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Texans ASYLUM announce ‘Psalms Of Paralysis’ Due Out March 17

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 3:30 PM (PST)


Ha, you have to be careful reading press releases sometimes because adjectives for a band’s music might seem like an album name. Case in point, I got an email today announcing: TEXAN DEATH HORDE ASYLUM ANNOUNCE VILE DEBUT ALBUM

Of course I read it fast and think, “But VILE is that lesser appreciated fifth Cannibal Corpse album that I love.”  Don’t worry! I realized not that they meant the new album is CALLED ‘vile’,  but that it IS vile…and in an evil way. Not bad vile. Or in a vial. Though evil labs are metal. And evil. Oh, dang!

Let’s get to what we’re really talkin’ about here, shall we? And that is…how jacked is that one dude on the left? Does he carry all the gear?!

Ok, ok, ok! ASYLUM (no, not the lesser appreciated fifth album by Disturbed! Damn you all!) …ahem, ASYLUM from Texas are technical death metal. I am playing their riff fest promo and “Heliophobic” woke up my dog, which is usually a sign that someone is shrieking or shredding pretty hard. I think she responded to the harsh, almost early 3 Inches Of Blood gruff vocals ala the great Jamie Hooper. She is kind of used to this stuff by now but my dog I think prefers slower and more melodic stuff like Pallbearer and Alunah to death metal, if I had to make an educated assessment.

Anyway the Asylum album will find  your individual thought patterns and show no mercy, sure to take your piece of mind as songs gouge your brain cells and kill ‘em all with riff after vulgar display of…Jesus, I just fucked up like 10 times. I am not implying this band is biting anyone, rather that I am dumb and need glasses and that metal blogging for 20 years eventually leaves you devoid of adjectives you haven’t used before , the foundations of burden in the English Language running their course of empire. Oi.

Psalms Of Paralysis was mixed, mastered and engineered by Irving Lopez at Imperial Mind Engineering in Dallas, Texas and features a guest solo from Vital Remains lead guitarist Dean Arnold on the track “Obsidian Spine.” That sounds pretty cool to us!

“Irving entirely surpassed our expectations for recording, adhering to strict schedules and fine-tuning the music to our liking with zen-like patience,” said founding guitarist Jonathan Hatley. “Working with Irving Lopez at Imperial Mind Engineering was a fantastic experience!”

Pre-orders for Psalms Of Paralysis are currently being offered at the following location:

If you need me, I will be Googling an online thesaurus for the words Crushing and Deadly. Cheers.

Photo by Bobby Bates

Photo by Bobby Bates

No one is gonna give you anything. It’s the opposite, they are gonna take. So you gotta work for every single record sale, fan, t shirt sale, record deal, tour etc etc. Only way to do that is push every aspect of the band. So that’s what we do. – Pat Sheridan

New Jersey’s Fit For An Autopsy‘s latest album The Great Collapse is arguably a near perfect death core record , but that seems limiting as it is both heavier, more dynamic and full of more technical and classic death metal and elements of hardcore influence than oversimplified bands who are just stoked to hit the breakdown. Rather than go more Nu Metal as the genre is revived, FFAA have managed to grow while getting even heavier, anchoring their strongest line up yet, improving everything from lyrics to arrangements and staying humble. That said, the band are pretty much the true kings of fuck mountain as far as this style goes right now, and if other bands sell more it isn’t because FFAA isn’t doing a better job.

When the full thing drops in March, it is going to be a game changer for the already liked band. Trust that this record is next level in pretty much every way and is one of the heaviest and most emotive slabs of hot fist upside the ear you are likely to ever hear. Shit, it will probably make you deaf anyway.

It was awesome to talk to Pat Sheridan about the new album, the band’s growth and other topics.

Read more below.

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Band Spotlight: Nihility

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 3:47 PM (PST)


UK underground buzz band Nihility have been causing a stir with their bludgeoning blend of styles.  The influences range from the death metal side of early Death, Suffocation and Dead Congregation through to metallic hardcore bands such as Kickback, All Out War and others of that ilk. They are heavy enough to please Xibalba fans but also have the DM edge you’ve been missing since long before Earache stopped carrying that torch in favor of Danny Worsnop’s country album, haha.

A statement from Nihility: We’ll be releasing our first full length record (title and label TBA) some time towards the middle of this year. It will consist of nine new tracks that we consider to be our most concise and aggressive material to date.We have a summer tour booked that we’re really excited to announce shortly and hope to finally visit Europe some time towards the end of this year as well.

If you crave some real deal shit in the meantime check out their highly recommended Consumed EP and kick some lamps in your apartment, just don’t scare your cat.

Photo courtesy of Oli Johnson (aka the 5th Beatle of Nihility photo journalism). Thanks, Oli! 

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Prog-Death Trio DISCHORDIA Finalize Tour Dates For The Wastelands Tour

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 5:27 AM (PST)


In just a few short weeks Oklahoma-City based prog-death trio Dischordia will be hitting the road for The Wastelands Tour. Joining Dischordia on the tour is St. Louis natives Quaere Verum.

The “Bone Hive” video from Dischordia reminds me of some crazy alliance between Meshuggah, early Soulfly and Neuraxis. Very cool. I think our readers will really dig this.

The tour dates can be found BELOW, and here is hoping it is a great one!

Venom Prison announced as direct support for Suicide Silence

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 2:19 PM (PST)


One of our current top favorites Venom Prison have been announced as direct support for Suicide Silence on an upcoming brief UK run. This reflects well on Suicide Silence. Honestly, Venom Prison are on fire right now and while Suicide Silence are great live…well, Venom Prison are hungry and out to take heads right now. If the sound guy doesn’t duck down the levels of the opener like in many wussy tour packages, there is actually a risk Venom Prison could hand Suicide Silence their ass a little bit (except of course the crowd will favor the band they know better). Still, I love when headliners are down with not having shit openers to make themselves look better and I would skip across the pond not to see these dates (and to escape “Agent Orange”) lickety split if I could.

Whether you like what some have dubbed “Kornicide Silence” or not, these shows will be dope.

The early days of Suicide Silence pushed us into wider ranges of heavier music and diversified our influences, there is no doubt that Suicide Silence are an influential and phenomenal live band to this day” remarked VENOM PRISON.

Extreme music is an impressively broad spectrum, and if anything, fans are deprived of the opportunity to explore and diversify their tastes in the same way that we did, due to increasingly tight and niche sub-genres. This tour provides an opportunity to spread our debut full length ‘Animus’ to yet another audience and it allows those fans to embrace a newer band like Venom Prison, with whom they may not yet be familiar.”


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The 7th of April, 2017 sees a new death metal monstrosity grip the world with iron claws. Azarath‘s In Extremis (Pre order HERE) will see the light of day and swallow the sun whole with a gaping maw blender of sharp teeth and insane death metal skills sure to hasten the apocalypse. Of course the band features Inferno of Behemoth/Christ Agony fame, but they also stand on their own merits and are insanely brutal.



British death metal powerhouse VENOM PRISON are excited to share their new video for “Corrode The Black Sun”, based on World War 2, exclusively via Metal Hammer UK HERE.


Taken from their debut album Animus, the video depicts the band playing in an abandoned house while a woman peels her skin away. “The idea behind the is about tearing away and shedding skin to become a new and better person,” explains vocalist Larissa Stupar. “I was always fascinated with the fact that the Nazis were able to kill over six million people with the use of stationary facilities built exclusively for the purpose of mass extermination, while a whole nation categorically denied knowledge of the atrocities that were committed.”


“Growing up in Germany, I have learned that people have trouble recognising that every cog and social issue had a part to play to some extent. It is a difficult reconciliation with the concept of collective guilt, but closing our eyes to the hands of psychopaths committing horrific mass crimes makes all of us responsible,” says Stupar. “The ideals of fascism have been part of human history throughout. You see the same kind of lunatics marching with torches through German streets, the KKK is still performing their idiotic rituals yet the world still chooses to close its eyes while hate crimes are being committed.”

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Swedish death/gore masters Cut Up return with Wherever They May Rot, their sophomore release. The March 24th monstrosity will be out worldwide bia Metal Blade and features a dark and melodic undercurrent to the ferocious death metal riffing. First single “From Ear To Ear” is streaming HERE (with pre-orders also available). The performances from guitarists Andreas Bjornson and Anders Bertilsson are especially violent, though the whole band is on fire. I know…any death metal album with the word “rot” must pay some taxes/allegiance to Obituary, but it isn’t like that is a bad thing! Check it out!


PA hard hitters Rivers Of Nihil have rapidly risen through the Death Metal ranks to be a new band already bordering on universal respect within the genre. Destined to be long term undeniable players in the scene if they keep on this path, RoN are now releasing their acclaimed debut The Conscious Seed Of Light on vinyl via Brutal Panda.

Featuring rapid fire attacks like “Rain Eater” and “Mechanical Trees” that set many a head a banging, The Conscious Seed Of Light was recorded by Erik Rutan (Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal) at Mana Studios in Florida and featured Dan Seagrave art.

The vinyl release of The Conscious Seed Of Light will see a March 31st release via Brutal Panda Records and will be limited to 1000 copies across three colors. Pre-Orders are available via the following location while The Conscious Seed Of Light can be streamed in its entirety via Bandcamp here.

The band commented on the vinyl release:

After years of rabid fan demand for our debut to be committed to vinyl, we are proud to announce our partnership with Brutal Panda Records in order to make that a reality. The raw, death metal, purist production style of Erik Rutan paired with the artwork of the legendary Dan Seagrave realized to its full potential make The Conscious Seed of Light an obvious choice for the vinyl format. Thanks to BPR, the record will be released in three fantastic color varieties; green, clearwater blue with brown splatter (limited to 100 online only pieces), and classic black. We’ll be unleashing these on the upcoming ‘Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora’ tour alongside Darkest Hour, Rotten Sound, Tombs and Ringworm. Come out to a show and pick up a copy!

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Polish DM beasts Azarath to release a new record with Agonia

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 9:58 AM (PST)


Defiant Polish blackened death dealers Azarath return to follow up the uncompromising intensity of Blasphemers Malediction (really worth a spin if you have never had your brain blendered into bits by it). Agonia Records, who’s last release with the group was Praise The Beast, has resigned the band. A new record is expected this April just in time for me to spend my birthday month cranking some demonic shit as loud as possible while fake Christian idiot autocrats take over America.

After rejoining forces with Agonia Records, AZARATH is ready to shed some blood upon the altar once again in 2017. Stay tuned!

Inferno – drums
Bart – guitars
Necrosodom – vocals/guitars
Peter – bass

Fit For An Autopsy release super heavy “Heads Will Hang” video

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, January 30, 2017 at 6:02 PM (PST)


Fit For An Autopsy have premiered perhaps their best video yet for “Heads Will Hang” exclusively with Alternative Press HERE. If you aren’t feeling those bad ass intro drums or don’t get a little bit of a chill at the 3:28 mosh mark of this bad boy, we don’t know what to tell you.

Personally, I gotta say that it sounds like the band are poised to make a serious grab for the deathcore crown as several of the bigger bands have made some questionable choices lately while FFAA seem to be more focused than ever. The new material and artwork for The Great Collapse show the band growing by leaps and bounds. Pre Orders for some sick ass bundles are HERE.

Directed by Max Moore, (CODE ORANGE, OF MICE AND MEN) this is the first music video the band has released from their upcoming new release. Founding guitarist / producer Will Putney comments, “The concept behind the song/video was to set a scenario in America where a normal happy family was placed in a similar extreme situation, in the hope that it creates a certain feeling of empathy for what less fortunate nations are experiencing right now. And to shed some light on just how close we are to the same tragedies hitting our homes.”

“People in the United States always seems to form these really strong opinions about war, refugees, and other crisis situations in third world nations without really having the perspective of what’s actually happening there,” says Putney. “Everyone’s guilty of it to some extent; a lot of us live very privileged lives in comparison to other pockets of the world, where the basic comforts like clean water, power, shelter, and safety are not guaranteed.”

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Song Of The Week: Memoriam – “Reduced To Zero”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 3:52 PM (PST)


UK death metal band Memoriam may be a new act but it is composed of influential veterans to the trenches of darkness. The group features the mighty Karl Willets (BOLT THROWER) on vocals, Frank Healy (BENEDICTION, CEREBRAL FIX) on bass, Scott Fairfax (CEREBRAL FIX) on guitar and Andy Whale (BOLT THROWER) on drums, and will release its debut album, For The Fallen, on March 24 through Nuclear Blast Records. Dan Seagrave (I shouldn’t have to tell you who that is if you are reading about death metal on this site) did the awesome as always artwork.

“Reduced To Zero” is the first taste of the album and is already climbing past 30,000 Youtube plays, very solid for a band with a new handle playing extreme metal.

Vocalist Karl Willetts stated to Battlehelm regarding the deafening track: “‘Reduced To Zero’ is a comment on the times that we live in. In a world that is dominated by fear, hatred and intolerance, the song is a direct result of Brexit and Trump and the general rise of right wing nationalistic xenophobia.”

That is something I can firmly support, even if it wasn’t kick ass metal. Seriously, Nazi punks and “alt-right” of all stripes…fuck off. Tomorrow is a sad day in history for my country tis of thee and Willets may be in the UK but undoubtedly knows from Brexit- and a lifetime in the scene as a  more intellectual type- what is up.

Hails to Memoriam! Pre Order the record HERE.


East Coast extreme metal force Fit For An Autopsy have released the Adam Burke (Spellcaster, Ruby The Hatchet) kick ass cover art for their pending fourth long player The Great Collapse. The group made major strides on Absolute Hope Absolute Hell and have been climbing the ranks and frankly releasing way better music than most of the bigger bands in their genre of late. The Great Collapse is set to release on March 17, 2017 via Entertainment One (eOne) / Good Fight Music in North America and SPV overseas.

“When I write a song, I’m trying to feel emotionally connected to it. I really don’t like saying things that don’t matter over music that I want to matter,” says Will Putney, guitarist, principal songwriter and cofounder. “We’ve always addressed serious topics going back to our first album. We aren’t a politically charged band up on a podium yelling at people – anybody can relate to the aggression, anger, frustration, and sadness often communicated in our music. But we absolutely raise important questions in the lyrics. Those themes are there to discover.”

See the artwork BELOW.

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UK death metal band Vallenfyre are one of the best in the genre and also one of the better live death metal bands I have ever witnessed. A Fragile King is a must listen immersion into the depths, and follow up Splinters is just as good. Think the onslaught of better OG Swedish death influences merged with a particularly British doomy and crusty edge for maximum metal. The band are recording as a trio for the first time due to some scheduling conflicts with members, but the live line up remains stable.

The new album is to be called Fear Those Who Fear Him and will be worshipped by death metal fans everywhere come Summer 2017.

RIYL Entombed, Cruciamentum, Paradise Lost.

Full info BELOW.

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Obituary release “Sentence Day” from self titled album

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 1:36 PM (PST)


Obituary return with a faster death metal song than their recent excellent stomper “Loathe” from mostly live EP Ten Thousand Ways to Die. The death metal legends sound very energized on this new song from pending ten track self titled Relapse effort, tracked in their home studio in Tampa. The band will follow up the well regarded Inked In Blood with this new wall to wall death for all. If you dug the onslaught of Inked In Blood’s opening track “Centuries Of Lies”, you will eat this new one up as well.

Obituary is due out March 17th, 2017 on CD/LP/Digital. Physical and digital pre-orders are available now via Relapse at

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