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We interrupt my daydreaming post watching the brightly hued goth pop  of the rad new Soko video to give you some widdly widdly progtastic virtuoso Berklee College of music type metal news.

Boston, MA based progressive act Native Construct has just launched the instrumental version of their critically-acclaimed debut release, Quiet World. It was really cool when The Ocean did a similar thing with arguably their finest record Pelagial  recently. A cool treat for fans who like having the option to hear it either way. Heck, I wouldn’t be mad if Scale The Summit had a vocal version of their records, though I think I’d always prefer that band instrumentally just because I’m so used to them like that, haha.

The instrumental tracks, as was the case with the original release, were mixed by Rich Mouser at The Mouse House Studio and mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording in North Carolina. Listen to the album now via your favorite streaming or download service at:

Guitarist Myles Yang comments: “One of the hallmarks of ‘Quiet World’ is the extreme density of the arrangements. The album is saturated with important, but oftentimes subtle layers and Easter eggs. Every time I’ve happened to hear this music with the vocals muted, I’ve been struck by just how much is going on under there that I had stopped paying attention to. Without the vocals as the main focal point, you really start to notice all those countless details. It’s a totally fresh and very interesting perspective on this music. We just had to put it out there for all our hardcore fans.

On top of that, we’re pleased to be able to include the 8th track, ‘Silence,’ on this release. This was originally a bonus track available only on the Japanese version of ‘Quiet World’, but it really is an essential component of the concept. glhf.”


Swedish death/gore masters Cut Up return with Wherever They May Rot, their sophomore release. The March 24th monstrosity will be out worldwide bia Metal Blade and features a dark and melodic undercurrent to the ferocious death metal riffing. First single “From Ear To Ear” is streaming HERE (with pre-orders also available). The performances from guitarists Andreas Bjornson and Anders Bertilsson are especially violent, though the whole band is on fire. I know…any death metal album with the word “rot” must pay some taxes/allegiance to Obituary, but it isn’t like that is a bad thing! Check it out!

Destrage release playthrough video for intricate “Dreamers” track

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 11:38 AM (PST)


Italy’s Destrage are a compelling act. Paolo Colavolpe’s higher octave shout scream voice almost reminds me of the loved or hated vocalist for NY’s underappreciated Shutdown, the great hardcore frontman Mark Scondotto. But Destrage can’t be fit into one musical category as the music is all over the place, from prog to thrashy to borderline super catchy emo parts. Fans of Protest The Hero, Fair To Midland , Periphery or even Stray From The Path will probably be all about this. The band actually sound fairly American in influence, at least to my ears.

This is one of those playthrough videos where you can enjoy watching it but also kind of have to laugh because most people will not be able to emulate what the musicians are pulling off on their song “Dreamers”. Matteo Di Gioia and Ralph Guido Salati show their serious guitar chops and you get to enjoy a complex track to get you feeling inspired. Check it out below!

The entire guitar transcription for the band’s album  A Means To No End can also be purchased online now at:

To hear more from A Means To No End, and to purchase the record in various formats, please visit:


Abnormality announce short run of East Coast DM shows

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 9:31 PM (PST)


Abnormality, one of the most relevant and punishing current death metal acts, have announced a handful of East Coast February dates (including one with controversial veterans Dying Fetus). Check out the dates BELOW.


Brooklyn-based experimental metal outfit Tombs has entered Mana Recording Studio ( in St. Petersburg, FL to begin recording their fourth full-length. Produced once again by Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal), this currently untitled album is set for a summer release via Metal Blade Records.

Guitarist/vocalist Mike Hill comments: “I’ve been gearing up for this moment for all of past year. Rutan is a master and I’m intending on us delivering the most punishing Tombs record to-date.”

Upcoming dates for a varied and exciting tour featuring Rivers Of Nihil, Ringworm and Darkest Hour alongside Tombs can be found BELOW.

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To commemorate Metal Blade Records35th anniversary in 2017, four bands from the label’s much-celebrated roster will come together for a special US tour this March: WHITECHAPEL, CATTLE DECAPITATION, GOATWHORE, and ALLEGAEON. The tour will run from February 22nd in Boston, Massachusetts through March 16th in New Orleans, Louisiana. See below for all confirmed dates.

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Harm’s Way sign with Metal Blade

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, December 7, 2016 at 9:00 AM (PST)
photo by Vince Edwards

photo by Vince Edwards

Full body bruisers Harm’s Way are one of the heaviest bands around, up there with Crowbar , Sleeping Giant and Xibalba for some of the most crushing low end and craziest pits. Their landslide inducing crusher Rust  was like some ungodly glorious team up between Cro-Mags and Godflesh and many people took notice. Now the band with perhaps the most jacked front dude in hardcore are signing with Metal Blade in a move that will surely benefit both parties and the scene.

Harm’s Way is expected to release their fourth full-length and Metal Blade Records debut in 2017.

Harm’s Way comments: “We are very excited to be working with Metal Blade Records. Their longstanding history in the alternative music community speaks volumes. To join a roster of such highly influential artists is truly an honor. We look forward to the next steps we will be taking as a band on both personal and artistic levels. “

Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel adds, “Super excited to be working with Harm’s Way! We welcome them to the Metal Blade family. I have been a fan since Chris Santos turned me onto them!”



Abnormality release video for “Cymatic Hallucinations”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, November 3, 2016 at 10:08 AM (PST)


East Coast death metal buzz band Abnormality are on fire of late, currently holding it down supporting Napalm Death and The Black Dahlia Murder. Check out the latest Jim Foster helmed clip from the group below.


This is a big week for metal and rock with Avenged Sevenfold, Tower and Upon A Burning Body but perhaps the most anticipated record is Serpentine Dominion‘s seven years in the making soul crusher that finds Adam from Killswitch Engage teaming up with George from Cannibal Corpse for essentially mostly really fast metalcore with much darker death metal vocals than that genre usually favors. Adam’s playing is on fire and you can tell he really invested a lot of effort into this chops wise. The cherry on top , or rather the foundation holding it together is the speed force enhanced fuck your preconceptions of human capability drumming of Shannon Lucas. Stream the full collaborative effort HERE.

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Rivers Of Nihil continue a dominant ascent of the death metal world, touring Monarchy hard. Starting this Thursday (October 20th), Rivers of Nihil will head back out on the road, joining Obscura, Revocation, andBeyond Creation for a must-see tour across Europe. In anticipation of this trek, the band has launched a guitar play-through for “Reign of Dreams”, taken from their latest album, Monarchy. To watch Rivers of Nihil‘s Jon Topore and Brody Uttley demo the track through the “Revv Generator 120″, please visit HERE.

Rivers of Nihil tour dates BELOW.

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Downfall Of Gaia “Atrophy” album trailer, pre order live

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 12:53 PM (PST)


On November 11th, Downfall Of Gaia will release their fourth full-length, Atrophy, via Metal Blade Records. Recorded in June 2016 at Hidden Planet Studio Berlin with Jan Oberg, Atrophy was mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studio in San Francisco, CA, and is a record about the absurdity of life and human existence – an album about the constant dialog between life and death. To watch a trailer forAtrophy, with track excerpts and atmospheric video sequences, please visit:

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The Devil's Blood by Sandra Ludewig

The Devil’s Blood by Sandra Ludewig

Perhaps every Juggalo is birthed in a spray of Faygo and every hipster born with a tiny man bun or perfect spectacles, but not all metalheads are fully formed like the evil baby on the cover of Sabbath’s (in my opinion rad) Born Again album. We all had our gateway moments before we found out about Onward to Golgotha or the excellent sleeper Cold Redrafted or whatever floats your goat.

I think if metal is gonna grow and stay rad and not be replaced only by pig squealy deathcore or other forms of music entirely, it needs to find a way to be inclusive. That goes for continuing the awesome trends of shattering the gendered cis metal stereotypes, understanding being trans in metal, being open to intersectional feminism and all sort of other topics, but we are gonna further the cause with this little list today that you can show your little brother to make them cool like little Kevin with his Kiss make up in Natural Born Killers, dig? Except we want them wearing an Abnormality hat.

Anyway, Metal Blade is a great label to start with for newcomers as it isn’t too obscure, they have released such a wide range of great shit over the years and most titles are semi-easy to find. There are honestly many great releases to choose from, but here are some classics, some newer releases and a few randos to get your circle pit Padawan learner pumped and ready to embark on a lifetime of riff servitude.

Granted, most of this list admittedly works for people who already are at least down with the sickness but curious about something more extreme, cuz some of this shit is broootal or too weird for your average hard rock fan, but let’s assume people will be hooked with the claws of evil like we were and drawn in further, muhahahahaha.

Check the list BELOW.

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Before The End: New albums yet to come in 2016 we’re stoked for

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 3:40 PM (PST)

636088582680400667_zpsgmii3kbp (1)


It is a blessing and a curse to have your record come out late in a given year. You might just bump some stuff that’s been out longer and make a few year end lists because your fresher music catches some people’s imagination (hope everybody remembers Bloodiest, In Mourning, Mantar and a lot of other great bands put out stuff early in 2016 and don’t just give the awards all to Metallica, haha). Your record also might get lost in the shuffle for a bit though because press people tend to get lazier between Thanksgiving and mid January. We’re one of the only sites I know who keep churning out some form of coverage all year round, because we are masochists to the mosh.

Anyway, here are a handful of killer fuckin’ bands who have albums coming out still in 2016 that we wanted to shout out. Hope you check ‘em out.

Read more BELOW.

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Charred Walls of the Damned streaming ‘Creatures Watching Over the Dead’

Posted by longhairedpoet on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 7:12 PM (PST)


Heavy metallers Charred Walls of the Damned are streaming their newest album Creatures Watching Over the Dead over at

This will be the band’s third album and will be released on September 23 via Metal Blade Records.

Head over to to stream the new album.

Check out the drum demonstration for “My Eyes” as well as the Creatures Watching Over the Dead track list here.

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Cattle Decapitation to kick off tour with Brujeria, Eternal Sleep, Piñata Protest

Posted by Metal Riot on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 2:49 PM (PST)


Tomorrow, San Diego deathgrind unit CATTLE DECAPITATION will head back out on the road for a nine-date North American headlining tour before joining Brujeria for a trek across the US in October. The entire stretch will run from September 22nd through October 21st and includes support from Eternal Sleep and Piñata Protest on select dates. See all confirmed dates below.

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