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Deep Cuts: Aerosmith

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Saturday, April 2, 2016 at 9:07 AM (PST)


Call them the epitome of excess , call them dinosaurs or call
them out for managing to weasel their way into pop culture discussions decade
after decade, there is no denying the eternal power of Aerosmith. Critics and
haters can scoff as they aren’t high brow or dark enough, but at any moment
Aerosmith can still whip out a handful of classics or a bluesy new number and
sound as huge as they ever did. No one gave Judas Priest half as much shit for
being on American Idol as Steven Tyler gets for many of his, admittedly,
ridiculous more “pop” targeted choices of late but check out what he did for
this nice Ontario boy with Down’s Syndrome. Plus, he gave us Liv Tyler.


Personally, we are in way worse hands nowadays with pop stars who just don’t
have the talent or the larger than life personas (is Bieber anything compared to
Steven Tyler in his glorious prime, really? No fucking way. Stop hugging him, Lady Gaga).

Where are the icons who can last another 40 years? You can blame it on
the record industry and album sales or marketing but at some point it is also
on the bands for not being lifers and for being chicken to stick it out.

For this hard rock centered Deep Cuts I picked three tunes that may not be as
fucking perfect as “Last Child” but which still could burn down any barn.
Aerosmith are amazing when they bring the boogie, stomp and no pity/no
apologies street glam to their stadium ready bar fight rock so I choose to
write about that side of the band rather than, say, “Pink” (lmao).

Listen to NYC’s The Compulsions, Krist Novoselic’s low end groove, Royal Trux’ Neil Hagerty’s
extended hazed out mid period soloing ( the cig smoke reeking “…Horror James” comes to mind), the recent Danzig cover of “Lord Of TheThighs” (by far the coolest tune on Skeletons) or any of the early material by
a little comeback band called Guns N Roses, you know that we still aren’t

Let’s hope Steven wraps up the fully unnecessary solo shenanigans soon and gets back in the

Read the 3 song picks below.

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Deep Cuts: Dokken

Posted by Andrew Johann Datoush on Friday, April 10, 2015 at 12:24 PM (PST)


Imagine, if you will, you’re standing in a venue. You can be in a small nightclub, or you can be in a stadium for a huge concert. Now, imagine your favorite band has just opened with their first song. Don’t worry, we aren’t asking you for details, so you can say STRYPER or SLAYER, no judging here. (Unless you say Kanye West, in which case, Beyoncé will get your street cred) Your favorite band has just killed it with their opener, and then you hear the words that will make or break your entire night. Some asshole in the crowd to your left shouts out “PLAY SOME DOKKEN!!!”

Yes kids, you might have guessed it. I was that guy. Actually, that’s a partial lie. I’m still that guy. No, not the guy pissed off at the Kanye West concert because someone is yelling about DOKKEN. No, I’m the guy telling the people on stage, no matter what genre, to play some DOKKEN! I know, why would I be at a Kanye West concert cheering for DOKKEN? Well, first off, have you ever heard his music? It’s no DOKKEN, that’s for sure. Secondly, this might be one of those crazy Euro festivals where they have MEGADETH and Bo Diddley co-headlining together, I don’t do the booking…

(editor’s note: Bo Diddley is deceased, Drew.)

So, now that I’ve properly introduced myself as the asshole at the venue, you can begin to imagine just how hyped I was to begin “researching” for this post, and by researching, I mean blasting DOKKEN music for hours, while I sing and play a wicked air guitar for an imaginary stadium full of people from the comforts of my bedroom.

I’m not gonna lie. As eager as I was to do this, I had an impossible task ahead of me. Choose three songs from DOKKEN’s legendary career. Only three. “In My Dreams”, “Dream Warriors”, “Lightning Strikes Again”, “Kiss Of Death”… So many excellent tunes, so little space. This is Deep Cuts, so we gotta cut a little deeper than that (what cuts deeper than Freddy’s claws?) , and I think I’ve got it narrowed down to three lesser known gems that all long time DOKKEN fans, as well as the new and even (?) future DOKKEN fans can all agree on.

See BELOW for the cuts.

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Banana, banana, terracotta pie. Calling all “super fans”.

Ok, so sex has always been a part of rock n roll. The term “groupie” itself is inherently demeaning, as these are really superfans and people with real identities. We all probably know about Led Zep putting octopus tentacles in vaginas or that Avenged Sevenfold have acted like R Kelly and peed on girls before. Then you have someone like Lemmy who seems to really, really just love women. There is a perfect example of someone who is not traditionally attractive surpassing his perhaps limited looks to persuade people to throw themselves at him through sheer power of awesomeness. Dio is dead so Lemmy is God and thus…God is ok with sex! Hear that you idiot Bible thumpers? Haha.

I get that people sometimes just have hormonal attraction to one another. Seriously though, Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” and Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” (which I once tried to convince my mom was musical genius) are kind of classic exmaples where the girls in hindsight arguably have the most power. I  mean let’s consider that the hair metal dudes were so under the spell of these babes that they literally couldnt sing about or think about much else.

Who is in control there?

Click HERE for more.

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I’ve never considered us strictly a “glam”band… or a retro band for that matter. We are in a modern rock band in every sense of the word. By modern, what I mean is that we have absorbed four generations of rock music and let those influences out in what we do. At this point it’s all been done before. Bands that use synthesizers or electronica ,they’re just as retro as a band that uses guitars… Kraftwerk and Eno..they already did all that in the 70s. – Roger Deering

God forbid rock n roll still be fun AND good. What happened to songwriting? It’s all gimmick after gimmick or bands more concerned with a niche crowd. Smash Fashion are a true remedy for those seeking real deal rock that stomps, shines AND has great guitar solos. Real world stories? Check. Moments of escapism? Sure. One listen to “Marionette” from their Big Cat Love LP (reviewed HERE) and you’ll seem like a nazi if your feet refuse to tap. This is a band that go beyond hipster arms crossed snobbery and aim to engage, thrill and make you shake it. Get your head out of your ass. Smash Fashion light it up! Whether you like The Dirty Pearls, Velvet Revolver, The Compulsions, classic Sweet or any combination of catchy hard or “glam” influenced rock, Smash Fashion have something for you. This band tears it up in the spirit of rock’s sparkling past but with an eye on modern love.

Read more with vocalist Deering BELOW. A real interesting read.

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Sister gearing up for 2015 European tour

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 11:50 AM (PST)


Swedish hard rockers Sister are getting ready to tear Europe apart in the new year.

The tour will start in Oslo on February 6 and run 20 dates through to wrap up on March 21 in Hamburg.

Check out tour dates and comments from the band here.

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Stop the hate: #metalgate (we’re on a love train, love train)

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 9:45 AM (PST)


Hey best buddies out there in metal land. Seems to be a lot more vitriol this week in our fair kingdom of virginal metal ears. A lot has been made about #metalgate and Phil’s exit from Cobalt (check the metal sucks link cuz it has an in-depth recap, but long story short he has been making very homophobic statements and got booted from the band by Erik). Metal is supposed to be about freedom of speech. I get that, but when you tell bands they are like “faggots fucking in a rest stop bathroom” , you have to expect some push back from  the intelligentsia.

I’m bi and I’ve been in bands 20 fucking years. Interviewed hundreds of bands. Of ALL backgrounds including people who were GOP or right wing, and I gave them a fair shake anyway even if I disagreed. I still listened to Alice Cooper even when he was golfing it up with Bush. Phil from Cobalt is really talented and it is sad to see he has so much anger/bigotry stopping him from connecting with other artists and fans (though maybe it isn’t, because there has always been an extreme amount of hate in this world and the only extreme thing about that is how over the top and endless it has been through history). Phil served and probably did it for what he felt were patriotic reasons even though I don’t support the military industrial complex because hate follows hate follows grabs for real estate at the expense of many lives. Not that real threats to American lives don’t matter but this world is a cesspool of intolerance and violence no matter what country you come from.

And isn’t this  country supposed to be about inclusion? Didn’t we fight nazis in WW2? Im confused but I think I’m gonna go listen to Cretin and then sample some people making love in a public bathroom now because that is actually a cool idea for an industrial song.

Dandy rockers Smash Fashion bring heavy glam to the road

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at 6:15 AM (PST)


Hard rock fans are mostly buzzing about the pending Pop Evil tour, which is all good and well. I actually think that band is pretty cool. But one thing you all need to REALLY get on your radar if you are into the glammier side of Hard Rock with legit hooks? Smash Fashion.

I’m sitting here listening to Enslaved’s Axioma Ethica Odini as I write this, but I’m just as excited about the music this fun and sunny but also shadowed and real, street-wise group makes. I will def be catching their Arelene’s show in NYC. Fans of everything from The Compulsions to Motley Crue to T-Rex and The Yardbirds should check this out.

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Die So Fluid release dark dream pop hard rock clip “Landslides”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 4:23 PM (PST)


Die So Fluid are a favorite on this site. Why? Because…well, they are fucking amazing. The goth rockers killed it on their 2xLP The Opposites Of Light  (which we rated quite highly). Now they have a new clip for the song “Landslides”, originally premiering at Bloody Disgusting. It’s a more fluid than die type of song, a desert dream of vocalist Grog’s slippery vocals (perhaps one of the catchiest voices in rock) and killer instrumental work from everyone in the trio.

Check it out HERE and get your fever dream on.

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Sweden’s Sister have launched a throat thirsty new scuzz rock video for  “Slay Yourself” , from their kick ass latest Disguised Vultures. The band are pretty much one of the realest rock n roll acts out right now, a group who actually have a sense of anarchy on stage like rock is supposed to. I would take this any day over half the shitty hipster bands out or lame saturated candy vocals in metalcore hooks. This was filmed at venues in Sweden and Finland and captures the sweaty and raw energy unleashed on the club stages on that tour.

This video plus news that Dave Lombardo has joined fucking Amen (!!!!) has me believing again.

Sister has confirmed an appearance at the ‘Peace and Love’ festival in Borlänge, Sweden on July 5th. More tour dates for Europe are in the works and will be announced soon. Visit to stay up to date with the band.

Click HERE to get off on some crazy live energy bad attitude rock.

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Album Review: Smash Fashion – Big Cat Love

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 5:30 AM (PST)


If you are like me and really love music, chances are you probably listen to a wide variety. While metal is my passion, I can easily go from Lana del Rey to Earl Greyhound to Goatsnake. One reason I loved Type O Negative so much is they could be super doomy and Sabbathy one minute to comedy goth rock the next to a military marching band from hell or a Beatles loving psyhedelic band. Anyway, I’ve also got a big love of early Glam rock and also Sunset Strip music…anything from T-Rex to Slade to…(I’ll say it) Poison. So I was quite stoked to get an actually great new glam release from a band called Smash Fashion the other day.

Big Cat Love is a very fun and solid collection of pop-laced rock n roll, the kind of sing-a-long album they don’t make enough these days. It isn’t saccharine in production, the tunes shine and the playing is stellar. “Marionette” rocks like classic Kiss in a good way, the band have the look and the songs straddle a great line between early New Romantics and throwback 60’s and 70’s stuff with a bit of the better side of the 80’s hair scene (but really tastefully tempered). “You Love to Suffer” is an awesome, trippy kind of proto-ballad about a miserable gothy girl who loves moping and it is very memorable. “You’re so obsessed with death and gloom, Riding around on your witches broom, A little bit of sunshine would do you good,” coos vocalist and guitarist Roger Deering.

The Los Angeles band are worth your attention, full of a kind of sunny swagger that hits the nail on the head. Not as seedy as The Prophets of Addiction, another awesome act I recently discovered, these guys instead opt for a more pursed lips and cocky strut on songs like title track “Big Cat Love” and the funny “Strike My Fancy (knickers down). I definitely hear some “Ballroom Blitz” in a lot of this stuff, though the band keeps things about mid tempo for most of the record. It also helps that they can really play their instruments, have great catchy back up vocals and aren’t a bunch of sticks in the mud. “Just a kiss at the starting line” is even a rock ballad about getting some love from your baby when you are feeling like shit about your lousy job, a rather down to earth sentiment from a band that could certainly just play the part of pretending to look down on fans from a hypothetical arena in a bygone era. But yeah, these guys rule and deserve props.

This is a great album for a party summer and I recommend you check it out at


Pop Evil “Torn To Pieces” video released

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, April 14, 2014 at 9:29 PM (PST)


Hard rock schmoozers Pop Evil have debuted a new video via Loudwire for “Torn To Pieces”. Watch the new video HERE.

“Torn to Pieces,” their third single going top 5, was directed by long time director Johan Carlén.

The song deals with the loss of loved ones, something everyone is bound to go through. Digging up the past can be very difficult. Losing someone close to you has a healing process, and I choose to do it through this video.” – Vocalist Leigh Kakaty

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Pop Evil collab with the one and only DMC for ACC basketball

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 at 10:31 AM (PST)


POP EVIL, joined by legendary artist DMC of RUN-DMC, will open each ACC NETWORK telecast of the 2014 ACC men’s basketball tournament. POP EVIL‘s #1 single, “Trenches,” has been remixed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member and will be featured in the opening video montage to lead into each game.

“POP EVIL and DMC have collaborated on an impressive song that really embodies the energy and passion of the ACC Tournament,” said RAYCOM SPORTS producer DAVE BARRINGER, who created the opening sequence. “‘Trenches’ focuses on the power to control your future, which translates well into the teams fighting their way to the prestigious ACC Championship. By customizing the lyrics, POP EVIL and DMC have captured the growth and change of the ACC Tournament and the teams, from 1954 to the present.”

Click HERE to watch the collaboration. It sounds pretty 00’s but is still fired up and good for this kind of B-ball thing. And ya gotta love DMC.

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Pop Evil shoot new video for “Torn to Pieces”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 5:28 PM (PST)


Radio powerhouse POP EVIL have shot a new music video for their current single, “Torn to Pieces,” that’s quickly climbing up the charts. Directed by Swedish veteran director Johan Carlén, this will be the band’s fourth video installment from their highly successful LP, “Onyx.” Frontman Leigh Kakaty adds this heartfelt comment:

“There’s nothing more haunting & torturous to the human soul than the feeling of losing someone close to you without saying goodbye.”

The band launched a social media initiative using Instagram surrounding “Torn to Pieces” late last week. Since the song deals with the loss of Kakaty’s father, fans are encouraged to upload their own photos depicting what the song means to them. Fans have been tagging Instagram photos with #petorntopieces since its launch and the collection is ever growing. The band is overwhelmed with its success and encourage fans to visit their official site and keep it up!

POP EVIL is on their way to a yet another chart topping single with “Torn To Pieces.” The song has gone from being #1 most added to #13 on the Active Rock chart in just 5 weeks. The band has already seen a career shattering two number one singles off of their latest LP, most recently with “Deal With The Devil” and first with “Trenches.”

As can be expected from these veteran road dogs, POP EVIL just wrapped up an intense run with STONE SOUR and have headed over to Europe for their first full run off of U.S. soil with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. We can expect to hear about more touring in the states very soon.

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Interview: Die So Fluid – “Opposites Of Light” revealed.

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Friday, January 24, 2014 at 12:48 AM (PST)

Die So Fluid
Oh good, I thought it was just me that thought it weird when these bands get described as ‘melodic’ but it’s the same fucking, unmemorable, melody that they’re all singing.Lack of balls and the wrong motivation. They don’t want to be real musicians just pop stars. And they’re encouraged by labels who want pop stars and not musicians too. When you start out you’re happy to have written a song, and then as you progress your standards are raised and you find you’re throwing out songs that don’t come up to par. It should always be a challenging and stimulating process.-Grog (Vox).

It is with pleasure Metal Riot discusses “The Opposites Of Light” pending release with Grog from Die So Fluid. To read the interview click HERE.

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Swedish metallers Sister (Metal Blade Records) are streaming the track ‘Naked’ off of their forthcoming album Disguised Vultures.

Disguised Vultures will be available on January 21 in North America and January 24 in the UK/Europe.

Check out comments from the band on the track, the track listing for the album and the stream of ‘Naked’ courtesy of Revolver here.

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