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Album Review: Clutch – “Book Of Bad Decisions”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 1:20 PM (PST)

Not liking Clutch is kind of like not liking chocolate or beer. I mean, the second is fine if you are straight edge or in recovery or whatever but otherwise you pretty much just played yourself. To be fair, I firmly have never met a Clutch song whether angry or goofy that I did not love. They are incredibly consistent even when settling into the veteran stage of their hard won (in the truest, road dog sense) career. They have made an investment in their fans and given us gold time and time again. While you can critique any artist, when it comes to Clutch their is always very little to nothing to complain about. I mean, I don’t know them on a personal level but as a fan they are they most rewarding band I have ever followed for decades. What I am trying to say is, they may have had a lot of jager here and there but they certainly haven’t made that many bad decisions career wise.

Book Of Bad Decisions continues the band’s long winning streak. Some people thought it was a little more tame or a bit too long but to me that is kind of like having extra helpings of a good meal. You binge at first and then settle in for a slow extra course and a big grin digestion stupor. Whether slow or fast, aggro or jam focused, Clutch are only adding to their still super potent live range. “H.B. Is In Control” is probably their most knowing wink thrill ride Neil Fallon as madcap ringmaster tune since the underrated From Beale Street To Oblivion record. Hollered vocals, amazing blues and stoner influenced riffs and the impeccable distinctive drumming we know and love are all present.

“Gimme The Keys” is already a newfangled anthem with the band hitting hard. It is also rad to hear some Hammond on this record as well as brass. Some people think the Vance Powell production was a bit too big and clean but I didn’t hear that. It sounded great on big speakers and the band are too tasteful to ever have shitty tones or sub par material. It might not be worn into your fibers like the S/T classic songs but, like Black Sabbath, that doesn’t mean later day songs on 13 or Bad Decisions were somehow super terrible inherently. Any band that can hit the 12 album stretch and still write stuff as freedom loving and witty as “Weird Times” and awesome or sly as “How To Shake Hands” is probably made up of a group of miracle workers. It is incredible these guys have been at it so long and still are in such control of their sound and not pushed around by labels, still cranking out killer albums like Psychic Warfare or this new baby and still reminding us that rock n roll can rebirth us on a Quantum level.


America’s greatest hard rockers Clutch are back with a new platter of joy, Book Of Bad Decisions (out now). One of the most consistently awesome bands in rock history with not a single bad album in their discography, Clutch are a shining beacon of real rock n roll straddling a sewer of Maroon 5’s floating down the stream to Hell.

All ticket links are available at

Thu/Dec-27 Baltimore, MD @ Rams Head Live!
Fri/Dec-28 Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
Sat/Dec-29 Portland, ME @ Aura
Sun/Dec-30 Clifton Park, NY @ Upstate Concert Hall
Mon/Dec-31 Cleveland, OH @ Masonic Auditorium at Temple Live

Jean-Paul Gaster on the package said “We are very excited to have our friends Lionize, The Mike Dillon Band and The Messthetics be a part of this year’s Clutch Holiday Run. Each band brings something special to the bill and with so many great players in one place there’s bound to be some surprises. Come out early and celebrate with us!”

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My favorite hard rock band Clutch, indeed the truest road tested road doggin’ purveyors of rabble rousing rock n roll in recent modernity, have done and entered the studio to begin tracking a new album and follow-up to 2015’s gosh darn straight up ear-aphrodisiac Psychic Warfare. Recording is currently taking place at Sputnik Sound in Nashville, TN with producer and engineer Vance Powell (The White Stripes, Red Fang) at the helm.

The greatest band on this scorched rock are also playing the Bud Light sponsored Rocklahoma in May alongside other greats like Halestorm, A Perfect Circle, Godsmack, New Years Day and Diamond Head (to name a few). Shit yeah to all that.

A mid 2018 release of the title TBA Clutch record (in progress) via Weathermaker Music is expected.

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Show Review: The Missing Link Tour at The Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee

Posted by JDKleinhans on Thursday, May 14, 2015 at 9:31 PM (PST)


The progressive/stoner metal lineup that The Missing Link Tour provides is a show that one would be remiss to miss. As the crowd filled the Eagles Ballroom, the air began to smell like an over heated hemp store in the middle of a humid summer day. The perfect environment for the evening’s festivities. Graveyard, Clutch, and Mastodon are generational bands that bring together the past, present, and future into one killer evening of auricular enlightenment.

Get the full review here.

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Two of the world’s most respected and influential hard rock bands Mastodon and Clutch are proud to announce THE MISSING LINK TOUR, which brings together both bands as they join forces along with special guests Graveyard and Big Business – each taking part of the tour as support.Together, this night of heavy rock will be one of the heaviest and most exciting concert events of the year.

THE MISSING LINK TOUR kicks off on April 16th in St. Paul, MN. with support provided by Big Business, who recently supported Mastodon throughout a sold-out European tour. Sweden’s  Graveyard will then take over the main support slot starting in Los Angeles on April 29th for the remaining dates, closing out the tour in Columbus, OH on May 24th.  Tickets are on sale now.


Mastodon and Clutch share a longtime friendship as fans will recall Clutch front man Neil Fallon contributed vocals to “Blood And Thunder” (from Mastodon’s 2004’s Leviathan) so fans can expect surprises in store for fans throughout the tour rumbling across North America. THE MISSING LINK TOUR will feature full sets from both Mastodon and Clutch. Clutch will close the show onApril 24th in Vancouver, May 10th in Pittsburgh, May 15th in Bethlehem,  May 16th in Baltimore and also the final night of the tour,  May 24th  in Columbus. Mastodon will close all other shows.  For further info on Mastodon, go to:  For further info on Clutch go to

Clutch drummer Jean-Paul Gaster had this to say about the tour.”We are very much looking forward to our US tour with our friends in Mastodon. We always enjoy playing live but when we have the opportunity to share the stage with a band as inspiring as Mastodon we know each evening will be that much more special. See ya out there!”

For more info proceed BELOW.

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Album Review: Clutch – Earth Rocker

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 6:35 AM (PST)

PromoImageReteaming with Machine for the first time since BLAST TYRANT paid off big time. Maryland’s finest (and world’s finest live band in my opinion) Clutch have once again made an example of a modern rock n’ roll record that can be held up as current music that will stand the test of time. This is, in my opinion, the most consistent band going, a group who have contributed more to the underground via road dog touring, great personalities and a drive to keep it rooted to true grit. Listen to the assured sing along stomp of “Mr. Freedom” and the explosive Tim Sult soloing to witness pure, refined human chemistry. Clutch may have come as close yet to making a studio record that captures their live electricity.

“Everyone keeps telling’ me, Neil you got to quit your lowdown ways,” croons Neil Fallon on second single “Constant Velocity”. Well, the pure rock fury on hand on this disc, a much faster offering than the excellent and bluesy STRANGE COUSINS FROM THE WEST, should allow for lots of room for low down dirty behavior. The album is like they perfected the thinner, slightly twangy guitar tone of the self-titled Clutch classic platter and just made it much bigger. Dan Maines’ low end is monstrous on here, in perfect lock with the great JP Gaster spring step grooves that make this band so heavy but also danceable. Ass shakin’ puts the people in their seats. Take note, head bangers. The upcoming tour with fellow legends of the stoner path Orange Goblin is not to be missed.

Fallon is on fire as usual, even more riled up than ever. That the band cites Thin Lizzy, Bad Brains and Motorhead as the driving influences behind the album pretty much assures it would be my fave outing from Clutch in awhile (as those are kind all of my other favorite bands besides the Melvins, hahha).  This shit is just pushy and powerful and will ensure a lot of elbows in the pit. “I’m a war monger baby, I got blood in my eyes and I’m looking’ at you,” bellows Fallon in the cowbell heavy groove of album standout “D.C. Sound Attack”. The song does what Clutch does best…takes a simple Clutch groove where you can’t believe a riff so to the point is so damn good and manages to embody the best traditions of hardcore, blues, social commentary and hard rock in one fell swoop.

Click HERE to read the full review.

Music: Clutch releases second single from upcoming album

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, March 8, 2013 at 10:28 AM (PST)

clutch-earth-rocker-coverMaryland rock band Clutch have released a second single, “Crucial Velocity,” off of their upcoming album Earth Rocker. The album is set for release on March 19th and will be the band’s tenth studio album. Earth Rocker is a follow up to the bands 2009 album Strange Cousins from the West which was released via Weathermaker Music.

You can listen to it here.

Official press release:
“As Clutch prepares for the release of their highly anticipated new studio album Earth Rocker the band is ready to give fans another taste of what they can expect on March 19th.

Today the band has teamed up with NPR for an exclusive premiere on the second single from Earth Rocker entitled “Crucial Velocity”

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I have always maintained that if I ever got married, the Clutch song “Green Buckets” would have to play at the wedding. It is the most romantic song about recycling and fighting barbarians ever. “Let A Poor Man Be”, “King Of Arizona”, “Ship Of Gold”, “Ghost”, “Electric Worry”, “Guild Of Mute Assassins”, the mighty and often forgotten “Effigy”…I could list amazing songs by the Maryland quartet all day. My favorite band going on fourteen years now, they remain one of the hardest working and touring groups out there and have never made a bad album.

Some hippies will gush over a boring jam band while I yawn and think about how Clutch can out jam the best of them. Hipster blogs will gush over one keyboard and someone stroking a tambourine with a feather while a token skinny girl in a tank top mumbles, but that sure isn’t as cool as “Release The Kraken” or the eternal power of “Spacegrass”. Kids will get super excited about some new jack, redundant hardcore band, but it never matches the effortless intensity of “Impetus”.

It was an honor to speak with guitarist Tim Sult of Clutch at a Poughkeepsie, NY show (with great openers Lionize) about Clutch’s upcoming plans, football team loyalty, releasing new songs from The Mob on Clutch’s own Weathermaker Music, getting a song placed in The Walking Dead and more!! It was also cool to meet and drink beers with photographer Steve Truglio (who shot the JAM ROOM booklet gear photos) and compare our favorite Clutch shows ever . I think we agreed the best we ever both saw was a Coney Island High show Clutch played back in the day.

Click HERE to read the interview and see exclusive live pics!

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Clutch announce annual holiday shows

Posted by katstat on Monday, October 3, 2011 at 1:47 PM (PST)

Road warriors Clutch have just announced their annual holiday shows for 2011. The guys will be playing five shows starting in Boston, MA on December 27th and culminating with an epic New Year’s Eve performance at the famed Trocadero in Philadelphia, PA. Support on these dates will come from Corrosion of Conformity and Kyng.

The dates are as follows:

12/27 – Boston, MA @ House of Blues
12/28 – Portland, ME @ The State Theater
12/29 – Syracuse, NY @ Westcott Theater
12/30 – Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
12/31 – Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero

Presale tickets begin tomorrow, with general sale to the public starting on Friday the 7th of October, so if they’re headed your way be sure to get your tickets early.

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