPs, and Clark Ashton Smith’s Inferno 7″. GRIDFAILURE‘s Ensuring The Bloodline Ends Here debut album saw release in May 2016, the record followed by the Further Layers Of Societal Collapse EP on Halloween, a split cassette with Never Presence Forever, inclusion in Walking Bombs’ “Demagogue” protest anthem, and more.

Scott Kelly will hit Southeastern US on a new acoustic tour

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 9:34 AM (PST)


Neurosis’ founding guitarist/vocalist SCOTT KELLY has confirmed a new set of tour dates beginning later this month, where the artist will take his acoustic solo anthems to the Southeastern US.


While Neurosis continues to tour in support of their lauded eleventh studio album, Fires Within FiresSCOTT KELLY also continues to perform in a variety of other forms, including Mirrors For Psychic Warfare with Sanford Parker who just returned from an intense tour of Europe, Absent In Body with Colin H Van Eeckhout and Mathieu Vandekerckhove of Amenra who just released a record through Hypertension, and others, in addition to his own solo projects and recordings.


The coming weeks will see KELLY taking his gravelly, gritty, and heartfelt acoustic anthems of love, loss, hope, and redemption out to audiences throughout the Southeastern realm of the country, with a ten-city tour running from February 22nd through March 4th. With shows confirmed in Atlanta, Charleston, Asheville, Savannah, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Hattiesburg, Dallas, Little Rock, and Nashville, SCOTT KELLY will be accompanied on all shows by John Judkins of Rwake.

Sweden’s NOÊTA release “Beyond Life” video

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 4:09 PM (PST)


Västra Götaland, Sweden’s “black ambient” duo NOÊTA are a compelling act who will release their debut full-length, Beyond Life and Death, on February 17 via Prophecy Productions. As an album, it is conceptually divided into three parts: the “meeting with emotion as the meaning of life”, “a cold resignation and anxiety”, and the “horror-filled respect for a hard nature without bounds”.

It would seem the new music video for “Beyond Life” perhaps falls into the third category, as the disorienting but beautiful nature shots contrast with a very spooky and sort of dark essence near the end. I don’t want to spoil it. It is a very well done and avant-garde clip with a deceptively simple narrative that actually has much deeper levels than “a girl in the woods”.

It sort of reminds me of Bardo Pond meets Scorn through a sort of folky, tribal spectrum . I am eager to delve into their 2015 psychē EP while I wait for the full length.

Pre-order Beyond Life and Death at this location.


Thor Harris (ex-Swans) has a new ensemble Thor & Friends driven by contemplative modes and a lineup built around Peggy Ghorbani playing marimba and Sarah Gautier on mallet instruments, keyboards, and voice. There are quite a number of other contributors as well to the eponymous debut but today you can feast your eyes on this truly gorgeously shot new video for “Medieval”. While it is a fr cry from Aborted or some other bands we often feature, the reflective and near meditational mood of this piece is sure to appeal to fans of avant garde music or stuff like Ides Of Gemini, Amber Asylum and other groups that have a mercurial genre fan base. Order HERE.


Gridfailure Polaroid 2016-2

Hostile alchemist GRIDFAILURE has completed the Further Layers Of Societal Collapse EP impending its free digital distribution on Samhain 2016, leaking new track “Digital Crush” through Metal Riot.

GRIDFAILURE is the auditory harvest of David Brenner (Earsplit, ex-Theologian, ex-Heidnik), who abuses dozens of instruments, brewing a haunted apocalypse aura. The outfit’s Ensuring The Bloodline Ends Here debut was released in May via The Compound Recs. With a second album, Teeth Collection, nearing completion, Further Layers Of Societal Collapse provides some insight of the bizarre directions the unit’s output is taking. The use of field recordings infusing elements of nature and civilization into the mix carries into the new material, which infuses more percussive elements and guitars than the debut. Contributions from cohorts BJ Allen (Full Scale Riot) and Pete Tsakiris reflect the first GRIDFAILURE collaborations to see release, a trait that lies heavily in the upcoming releases.

GRIDFAILURE’s Further Layers Of Societal Collapse delivers nearly a half-hour of unharnessed dementia, infiltrating additional realms of biomechanical madness, meshing ghostly and fractured elements of dark ambient, power electronics, and industrial metal with the confrontational wrath of tectonic hardcore on a rudderless course where anything goes.

“The name of the new EP came from my cohort Morgan here; when Walking Bombs asked me to contribute ‘additional layers of societal collapse’ to their ‘Demagogue’ anti-Trump anthem, I immediately plagiarized/altered the line. The levels of corrosion and mutation on the EP reflect our bleak future. This is a biomechanical horror-electronics nightmare soundtrack, documenting another step further into the post-Sixth Mass Extinction wastelands where primitive ways and artificial intelligence cannibalize each other for survival. I re-purposed antiquated technologies for the recording of this EP, beginning with this track. Ween yourself from technology before you become it a part of it. Liberate Te Ex Gridfailure.” – Dave Brenner




Atmospheric post-metal architects The Moth Gatherer are one of the coolest Swedish bands at the moment, a very ambitious group who deserve to be touted in the same circles that praise Cult Of Luna, Inter Arma, etc. These guys made one of the best records in recent memory with The Earth Is The Sky, but it deserves more attention as it missed some people’s radar yet is considerably more awesome than a lot of stuff that gets gooey write ups often.

“Probing The Descent Of Man” is their latest video, a stark, black and white semi-performance clip odyssey that also has a sweet Evil Dead 2 movie poster rando cameo, haha.

The video was directed by Albin Sköld (Illusive Illustration) and recorded at the band’s rehearsal space in Sweden earlier this year.

The Earth Is The Sky was recorded over a period of two years in three different studios. Mixing & mastering duties were taken care of by Karl Daniel Lidén (Dozer, The Old Wind, Switchblade, Terra Tenebrosa). The artwork was made by SCG, while Swedish printer EJG prepared the layout, creating an exclusive painting for each of the six tracks appearing on the album.

Commented by the band: “The Earth Is The Sky is an album where we tried to take everything as far as we could. There where points during the recording where we honestly spoke about giving up and calling it a day, it felt like we would crumble under the album. But we suffered through. The result is a desperation about how humanity drags it all to the end. Where A Bright Celestial Light (debut album) was an introvert journey into decay, The Earth Is The Sky is a journey to the highest point on Earth where you sit down and contemplate about our existence while watching the flames from the burning world”.

Misconducters release lyric video for new track

Posted by Den on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 2:56 PM (PST)

Power trio Misconducters has released a lyric video of “Invasion”, taken from the just released 4th album Circadian (MS Metal).


Watch the rumbling clip BELOW.




Walking Bombs reveals “Peace Quest” EP initial details, artwork

Posted by Metal Riot on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 6:34 PM (PST)


The new EP from Walking Bombs, the solo/collaborative effort of writer/musician Morgan Y. Evans, is called Peace Quest and will be out digitally before the end of the year (digital pre-order available in the next week or two). Earlier in 2016 Evans (current GET OUT., ex-Divest, Antidote 8) released project debut full length KNOW YOU’RE WILD via Bandcamp featuring varied styles and guests including Nate Hall (USX) and Sean-Paul Pillsworth (Nightmares For A Week). Check out a co-interview with Spirit Adrift HERE regarding that release.

The new Walking Bombs EP Peace Quest moves in a heavier and weirder direction than the more grunge and acoustic/emo influenced debut. Guests include extreme musician Dave Brenner’s Gridfailure project, NYC doom/punk bassist Laurie Safdie, industrial one man mayhem machine Kristopher Bernard, Surmiser’s Jay Andersen, Martyr Art and more. The EP was engineered by Jay Andersen of Surmiser and co-produced by Andersen and Evans. Some live dates and additional info, including a single premiere, are on the horizon.

I was thinking about how to encourage peace these days is harder and more “tough” than embracing nihilism and conflict,” says Evans. “I wanted to do a stop gap EP before the next full length, which is already underway as well and coming out great with some extra sick guests in the works. Anyway, this EP is about trying to find a semblance of harmony and how at odds that is with reality. There is a major fuck you sludge metal song to Donald Trump, an industrial tune, some experimental rock, an acoustic ballad about vampire sex and one about disregarding the warning signs in the stars we love who are at risk of death. Basically it is all about trying to cope and find any measure of peace with how crazy divided the world is right now. So half of it is much heavier than the first record. It went in a very different direction than I thought I’d be writing for the next Bombs stuff.

Further details will be revealed in coming weeks. The EP was mostly tracked in Saugerties, NY at a family property of Andersen’s.

It’s a secluded property with woods where my dog can be there even when we work and it is super chill. I can’t wait to announce who is mastering but that’s not for today,” Evans says. “This is going to be my main outlet for the future besides whatever group band dynamics I am in as well.”

Peace Quest tracklisting and artwork is BELOW.

When is it ok to boycott a festival or venue?

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, September 8, 2016 at 9:19 AM (PST)


Globelamp documentation of being punched in face by Sam France of Foxygen

Globelamp documentation of being punched in face by Sam France of Foxygen

When is it ok or “cool” to boycott a festival, band or venue?

People choose not to attend festivals in protest all the time. It could be because you
don’t like an artist’s stance on something or dislike some corporate sponsors or any
number of reasons. It seems that if one of the band’s had a controversy surrounding
punching their ex girlfriend and bandmate in the face, it would seem natural if said
abuse victim didn’t want her fans or people to go and support the booking of an act
who feature a member who she’d been in serious conflict with.

Last night on Twitter and elsewhere Sean Ono Lennon and the artist known as Globelamp
(aka Elizabeth Le Fay, formerly of Foxygen) got into a war of words over just such a
scenario. It resulted in some fairly shockingly lazy language from Lennon, who I think
meant well but some of his posts didn’t help.
To make a long story short, first read this for the complex and sad tale of Foxygen’s fallout
with Elizabeth.

We good? That was fucked up, right?! I wasn’t there but every time I have communicated

with Globelamp she has been completely nice, from seeming genuinely distraught people
are biased against her art because she has been vocal about abuse and people consider
her a “Yoko Ono” type or just talking to her briefly about how we both like The Mists
Of Avalon and how it should be read in schools to show the bad-assery of witchy women.

She seems very genuine.

Read more below.

ex Giant Squid plus ex Agalloch equals Khôrada

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Sunday, August 28, 2016 at 8:02 AM (PST)
Photo by Cody Keto

Photo by Cody Keto

It warms our cockles to learn that from the dissolution of two of the best bands art metal has produced in centuries comes a new project that has the potential to be incredible. With the members involved, it is almost impossible to think it will be anything other than stunning. Don Anderson had hinted to me a number of weeks back that he and several other former Agalloch members would likely still work together with a new person, but I had no idea it was my pal Aaron from Giant Squid, a band I still rave about to anyone who will listen often. Aaron has been busy drawing Godzilla and being a dad, but he is talented to not make music, so this is heartening news indeed!

The new band is…  Khôrada !

Official Announcement below.

Macy Gray turns Metallica into jazz and it is pretty chill

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, August 25, 2016 at 12:39 PM (PST)


I’d file this under things I wouldn’t have expected to have heard today but I’ve spent most of the day sleeping off an epic as fuck sold out Dresden Dolls show where one of the last songs of the night was a brilliant cover of “War Pigs.” Regardless, while that may have primed me a bit for unconventional takes on metal classics, Macy Gray was an interesting name to see pop up n my press release inbox today alongside the more usual heavy fare like Gatecreeper ‘s new song at Bloody Disgusting , new Candiria music or Preorder links for the new Scorpions live in Munich DVD.

But, as the world is at times an interesting place and Macy Gray is extremely talented (even if I haven’t heard anything she has done sadly since the first Spider-man movie in 2002! Sorry, Macy), today I got an email promoting Macy Gray covering “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica. As a jazz song.

I know what you are thinking. It sounds more like something Metallica would’ve reimagined and done themselves a number of years ago before they stopped making as many questionable decisions as possible and started really trying their best to kick ass again, but all that aside this Macy Gray version of a song you know VERY well if you are remotely a metalhead is really kind of cool and different. She managed to somehow change the slow and slightly overwrought but very emotionally connective power of the original and transform it into a smoky lounge song that emphasized the longing at the song’s heart.

I have some fond memories of my sister Cambria buying her breakthrough cassette and our family playing it during a particularly fond dinner memory of a nice night when our father and a friend’s family’s patriarch were both still alive before cancer took them both (albeit years apart). I suggest you give this unique cover a chance and maybe add it to some laid back or conversational evening’s soundtrack of your own.

Gray’s new jazz-infused album Stripped promises to be ,”an intimate offering recorded live on high resolution audio in a decommissioned Brooklyn church around one binaural microphone”.

Listen HERE.

Spirit Adrift (photo by Alex Bank Rollins)

Spirit Adrift (photo by Alex Bank Rollins)

Nate from Take Over And Destroy has a new solo release under the name Spirit Adrift that is two epic songs of emotional doom and core release. Check out Behind-Beyond HERE. It’s gorgeous and metal as heck.

I have a new solo/collaborative album for my Walking Bombs project called Know You’re Wild HERE.  It features seven years of songs with no home and collaborations with guests including Nate Hall of USX, Sean Paul Pillsworth of Nightmares For A Week, violinist/vocalist Grace Moore and Jay Andersen of the noise rock band Surmiser. It’s a mix of acoustic, grunge, garage, emo and all kinds of stuff.

Nate and I both share in common a lot of demons, serious struggles with the sauce and some manic tendencies that we are trying to learn to live with. Music is one thing that helps but so does feeling like it is ok to talk about it, sometimes.

We decided to take turns interviewing each other. It was pretty cool and unexpected. Forewarning, it is pretty intense here and there.

Read the exchange BELOW.


“Krautgaze” seems like one of those truly overly obtuse yet sort of understandable handles bloggers and marketers come up with in an increasingly collaged musical landscape. While I’m all for life becoming more like the comic book Transmetropolitan, where cultures and/or sub-genres mish and mash endlessly until we all have antennas or feathers coming out of our noses and we are less about racial divides and more about surviving life on Earth, that doesn’t mean I particularly hear anything super Krautrock in the music of Berlin’s Suns Of Thyme. They definitely don’t sound like Neu! or Kraftwerk or even on the “gaze” side like My Bloody Valentine/Smashing Pumpkins pt. 2 like the (admittedly still awesome) band Nothing sound at times on that band’s new excellent sophomore jammer Tired Of Tomorrow. Instead, Suns Of Thyme offer more of a psychedelic mish mash of thumping drums, hard driving guitars and sort of chanting vocals, but the press release cites space rock and The Velvet Underground as big influences on these Germans and, heck, they are in fact German.

What I’ve heard so far of the band’s Napalm Records pending release Cascades (out May 27th) is super intriguing, though. Watery and brain cooling guitars melt in and out with other textures and the band defy easy categorization. I could see fans of anything from Mew to Graveyard to Death Hawks digging these guys, and that’s a pretty wide swing.

Anyhow, holy cow they have a great new video for “Intuition Unbound” at PureGrainAudio HERE. It features David Bennent of The Tin Drum fame, an actor I haven’t thought of in awhile and interesting because I literally just a few days back started reading my father’s copy of the Gunter Grass classic.

Check this band out. Pretty unique stuff.