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NYC extreme metallers Pyrrhon have released their earth shattering new full length Abscess Time via Willowtip. Some how they defy and embrace death at the same time. This is some of their most impressive technical and vivid songwriting yet. “Human Capital” is one of the most timely and savage songs of 2o2o in experimental death metal with killer lyrics about modern class inhumanity.

Throughout the entirety of Abscess Time, PYRRHON explore the turbulent and ripping darkness of everyday survival. “This album is about watching the human world slowly slide towards collapse while you’re too busy trying to survive until the next day to do anything about it,” comments PYRRHON vocalist Doug Moore. “The process seems to take forever, even though little things change every day. And since you’re constantly straining to keep your head above water, it’s all just the background against a foreground of more immediate dangers.”

PYRRHON entered Menegroth: The Thousand Caves studio in January 2020 with mastermind engineer, Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts, Dysrhythmia) at the helm. “Colin Marston has worked on every Pyrrhon record so far – he’s mastered all of them, and mixed our last three. We do a pretty unusual combination of things during our recording process, and he’s about the only engineer out there who’s got experience with all of them,” explains Moore.

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New York extreme death metal mental gymnasts (in a good way) PYRRHON have big news, a new full length called Abscess Time due this year. Abscess Time will be released on double LP – with a vinyl exclusive D-side bonus track, compact disc, and on all digital platforms on June 26, 2020. Physical pre-order is available today via Willowtip HERE and digital can be found HERE.

About Abscess Time, PYRRHON vocalist Doug Moore comments:
“The album is about watching the human world slowly slide towards collapse while you’re too busy trying to survive until the next day to do anything about it. The process seems to take forever, even though little things change every day. And since you’re constantly straining to keep your head above water, it’s all just the background against a foreground of more immediate dangers. Humans can adapt to anything, so fool yourself into thinking it can last forever – but then, one day, the boil bursts.”

PYRRHON have released a new track off Abscess Time titled, ‘Another Day In Paradise’ alongside a long form interview with the band. The track and interview are up now at Decibel Magazine. I am loving the performances, especially the cutting Steve Schwegler cymbals and general drum madness. Any of their releases slay but this new tune makes the latest offering seem VERY promising and a welcome distraction right now.

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Macabre tour with Ringworm and a Carcass mini-tour

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at 8:49 AM (PST)


Madcap death metal murder dawg’s Macabre lead off the news today with announcement of a killer tour with Panzerfaust and Ringworm. The insanity of this tour cannot be denied. Every band is all kill, eat your fill. MACABRE will spread their grisly tales of terror across the country from October third through Halloween night. The trek includes participation in Philip H. Anselmo’s second annual Housecore Horror Film Fest in Austin, alongside Gwar, Voivod, Neurosis, Danzig, Samhain, Eyehategod, Vader, Corrections House, Lustmord and others. Nice to see Macabre get some love again.

Click HERE for tour dates.

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Prostitute Disfigurement joins Willowtip Records

Posted by longhairedpoet on Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 5:32 PM (PST)

Prostitute Disfigurement Dutch death metallers Prostitute Disfigurement have signed to Willowtip Records. Prostitute Disfigurement are preparing to release the follow up to 2008’s Descendants of Depravity. The album, which as of yet has no release date, is entitled From Crotch To Crown.

Prostitute Disfigurement had this to say on the signing:

“We’re stoked to have joined the Willowtip family because of their reputation in working with some of the purest and unique bands out there and we look forward to sickening this world together. So far, the cooperation between us is great and we look forward to working with them. From Crotch To Crown is a mix of old-school mayhem and modern, bonecrushing, technical riffing with horrifying vocals spewed from the minds of the most sick and evil beings in history!”

Wormed premiere new track “Stellar Depopulation”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 4:46 PM (PST)

wormed Spanish pig squealin’ death metallers Wormed have premiered the song “Steller Depopulation” off of their forthcoming album Exodromos, which is to  be released on March 26, 2013 via Willowtip Records.

Stream the song off of Invisible Oranges here.

Malignancy drummer is replaced for European Tour

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, June 15, 2012 at 11:38 AM (PST)

New York technical death metal band Malignancy will be embarking on a European tour starting this July and have announced that current drummer Mike Heller will not be attending due to previous commitments to Fear Factory that will keep him until the end of the year. Malignancy have announced Alex Cohen of (Pyrrhon) will be fulfilling Heller’s drumming duties. The tour is in support of Malignancy’s upcoming album Eugenics which is due out late fall/early winter of this year via Willowtip Records.

Vocalist Danny Nelson commented:
“Alex Cohen is well versed in jazz and metal, he is the logical choice to get the job done”

You can see the tour dates here.

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Full Album Stream: Phobia – “Remnants Of Filth”

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 6:52 PM (PST)

Orange County politico-grind band Phobia are streaming their entire upcoming album Remnants Of Filth.  Even though many of their efforts have included split records and EPs, Remnants of Filth will be Phobia’s 21st release since 1990 and is scheduled for a June 6, 2012 unveiling on Willowtip Records.

You can listen to the entire album right here.

Phobia will also be headlining the East Coast Filth Tour this spring 2012 with Strong Intention as an opening act.  Click here for confirmed dates and a press release about the album/tour.

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Interview: Gigan – Technical Ecstasy Death Trip

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 9:36 PM (PST)

Tech-death psychic riff innovators GIGAN are back with the much-anticipated follow up to their debut (2008’s THE ORDER OF THE FALSE EYE). The latest from the Chicago based mind-benders is aptly entitled QUASI-HALLUCINOGENIC SONIC LANDSCAPES (on the well respected Willowtip Records) and features songs like “Fathomless Echoes Of Eternities Imagination” and “Mountains Perched Like Beasts Awaiting The Attack”. Suffice to say…it aint boring and cookie cutter bozo metal! GIGAN once again worked with Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium, Minsk) to craft a must hear monster.

Click HERE for a discussion with guitarist Eric Hersemann involving sentient landscapes, creative freedom and true death metal know how.

Album Review: Macabre – “Grim Scary Tales”

Posted by Allred on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 5:27 PM (PST)

Macabre, Illinois’ own murder metal specialists, are back! After a near eight year gap, Macabre return with their latest platter of nursery rhyme fueled, death soaked tales of true life. “Grim Scary Tales”, an obvious play on Grimm’s Fairy Tales, is the band’s fifth full length album and is fourteen tracks of what we have come to know and love from the trio of Corporate Death (guitar, vocals), Nefarious(bass), and Dennis the Menace(drums). While I will admit Macabre can be a bit of an acquired taste and what others deem to be an uneven or inconsistent song flow, I see something else. I know of few bands who after twenty-five plus years and no line up changes can release a myriad of different songs on an album and still retain their sound, while sounding fresh and overall keeping things metal, even when some of the tracks on “Grim Scary Tales” aren’t metal at all (i.e. “Mary Ann” & “The Bloody Benders”).

Read the full review here.

Chicago’s extreme metal band Macabre announced a European headlining tour set for April 2011. This four-week trip will kick-off on April 15th and includes a performance at Neurotic Deathfest on April 30th in Tilburg, Netherlands. Touring alongside Macabre are Dutch Rompeprop and an additional, soon to be announced, special guest band. For a listing of Macabre tour dates click here, with more to be announced soon.

Macabre is touring in support of their recently released full-length album “Grim Scary Tales” released via Willowtip Records in the U.S. on February 8th, 2011, which marked the band’s 25th anniversary and return in the original line-up.

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Macabre Premieres New Track from “Grim Scary Tales”

Posted by Christine on Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 7:32 PM (PST) is hosting a premiere of the track “The Big Bad Wolf” from Macabre’s first album in over eight years, “Grim Scary Tales”.

Listen here

To be released on the band’s own Decomposed Records, “Grim Scary Tales” is licensed for North American release on February 8th via Willowtip Records, and in Europe January 31st on Hammerheart Records.

View full track listing

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