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Cauldron stream ‘New Gods’ via New Noise Magazine

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at 6:28 PM (PST)

Canadian heavy metal trio CAULDRON will drop their New Gods full-length this Friday via The End Records in North America and Dissonance Productions in Europe. Crowned, “a classic heavy metal ripper,” by Metal Injection, the band’s fifth full-length and follow up to the acclaimed 2016 offering In Ruin was captured by Chris Stringer (Timber Timbre, Wooden Sky) at Union Sound in Toronto and again highlights the band’s now-signature strong emphasis on songwriting and melody, complete with high-end organic production to match.

Stream New Gods in full alongside an interview with frontman Jason Decay courtesy of New Noise Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.

CAULDRON’s New Gods will be available on CD, digital, and vinyl formats. For preorders go to THIS LOCATION.

In conjunction with the release of New Gods, CAULDRON will be playing a handful of US shows in with support provided by (the quite excellent) Barrow Wight this week. The band has also confirmed a special record release show in their hometown of Toronto, set for September 15th at Junction City Music Hall. See all confirmed dates below.

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With legendary blast drummer Pete Sandoval ready to revive TERRORIZER for another momentous grinding onslaught,  the groundbreaking band have united with The End Records for the release of their long-anticipated new full-length, Caustic Attack. Produced by Jason Suecof (Deicide, All That Remains, Kataklysm, Battlecross) at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida and featuring the apocalyptic cover art of Timbul Cahyono (Rotting Corpse, Pyrexia), the record serves as the band’s first studio offering in six years.

“The original TERRORIZER didn’t have solos, so we took the same approach,” Lee Harrison says. “It was just riff after killer riff. That was an interesting challenge for me – to keep the music fresh without relying on solos. But the great thing about not having solos is it allows us to keep a dense sound as a three-piece. When you put leads in there, you need a second guitar or else the bottom falls out. Staying a three-piece makes it easier to travel and tour, and we didn’t want to mess with that formula.”
Now that Sandoval is devoting all his time and effort to TERRORIZER (he left Morbid Angel in 2013), he plans to tour extensively and then record another album. The six-year curse is officially broken.

“It feels so great to be back playing every day,” Sandoval says. “I worked really hard on my recovery and all that work is really paying off now because when I play these songs I feel the same way I did in 1990 or 2000. I feel young again and I can play with no problem. And that’s hard to do because this new album has a lot of changes, double-bass, fast blast beats. You name it.”

TERRORIZER’s Caustic Attack will see release via The End Records this fall. Further details including track teasers to be unveiled in the coming weeks. In the meantime you can never get enough World Downfall, a stone cold mandatory classic that still smokes most stuff released now.

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Meltasia announced an as to be expected doozy ass line up today (with a few holes left to fill). Mungo Jerry and Midnight on the same weekend? Say no more. I will def try to be there to see Roky’s set and of course mighty Tower, but there is plenty of other juicy radness to go around. Be nice to the goats.

More info BELOW.

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“We started off as a government experiment gone right for once. Designed by
naval science officers aboard the “USS who gives a shit” ~Montana (vox/guitar)

Gossip Girl, Megan Fox, Taylor Lautner, Sugar Ray, Jar Jar Binks. What do they
have in common? I’m pretty sure they all were on the cover of Rolling Stone in America before
the fucking Ramones ! Chew on that awhile, lovers of rock n roll.

Maybe it is because, like NYC’s Tournament, the Ramones were a band who arguably make rock critics less of a necessity. Just press play/drop a needle and the music packs so much punch that it tells your body and brain most of what it needs to know. It speaks for itself.

I nerd out a lot, and today at the dentist’s office waiting room I was reading Terry Goodkind’s Phantom. There is a part where the characters are discussing the magical Sword of Truth and someone says ,“It is not the weapon that matters so much as the man who wields the weapon.”

This is also very true of the guitar (with a disclaimer that it doesn’t just have to be a “man”). Proof can be witnessed when Tournament play The Acheron with Ex-Cult on May 28th.

Tournament take Brooklyn radittude to new heights and decimate mere hipster bands with antics, alcohol consumption and fiery live shows that have garnered them a reputation as great rockers and solid songwriters. Along with bands like PMS and the Mood Swings, Tower, Mother Feather and The Compulsions, Tournament prove the Big Apple can still be a place where rock n roll can’t be killed. We support this message and recommend you check out the following interview with Montana (vox/guitar) and Jordan (drums) from the group as well as purchase their The End Records debut Teenage Creature post haste.

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Album Review: Cauldron – “In Ruin”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, December 28, 2015 at 11:21 AM (PST)


Unless you are birthday boy David Bowie, early January isn’t perhaps the
easiest time to release a record. People are still hungover from New Year’s Eve
or kind of acclimating to another shift in the cosmic calendar. Writer’s are
still relaxing after the mental stress of accumulating their year end lists
and trying to be the coolest. But Cauldron are not daunted by these factors
if new album In Ruin‘s opening cry of “Take no prisoners/feel no pain” is any

Either way, let’s give them some shine! Pre-order HERE!

Out the same day as Bowie’s rumored to be fantastic Blackstar, In Ruin is also
making sure January is already looking exciting. It may be more on the fringes
of Blue Oyster Cult worship than a K-dot inspired jazz heavy record from a
glam pioneer, but good music is good music. That’s something heading into 2016
we should all agree. We’ve got to support the artists still striving to follow
their muse instead of catering to increasingly narrow confines.

Cauldron prove Canada is currently one of the hotbed’s for good metal, a
welcome relief when I get tired of reading the phrase “6 God”. Their anthemic
“Empress” has you commited to the record fully by the second song. Kind of
like the proto-charge of Amulet on a more consistently Sabbathian tempo kick,
In Ruin is a real winner track to track. The band are even doing a full
Stateside tour with the killer line up of Warbringer, Exmortus and fucking
Enforcer! A nice, diverse bill that celebrates true metal through and through!

I’m especially fond of the sort of laid back and yet hoarse and energized
singing style and Chris Stringer production that is crunchy but slightly old
school yet competitive with the capabilities of today. Highly recommend this
bad boy. Full of little riff moments that will sweep you away, from the
dissonant hooky “Burning At Both Ends” to the quite 80’s big intro and
thematic refrain of “Hold Your Fire”.

Cauldron announce tracklist and art for “In Ruin”

Posted by Metal Riot on Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 12:43 PM (PST)


Toronto, Canada-based metal trio CAULDRON has just unveiled the album artwork and tracklist for their long-awaited fourth studio album,In Ruin, out January 8, 2016 via The End Records (out in Europe January 29 via High Roller Records). CLICK HERE to view the album details exclusively on Blabbermouth!

Says CAULDRON frontman Jason Decay, “We wanted a basic, straight to the point cover without going totally Metallica Black Album; something that catches your eye when flipping through the record bin. I saw a decrepit and eerie looking statue hovering in a doorway upon the In Ruin title. We expressed this to our friend Squid (who did the artwork) and I guess you could say its a cross between Poltergeist, Alice In Hell, and Intravenus de Milo?!”


Album Review: Dead Letter Circus – “Aesthesis”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at 10:42 AM (PST)



Pre order HERE.

“And I hope that one day I will see you again”. This plaintive lyric opens Dead Letter Circus’s masterful new album Aesthesis. Kim Benzie’s distinct voice is a proud flag the Brisbane band rallies around with colorful and spacious hard rock that wastes absolutely zero time trying to fit into a box of preconceptions.

Life is a varied experience and thank God. I am a huge Max Cavalera fan but was dismayed to read an old quote recently I’d never seen where he called Killswitch Engage “gay”. Even more than the lazy use of that word I was much more bothered by the inference that Killswitch acted “like U2 on stage” as Cavalera said in, I think, like 2008 when Howard Jones was in the band. Perhaps it was bitterness for Sepultura doing an awesome “Bullet The Blue Sky” cover post-Max, but the Brazilian metal greats comments just rang as senseless to me. Every Soulfly record has had guests of different stripes from the very melodic Chino Moreno to Fred Durst! I know Max is a Bob Marley fan. Let’s try and be more open minded again in metal and hard rock.

Look, I like Possessed as much (and maybe more) than many people. That said, who are we trying to prove things too? Ten death metal or throwback thrash fans who only support narrow definitions instead of achievement and risk? With no melodic elements in metal there is no Fear Factory, no Iced Earth, so many good bands. One of my photographers today is shooting Deftones/Incubus for us and I’m thrilled that package tour is luring back some hard rock fans. Ticket sales are down across the board. Forward thinking bands like The Safety Fire are breaking up. Mayhem Fest just fell apart, tragically.

This is not a time for closing doors on each other.

“Yeah dude, but is the record good”? Yes. Dare I say, Hell fuckin’ yes?!

Read more BELOW.

Album Review: Novembers Doom – Bled White

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, August 1, 2014 at 3:45 PM (PST)

Novembers Doom‘s Bled White is a monolith of the morose riffs and eerie vocals the band is known for, another dark entry into their solid discography.Starting right off with the huge title track, the band kick down the doors and let the storm in. While listening to this band remains a work out at times, it is only because the gloom reaches fairly deep dimensions and not because the music ever grows tiresome. The Chicago band led by Paul Kuhr (with whom we recently conducted a rather extensive interview on the album) have been dishing out reliable doom for several decades now.

The driving percussion of Garry Naples really carries the momentum of this record to bold heights, never letting up but not cluttering the songs. The whole band know what they are doing and aim for the throat. Every melodic-tinged chord is like a poisoned glass of wine, bittersweet and brimming with a head rush of mortality. The band have stayed true to their bleak vision over the years and are finally getting more of the praise and attention they deserve as Stateside doom-pushers. The mix by Dan Swano at Unisound is also highly beneficial to the effectiveness of Bled White, lending each note clarity but not stealing the thunder from the chuggier death metal influenced moments. “The Memory Room” in particular is murky yet gorgeously balances between worlds, like colored shadows cast from a stained glass window in the mind. The song positively aches with longing but in a manly way, not to sound ridiculous.

Click HERE for more.

Over twenty years have come and gone since the grasping hand of Novembers Doom first pushed up from below the surface of the Earth and strained towards the dawn light. The band have grown to encompass great depths and realms of insight bound within their heady mixture of dark metallic doom influenced music paired with near classical passages and all out red eyed rage. Pioneers in their field, the band craft a sound still so uncompromising in beauty as well as aggression and the ponderous march of time down the path to Hades open arms that you can’t help but kind of be in awe of the respected group. Only bands like Daylight Dies, Tombs or the great Paradise Lost, Agalloch or Katatonia are in the same realm of undeterred musical courage married to the drive to create uncompromising and raw stories out of sound. Pre Order this bad boy here.


It was a great opportunity to get to discuss the newest in a string of great ND albums, Bled White, with vocalist/founder Paul Kuhr.


Click HERE to read more.
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Interview: Krokus – Live For The Action

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Sunday, April 13, 2014 at 8:55 AM (PST)

2014- Live Collage KROKUS Press Shot - Low

“This is the definitive proof that, in a ridiculously digital, cold and anti-septic world, there is still a place for honest, dirty, handmade music – for the eternal flame of Rock n’ Roll – our medicine of life.” – from the liner notes of Long Stick Goes Boom.

Ready for some Krok n roll? The boys in Krokus are back with a monster live album defining the current era of the band as well as touching on their lengthy career as die hard devotees of gritty, blue collar hard rock. In the last four decades, Krokus have played over 2,000 shows across 5 continents
and Long Stick Goes Boom: Live from da House Of Rust reflects the miles under their feet and the many friends made along the way. Recorded August 30th, 2013 the show featured on this killer live record was a full circle moment for the band, coming home to where it all started in 1975 – Rockcity Solothurn.

Pre order the album HERE.

It was a pleasure to discuss the past and future of hard rock with respected vocalist Marc Storace, who also answered some questions about my fave classic Krokus video “Screaming In The Night”. The new live album is killer Krokus in true top form and you can read the interview HERE to get the scoop!

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Album Review: Cage The Gods – Badlands

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 12:38 AM (PST)

When I first opened this promo in the mail and it said “Badlands” I thought for a brief two seconds it could somehow be a Jake E. Lee helmed posthumous collection lost material of the classic group with the late, great Ray Gillen on vocals. But no…this is the record title of a new release from a pretty awesome UK group called Cage The Gods. The band are doing dates with Fuel and possess a similar radio ready but decently gritty enough and genuine melodic flair, but tempered to real classic rock chops (think Bad Company) and modern feel. This band is fun and exciting. It may be more commercial than some metal heads can handle, but if you grew up on big hard rock you will eat this up. The band kind of rock like Z02 where they were channeling greats of the past but in their own way, a sort of homage to more Aerosmith-y Lizzy and yet married to slight hints of post-grunge, harmony-laced stuff or even the bluesier, grainier side of Journey. They have a certain spacious freedom to the songs that in some weird way reminds me a bit of the cool guitar stuff Dead Letter Circus are doing, but in a much more traditional “rock” manner, like U2 crossed with The Black Crowes or something. “Promises” in particular fits this recipe.

The band have Irish, British, Scottish and Welsh members, which is pretty cool in the spirit of getting along. You’d have to be pretty jaded to not get a sense that these guys really like jamming out and crafting compelling yet palatable songs together. Winery Dogs needta take these boys out on tour, stat!

Click HERE for the full review of this rock solid effort!

Anathema announce U.S. tour with HIM

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 2:42 PM (PST)


English proggers Anathema, fresh off their appearance at the ‘Progressive Nation at Sea’ Cruise have announced a U.S. tour with Finnish love metal mainstays H.I.M.

Anathema is currently in the studio working on a follow up to 2012’s Weather Systems.

Check out Anathema tour dates here.

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Interview: Dead Letter Circus – A Catalyst Fire Inside

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 1:44 PM (PST)

It is always cool when some really unique stuff finds mass appeal, whether it be Lorde or Beck or, like…i dunno, Mudvayne’s L.D. 50. or Mastodon’s The Hunter. Australia’s rock standard bearers of the moment, Dead Letter Circus are back with The Catalyst Fire (available now right HERE).

Dead letter Circus is music for real music fans. They aren’t a super heavy band and some people think they are emo because they are catchy, but really this is an expansive, lush and deeply talented alternative hard rock band with stirring prog elements and a real “don’t give a fuck” belief in their sound. “I stopped thinking about the labels people put on styles of music a while ago.  There is music I love, music that I like and music I despise,” says vocalist Kim Benzie.

I’ve been listening to Soundgarden’s King Animal a lot. It isn’t their heaviest record but it is still THEM. “Bones of Birds” or “Halfway There” are just great songs. It is sad when people can’t appreciate things for what they are (as long as something isn’t extremely shitty, hahaha). But, my point is…If you like melody of The Ocean on the brilliant Pelagial or think The Safety Fire or Saosin’s stuff as refreshing then there really isn’t a reason why you should dislike DLC. Dead Letter Circus are catchy and have more accessible parts here and there, but it is welded to a framework of unbridled freedom rock fans should recognize.

To read an MR Exclusive with Kim about lighting mental fires via making music for everyone, no one and themselves…please click HERE.

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Amoral streaming new track “If Not Here, Where?”

Posted by GageT on Monday, September 30, 2013 at 10:10 AM (PST)

amoralFinnish headbangers Amoral have posted a new track for streaming, “If Not Here, Where?” off their upcoming sixth full-length, Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows. The album is due out early 2014 via The End Records.

Ben Varon, guitarist and main songwriter, said of the track:

“‘Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows’ is a concept album, and ‘If Not Here, Where?’ sits right in the middle of the album and the story, marking a turning point in the protagonist’s journey. We wanted the first taster to really represent the whole album.”

Check out the track here.

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Show Review: Emilie Autumn, Chicago, The Metro – February 15, 2013

Posted by JDKleinhans on Monday, February 18, 2013 at 5:09 PM (PST)


“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man woman in his her time plays many parts”

-William Shakespeare, As You Like It (Act II, Scene VII)

After exiting Chicago’s Metro this past Friday evening, this most famous of Shakespeare monologues has been bouncing around in my head ever since. Emilie Autumn – musician, writer, artist, actress, storyteller – has been haunting my thoughts and my dreams and has made me ponder those above words in combination with Oscar Wilde’s position that “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life” (The Decay of Lying, 1889). I will abstain from going into a philosophical diatribe but that is what talking with, thinking about, seeing Emilie Autumn live on stage can instill in one’s mind and spirit.

If I have your interest and if your curious as to where I am going with the above trail of thoughts, check out the rest of my rambling reflections of this past Friday evening here.

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