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Twitching Tongues from Los Angeles prove that it is a good time (no irony intended) for misery. If you are still looking for something to help fill the void in the wake of the premature departures (R.I.P.) of Woods Of Ypres and Type O Negative, “Sleep Therapy” (I Scream) or the newest from Moonspell are the best places to continue brooding. Twitching Tongues are a band who pay homage to various styles (doom, dark alt rock, hardcore) but still write songs that obviously mean something deeply personal to them, all while having a good time.

Yes, that’s right…a good time. For some people wrestling with relationship and mental angst over crushing riffs is the closest thing to relief this life brings.

Only Living Witness comes up often when people mention this band and I can hear it a bit on opener “I Fell From Grace Feet First”. Truly they come much closer to the sound of underground Albany, NY 90’s sabbath-core band Section 8 (especially on the classical acoustic guitar laced “Insane & Inhumane” and the intro to the title track). There’s nothing here as killer as “God Complex” from Section 8’s “Nine Ways To Say I Love You”, but “Sleep Therapy” is a very rewarding record. Sure, the vocals are atonal occasionally but like Jann Kasey Dorr it still works. Auto-tune abuse is for bad emo bands and the legitimate human takes here work much better. The album is produced but not “produced”. They sound professional and aware of what they do but it is still raw.

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