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Only a few months into 2017, METAL CHURCH has already announced a Classic Live album, and has released a new music video for an updated version of their classic “Fake Healer” – originally on their Blessing In Disguise album. This new version is a duet featuring Queensryche singer Todd La Torre, and is already on my list as a potential single of the year. With all this going on with the METAL CHURCH guys, I felt it was the perfect time to dig one of their albums out from the vault. It wasn’t too difficult to pick an album either, and I’ll explain why next.

METAL CHURCH fans tend to immediately go to the Mike Howe or the David Wayne eras, and I love the hell out of both for different reasons, but I need to become the Matrix meme and ask “,What if I told you there was a ten year era that is getting criminally overlooked”?

In 2004, METAL CHURCH returned after a several year absence. The Weight Of The World was their first studio album since 1999, the year that also gave us Limp Bizkit and the great chipmunk fire of Woodstock 99. The Weight Of The World also introduced us to new METAL CHURCH singer Ronny Munroe, who gave us a total of 4 albums for the Church.

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Metal Church storm The Chance 4/8/16

Posted by Andrew Johann Datoush on Sunday, April 17, 2016 at 6:35 AM (PST)


I’m not going to go too crazy with a long ass back story here like I normally would. You guys know why you’re here reading this post! The fact that Metal Riot hasn’t asked me to stop writing about my love for METAL CHURCH yet is nothing short of a miracle, which I believe we should be expecting miracles when the METAL CHURCH is involved. If you want the backstory, you can check back with my review of the phenomenal new album, XI. (editor’s note: We love Metal Church and encourage Drew in his allegiance, though we agree that it is a miracle…that Aberdeen produced both Metal Church AND Kurt Cobain).

This posting will be a tale of a dashing young metalhead (Me), a slew of kick-ass bands, and the return of one of metal’s greatest voices.

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Album Review: Metal Church – “XI”

Posted by Andrew Johann Datoush on Friday, March 25, 2016 at 3:20 PM (PST)


When I got the initial news that Ronny Munroe was out of METAL CHURCH, I was blown away. “That’s it, the band is done again! How long do I have to wait for them to come back?” I was screaming at my computer screen upon reading the news. The guys had a history of announcing a singer has left and leave us fans “Hanging In The Balance” (see what I did there?) as we waited for them to announce a new singer and come back with a vengeance. After Hanging In The Balance, singer Mike Howe left the band and literally dropped off the face of the earth for years.

6 years later, singer David Wayne had returned to the band to record the Masterpiece album, which was awesome, but then he was out shortly after. David Wayne did release an album shortly after named David Wayne’s Metal Church, which was great, but it didn’t have the same feeling. I would recommend you check it out though. Wayne’s departure meant leaving us without any new tunes from METAL CHURCH for another 5 years until the band came back with new singer Ronny Munroe and they gave us the Weight Of The World album which has been one of my personal favorite metal albums from my teen years. I recall memorizing that album within days of its release and drove some of my bandmates at the time nuts with my constant singing.

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Deep Cuts: Metal Church

Posted by Andrew Johann Datoush on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 at 1:44 PM (PST)


For months, we sat and waited. Who was it going to be? Someone known? Someone unknown? Who was going to be the new singer for the legendary METAL CHURCH? Well, after waiting what felt like an eternity, we got an answer that certainly did not disappoint. What we got was former METAL CHURCH singer, Mike Howe making his return. METAL CHURCH was always a favorite of mine growing up. Each singer brought something different to the band.

When the announcement was made, I already had my mind made up to do a Deep Cuts on these guys, but how to do it was hard to grasp. What songs should I pick? What era or eras? As I sit here writing this, my roommate is watching The Incredible Hulk and we are trying to decide who was the better Bruce Banner. Was it Edward Norton or was it Mark Ruffalo? In the standalone Hulk film, Norton was untouchable, Ruffalo wouldn’t have been able to pull it off. However, Norton would have been unlikely to have the comedic side to him to go toe to toe with Tony Stark, which wouldn’t have been nearly as effective as Ruffalo being in the Avengers movies. The point of me bringing up the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Well, I did just see Age Of Ultron twice (wasn’t it awesome??), but most importantly, I had to illustrate the point that all 3 METAL CHURCH singers, like both Hulk actors, were perfect for their eras, and can’t be topped when it came to what they brought to the table during their time. That being said, I can’t single out a single singer for one of my favorite bands, and will be doing one song from each era.


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Moonspell announce North American tour

Posted by longhairedpoet on Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 2:45 PM (PST)


Portuguese goth metallers Moonspell have announced the “American Noir” tour 2014.

The tour will kick off on January 31 in Fort Lauderdale, FL and will run through seventeen shows, wrapping up on February 20 in Toronto, ON.

Moonspell are currently touring in support of 2012’s Alpha Noir.

Check out supporting bands, a teaser video and tour dates here.

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Moonspell announce new tour

Posted by XxCrashQueenxX on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 1:12 PM (PST)

MOONSPELL ALFA NOIR OMEGA WHITE 2012 Portuguese metallers Moonspell have announced that they are returning to North American for a headline tour in 2014. The “America Noir” tour will begin January 31st in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and is currently scheduled to run through February 20th in Toronto, ON.

The band is touring in support of their latest release 2012’s Alpha Noir.

For more information on the tour click here.

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Nashville Pussy release track listing for upcoming album “Up the Dosage”

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 7:13 AM (PST)

NashvillePussyLogoAtlanta hard rock band Nashville Pussy have released the track listing for their upcoming album Up the Dosage. The album will be a follow-up to the bands 2009 album From Hell to Texas and is set for release on January 21st in North America

Click here to view the track list.

Vocalist/Guitarist Blaine Cartwright had the following to say about the album: “None of the previous Nashville Pussy albums have been as diverse and at the same time consistent Everything sounds even bigger and better, yet raw and authentic through and through. This is our ‘Back In Black’!”

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Saxon release “Unplugged and Strung Up”

Posted by XxCrashQueenxX on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 12:58 PM (PST)

Saxon Heavy metal British legends Saxon has released their album Unplugged and Strung Up. 

The album includes snippets of interviews with vocalist Biff Byford. Check out the exclusive new video via UDR Music’s YouTube page here.

For more on the teaser and album click here.

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Saxon to release new album

Posted by XxCrashQueenxX on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at 1:37 PM (PST)

Saxon Heavy metal legends Saxon are set to release a new album titled Unplugged and Strung Up on November 19, 2013.

The album will consist of of new alternative takes on fourteen of their classic songs.

To see more information on the album click here.

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Vicious Rumors premiere “Electric Punishment” music video

Posted by longhairedpoet on Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 2:44 PM (PST)

Vicious Rumors Bay Area metallers Vicious Rumors have released the music video for their song “Electric Punishment”.

“Electric Punishment” comes from the album of the same name which was released last April.

Vicious Rumors have also announced a tour with Seven Witches and Power Theory.

The tour will start on September 19 in Oklahoma and run twenty-four shows, wrapping up on October 15 in California.

Check out the “Electric Punishment” music video as well as Vicious Rumors tour dates here.

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Metal Church announce new album title.

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, July 12, 2013 at 10:59 AM (PST)

MetalChurchLogoRecently reunited San Francisco metal band Metal Church have announced the title of their upcoming tenth studio album. The album will be titled Generation Nothing and is set for release by the end of the year via guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof label Body of Work Recordings. The album was recorded at Vanderhoof’s studio, English Channel, in Washington.

Frontman Ronny Munroe stated that the new album is: “very reminiscent of the old days with some stuff that’s very ‘now.’ There’s a bit of… I’m not going to say ‘prog’ because it’s not, but there’s a couple of elements in there that are a little bit progressive. For the most part, out of this batch of songs, they really sound more reminiscent of the early days than anything we’ve done before with this lineup. This excites me very much, and I think the fans are really going to dig it.”


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Interview: A Pale Horse Named Death

Posted by longhairedpoet on Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 12:50 PM (PST)

A Pale Horse Named Death Photo Credit Candy Lust



Ahead of the release of their new album, Lay My Soul to Waste, on May 21 via Steamhammer/SPV, I had the fortune of asking Sal Abruscato of A Pale Horse Named Death a few questions about the record, the summer touring season and what it’s like to be a front man as opposed to being behind the kit. Check out the interview here.

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A Pale Horse Named Death premiere ‘The Needle in You’

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 1:56 PM (PST)

A Pale Horse Named Death New York goth metallers, A Pale Horse Named Death have premiered a third track off of their upcoming album Lay My Soul to Waste. This new track is called ‘The Needle in You’ and is being streamed via Metal Sucks.

Stream ‘The Needle in You’ here.

Stream ‘Killer By Night’ via Noisecreep.

Stream ‘Shallow Grave’ via Revolver.

Lay My Soul To Waste will be available on May 21st.

Check out the track listing for Lay My Soul To Waste here.

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A Pale Horse Named Death announce new bassist

Posted by longhairedpoet on Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 3:22 PM (PST)

A Pale Horse Named Death Brooklyn, New York gothic metallers, A Pale Horse Named Death, have announced the addition of new bass player Dave Bizzigotti from Speed Kill Hate.

Sal Abruscato, A Pale Horse Named Death’s vocalist had this to say to the new addition:

APHND is excited to begin a new chapter with Dave Bizzigotti as APHND’s new bassist, he is one of us and gets what we are about. We look forward to crushing the fans with our sonic doom.”

A Pale horse Named Death’s newest album, Lay My Soul To Waste, will be released on May 21 via Steamhammer/SPV.

Stream “Killer By Night” via Noisecreep here.

Sream “Shallow Grave” via Revolver Magazine here.

Check out the tracklising for Lay My Soul to Waste here.

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vicious-rumors-electric-punishment-coverCalifornia heavy metallers Vicious Rumors will be heading out on their European tour this weekend. With sadness, the band has announced that their vocalist, Brian Allen, will not be joining the band on tour during the month of May due to sudden family matters.

Brian will return to the band for the summer European tour in July/August 2013 and The Metal Masters Tour featuring Vicious Rumors, Leatherwolf and Seven Witches from September 18th to October 25th. Former Vicious Rumors vocalist and Helstar frontman James Rivera will be filling in for Brian Allen from May 3rd through June 1st.

Guitarist Geoff Thorpe commented: “James is part of the VR family and were so proud to have him join us at this hard time. Don’t miss this special line up of VR on the Electric Punishment Tour all over Europe. We want to thank all our partners, agents, promoters and fans in advance. The only bad tour is the one you don’t do!! See you at the shows for night after night of unforgettable Heavy Metal.”

The band’s new album, Electric Punishment, is out now in Germany and Europe via Steamhammer/SPV. It is set to be released in the US and Canada on May 7th.

Click here to review a list of tour dates, cities and venues.

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