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Remember that spooky, loopy “Digital Crush” track we unveiled here a little while back?

Now sonic soothsayer Gridfailure has premiered a new song “Hostile Alchemist” over at Decibel HERE. Taken from a forthcoming Hostile Alchemy EP, which was made in protest to the current “misinformation-fueled politics driving the true threat of a global nuclear holocaust”. Fans of the harsher side of Pharmakon,  more formless ambient black metal, Lou Reed’s groundbreaking Metal Machine Music, Insect Ark, Scorn or those who like it when their tv gets possessed like in Poltergeist will enjoy the audio manipulations of Gridfailure’s Dave Brenner thoroughly.

The song “Hostile Alchemy” features some amazing collaborators from some of the coolest acts in the current scene. You get guest vocals from the always proving she is way too talented Leila Abdul-Rauf (Vastum, Ionophore, Cardinal Wyrm), synth from lovable nihilist Jeff Wilson (Wolvhammer, Abigail Williams, Chrome Waves), and accordion from the eclectic Benjamin Levitt (Megalophobe), plus layers of vocals, bass, guitar, synth, keys, xylophone, Theremin, percussion, electronics, and more from Brenner.

Expect a lot of good stuff to keep churning forth from Gridfailure. This project is funner than spending too long licking 9V Batteries and even more likely to socially ostracize you. In all seriousness, it is a super cool foray into uncharted territory in a musical landscape that far too often forgoes risk and the fun of experimentation while favoring empty fashionable gestures.

Gridfailure is not concerned with that shit.


GRIDFAILURE sets March for “Hostile Alchemy” EP release

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 4:19 PM (PST)


GRIDFAILURE will release the Hostile Alchemy EP in the coming weeks, as the experimental outfit acknowledges one year of auditory disrupt.


Conceived in the final weeks of the 2016 election cycle in protest to the profoundly destructive and misinformation-fueled current style of politics we’re witnessing, Hostile Alchemy delivers nine tracks which bare a more reality-based intent than the outfit’s customary horror. In addition to suffocating layers of instrumentation and vocals by GRIDFAILURE creator David Brenner, Hostile Alchemy features guest contributions from a wide cast of allies including Leila Abdul-Rauf (Vastum, Ionophore, Cardinal Wyrm), Faith Ciavarella, Mark Deutrom (Bellringer, ex-Melvins), Jeff Wilson (Wolvhammer, Abigail Williams, Chrome Waves), Pete Tsakiris, Benjamin Levitt (Megalophobe), Christian Molenaar (Those Darn Gnomes), Alexei Korolev (The Company Corvette), and more.


GRIDFAILURE will digitally release Hostile Alchemy on March 24th with a physical entity of the record to follow. The artwork, track listing, and preorders are live RIGHT HERE.


GRIDFAILURE‘s second full-length, Teeth Collection,will be completed in the coming weeks for release in the Spring, with sprawling third album, Drought Stick, directly behind it. An ambient collaborative album with Megalophobe, several other new projects, videos, and much more is also in production.
GRIDFAILURE was formed in February 2016, and the past year has seen the release of several records which sole founder of the project David Brenner performed on, including Theologian’s Dregs, and Before My Flesh Was Torn By The World, the Theologian/Lament Cityscape Soft Tissue collaborative album, and several titles for Cadabra Records, including Theologian’s scores for H. P. Lovecraft’s The Lurking Fear and Pickman’s Model LPs, and Clark Ashton Smith’s Inferno 7″. GRIDFAILURE‘s Ensuring The Bloodline Ends Here debut album saw release in May 2016, the record followed by the Further Layers Of Societal Collapse EP on Halloween, a split cassette with Never Presence Forever, inclusion in Walking Bombs’ “Demagogue” protest anthem, and more.

Gridfailure Polaroid 2016-2

Hostile alchemist GRIDFAILURE has completed the Further Layers Of Societal Collapse EP impending its free digital distribution on Samhain 2016, leaking new track “Digital Crush” through Metal Riot.

GRIDFAILURE is the auditory harvest of David Brenner (Earsplit, ex-Theologian, ex-Heidnik), who abuses dozens of instruments, brewing a haunted apocalypse aura. The outfit’s Ensuring The Bloodline Ends Here debut was released in May via The Compound Recs. With a second album, Teeth Collection, nearing completion, Further Layers Of Societal Collapse provides some insight of the bizarre directions the unit’s output is taking. The use of field recordings infusing elements of nature and civilization into the mix carries into the new material, which infuses more percussive elements and guitars than the debut. Contributions from cohorts BJ Allen (Full Scale Riot) and Pete Tsakiris reflect the first GRIDFAILURE collaborations to see release, a trait that lies heavily in the upcoming releases.

GRIDFAILURE’s Further Layers Of Societal Collapse delivers nearly a half-hour of unharnessed dementia, infiltrating additional realms of biomechanical madness, meshing ghostly and fractured elements of dark ambient, power electronics, and industrial metal with the confrontational wrath of tectonic hardcore on a rudderless course where anything goes.

“The name of the new EP came from my cohort Morgan here; when Walking Bombs asked me to contribute ‘additional layers of societal collapse’ to their ‘Demagogue’ anti-Trump anthem, I immediately plagiarized/altered the line. The levels of corrosion and mutation on the EP reflect our bleak future. This is a biomechanical horror-electronics nightmare soundtrack, documenting another step further into the post-Sixth Mass Extinction wastelands where primitive ways and artificial intelligence cannibalize each other for survival. I re-purposed antiquated technologies for the recording of this EP, beginning with this track. Ween yourself from technology before you become it a part of it. Liberate Te Ex Gridfailure.” – Dave Brenner



Gridfailure announce digital EPs, “Teeth Collection”

Posted by Metal Riot on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 at 2:16 PM (PST)


Hostile alchemist GRIDFAILURE will issue a series of free digital EPs over the coming months, bearing the communal title, Teeth Collection.

The sequence of Teeth Collection chapters sees the GRIDFAILURE solo project delivering its unclassified sub-mutation of dark experimentation in collaboration with a wide array of musicians and cohorts, resulting in a noxious barrage of odd tunes to be considered unpredictably volatile and bizarre. The nauseating paranoia and wrath of GRIDFAILURE’s Ensuring The Bloodline Ends Here debut sees the project casting speculation upon supremely macabre aspects of our decline, and envisioning humanity’s feeble struggle surviving in the sub-apocalyptic habitat of our impending future days.


Die Choking announce North American tours

Posted by longhairedpoet on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at 3:45 PM (PST)


Philadelphia grindcore blasters Die Choking have announced tours in Canada and North America.

Die Choking will be playing Earslaughter in Quebec.

Check out the tour dates and stream Die Choking’s most recent album III here.

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Sometimes we get to write about fun stuff like how good the new Seremonia album is (fucking amazing) or what is our favorite Megadeth or Gojira era. Other times we have a platform to help share some very important perspectives or stories and it is important to do so. The feminist website #theflounce published a piece I wrote after talking to ex-Enabler bassist Amanda P. Daniels, who just days ago told the world she had been assaulted and abused while in the band and in a relationship with Jeff Lohrber.

Metal scribe Kim Kelly spoke at length to Amanda about her ordeal in full and that link is also embedded in my piece, but the main point of my article is that no one, regardless of gender or that some people make false accusations or “cry wolf”, should have to feel afraid to speak up when they feel or know they have been wronged.

Some words from Otep Shamaya, Liv Jagrell of Sister Sin, Yasmine Kittles of mighty Tearist (aka just about my favorite person in the world right now besides my Mom), indie legend Kelley Deal of The Breeders and R. Ring plus Elan from my duo #bitchwhip offer words of support to show there is precedent to speak up. We also include three songs from The Gits, Karyn Crisis’ old band Crisis and War on Women to remind that there are people who care and will listen.

Read the Flounce piece HERE.

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I could hardly bring myself to write about this Enabler news today as it made a huge lump in my throat. I’m a big fan of this band and all their record’s are some of the best new music on the scene in years. I’ve interviewed Jeff Lohrber for New Noise Magazine and am pretty good friends with their frequent record cover artist Chris Smith who has done art for my bands GET OUT, Antidote 8  and Black & White Universe as well as many other band’s record or live poster art in the scene (Atlas Moth or Hindsight come to mind).

I wondered why Amanda wasn’t in the band anymore. This seems to clearly be why. I feel bad for Century Media to be dealing with this on the heels of Blake Crush drama. Or Earsplit PR who put a lot into these guys.

Metalsucks has the best editorial on the accusations HERE.

My heart goes out to Amanda Daniels, recent drummer Frank who everyone in the scene loves, and even to Jeff who I bet is in hell right now also. Whatever the truth of the matter, and I’m certainly not saying Amanda would make up the accusations, the fact is there is now a lot of pain and human grief attached to a band that was prior to this a new leading light for inspired, dissonant and often political and powerful music. Why does the fucked up shit always happen with bands I like most like Nachtmystium, Enabler or once a long upon a time ago Coheed (who are nothing musically on the first two, even if they are a good band).

I’ve personally had a turbulent life at times. When I was 15 I semi broke into a person’s home scared and  tripping balls. I got lost and  screamed and knocked them down thinking I was dead, pushing past the woman who answered door and trying to hide behind a couch. Then got maced by cops while tripping when they arrived that horrible Winter Solstice half my life ago. I often think of how scared house owner must have been when i pushed past her screaming. I’ve been in abusive relationships where I, as a man, was hit often by a woman and struck them back once after the literally dozenth time and a cutting barb a few days later. My anger and sense of victimization didn’t excuse my action of hitting her back. I thank lucky stars every day both she and I matured and now have a healthy friendship and deep bond.

I’ve burned sage at sites where people I know where raped, with them…to banish demons. Sang on this Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch anti rape song “A Slow dance in hell”.

Flipside. Had syringes thrown at me as darts by partners. My foot run over. Woken up getting “used” or getting oral by people and didn’t mind AND other times by people I DID mind (though consent is ALWAYS important). I’m illustrating this as a bi sexual male somewhere on this rainbow spectrum we all inhabit, to just try and say a little prayer here for everyone. Just sending so much love to all of the people in this mess and whatever the truth is hope they can find healing. I have been in a place before of having hurt a person and of having been hurt or being an activist and hosting Pro Choice and really pro female benefit shows or promoting bands with strong woman to show the trolls in the scene that girls are just as important as boys. I was in a psych ward and also closeted for near 30 years as bisexual, not feeling safe to step out of my shell and feel exposed…until FINALLY coming out in this interview with OTEP, who emboldened me. Or metal scribe Kim Kelly who has no idea how much her writing for gender equality in metal has influenced me to try and do a similar thing and use my own weird voice in, hopefully, a posi way.

I’ve talked gender issues with Mina Caputo who came from a “tough guy” family and who saved my life without ever meeting me through Life of Agony’s classic and somehow life affirming suicide themed album River Runs Red.

My heart is pretty broken by this today but it also really makes me want to try and stop conflicts in my own life, even though I have been in a big rekindled feud with Coheed & Cambria again last week, perhaps due to a misunderstanding and perhaps not (and much of it because I feel like they bullied my sister Cambria and me by not having fans apologize when Claudio Sanchez didn’t ever reveal band was named after my sister and so she was called a liar or presumed to have fucked all of Coheed by charming CoTF alumni over the years) .

Either way, in any circumstance we can all aspire to handle ourselves with grace, even when we’re angry or hurt or lonely. There has to be a better way then the continued cycle of pain, like in Middle East. Let’s try and liberate ourselves from hate, Support the FEMEN international and progressive causes. Learn about other genders and don’t hurt people, even when we perceive a major slight.

I’ve been technically also raped due to me being a minor and someone much older than me doing things to me when I was a teenager and on three bags of heroin in a power submissive position of being stranded far from home in the then much more violent NYC at house of older person. I’ve been a feminist for years.

Here’s a horrible story. Once when I was blacked out and grief stricken I even accidentally groped a friend  and have very little memory of it and it damaged our friendship and destroys me inside to this day, as they’d been a huge source of comfort to me when I was going through major trials after deaths in my family. A huge part of why I don’t drink is to think I scared someone that way , especially when that has happened to me or many people I’ve dated to much, much worse degrees that were nothing short of rape . Or because if I drink old trauma comes back up if I have too many. You lose filters.

Girls  and friends I loved were raped so bad by others that they cheated on me cuz they hated  men or wanted to sabotage our good relationship points as a “test”, because they resented men , and rightly so, after having been assaulted by others they trusted or in some cases strangers.

I have major, major trust issues from lots of this shit. It happens to guys AND girls. Life can be cruel as we learn from awful mistakes or try and wrestle with insecurities and the devil’s we create in our collective id.  People hurt each other or lie or don’t own harm they’ve inflicted on others because they can’t get objective without the House of Cards falling. We bully each other, we hide our insecurities and we swim in shark infested waters.

Please, let’s all try and respect each other as men and women, bands and peers, scenes and just as fucking humans in general. So much more we can all accomplish if we can free ourselves from pain body, Samsara and the inner violence of jealousy, fear, anxiety and loathing of self and/or others. That’s all I’ve got.

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“Pursuit/Predator,” GODHUNTER‘s latest plodding and antagonizing anthem and the lead track to the band’s upcoming GH/0ST:S split LP with Metal Riot very much approved band SECRETS OF THE SKY, is now playing a month ahead of the album’s release at Invisible Oranges.

The song summons the memory of the Zodiac Killer and churns with violence and the sociology of stress in the zeitgeist. It all ends in an early-Kylesa style tribal melt down with shouts towards the sun, beckoning for reason’s  justice.

Stream 7 minute banger “Pursuit/Predator” RIGHT HERE.

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Album Review: Enabler – “la fin absolue du monde”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, June 5, 2014 at 8:47 AM (PST)

Enabler Cover_web SCUM BKG ILLUS LIGHT

Enabler‘s “new life” kind of hits with a similar power of when i first heard refused’s “new noise”, just such an overpowering and infectious energy you knew it was going to infect the whole “scene.” the reason this grind and avant garde influenced hardcore/thrash amalgam are getting so much traction is they kill. it is firing on all cylinders, from the opening eerie tones of their recent flies ep on the compound, to a bloodthirsty touring drive. the gritty and focused resolve to this shit is unreal, while the band also respectfully ignore people who want them to be more traditional and manage to molest the shit out of weird high notes that create sheets of ghostly electricity waves searing the upper cortex.

“neglect” is a crazy blend of megadeth riffing meets universal order of armmaggedon-esque brittle, post-hardcore shit. and that breakdown trap them meets frickin’ integrity section is beastly. this record really just gives and gives, a shot of adrenaline right into the heart of the scene for anyone who really gives a fuck. i was so excited to see this band’s rise as they have been working really hard, and when they announced they were working on the art with my pittsburgh designer friend chris smith of the band hindsight, i knew it would be a masterful pairing. the john carpentar influenced illustration caps a bold record of brave new world inhabitants who want a little more out of life. “i will not give in to feaaaar,” roar the vocals on the sprawl core of dissonant opus “rain darkness”, before the gloom of “felnoy” sits in with alienating inevitability.

so far, at this juncture, this is the hardcore influenced record to beat of the first half of this here 2014 year.

“balance of terror” is evidence that enabler also can kick out the socially aware jams, with that title alone a perfect synopsis of the state of the world. “the exiles” is like the new rumblefish of an anthem for the raw trash influenced minded. the early sepultura love of this band shines here, just grim as fuck. i hurt my neck on a construction job recently, but hearing this song i have to fucking headbang. it says something that these guys were tapped by eyehategod for some real, down in the trenches 2014 touring.

Ryan Steigerwald is a monster on this beast of a memorable release, bringing ringworm aggresion and stomp to the proceedings. fast parts, slow decimation, blazing fills, tricky little licks…dude can do it all. this record makes you envision you are running across rooftops with the band in some neo-crime future or resisting arrest somewhere, sickened by the wake of humanity’s ugly footprints on mother earth.

Enabler head back out on a six week tour

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 9:14 AM (PST)


Having just returned from a three-week East Coast tour, ENABLER will head back out on a new six-week tour assault in just days, as the release date for their anticipated second LP, La Fin Absolue Du Monde, nears its street date.

 ENABLER‘s newest tour itinerary begins this Thursday, May 15th with a five-city run including a set at the massive three-day Pouzza Fest in Montreal alongside Reagan Youth, The Hold Steady, Dillinger Four, SNFU, The Dayglo Abortions, 7 Seconds and dozens more. From there, they trek back to the East Coast on their way to let loose at their first ever Maryland Deathfest performance on Sunday May 25th at Batlimore Soundstage with Maruta, Shitstorm, Left for Dead, Unholy Grave, Ratos de Porao and more. Just two days later, their killer second LP, La Fin Absolue Du Monde, will see release the same day as Eyehategod’s brand new album, after which both bands will tour the US for a full month, the trek also including Ringworm.

 Over recent weeks, multiple tracks from La Fin Absolue Du Monde have been released, including the newest single, “Balance Of Terror” at Pitchfork at THIS LOCATION, “New Life” via is at Lambgoat RIGHT HERE and “Prey” is playing at MetalSucks HERE.

La Fin Absolue Du Monde will see release via The Compound and Creator-Destructor Records on May 27th. Preorders are available via The Compound HERE, via Creator-Destructor HERE, and digital preorders are live HERE.

 Click HERE for tour dates.

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Enabler announced the impending release of their second full length “La Fin Absolue Du Monde” the other day and the artwork from Chris Smith of Gray Aria Design Studio (& a proud member of the Pitts, PA band’s Meth Quarry & Hindsight) has been revealed. Smith is a popular illustrator in the Pittsburgh scene and shares his thoughts on how he became involved in crafting the visual look and feel of the forthcoming Enabler release.

Chris Smith: I first saw Enabler 2 years ago here in Pittsburgh at Roboto with Cop Problem and Neon Warship. All three bands blew me away. I had already done some art and merch for Neon Warship at that point. Cop Problem was just bonkers – I met Josh (Cohen) their drummer, through a mutual friend who writes for Josh’s online entity – Blow The Scene. Enabler came on and completely floored me – they had a second guitarist and Andy Hurley behind the kit at that time. I went ahead and scooped up all their music and some merch as well. Enabler stopped back here for a stacked show with Tragedy headlining at The Shop last August – a day before I was to leave for my Adirondack vacation. The show was awesome and all the bands were great. Enabler had released All Hail The Void and Shift of Redemption earlier that year. After the show, Adam Thomas (No Time/Blood Pressure/ex-Heartless) was asking people if they had somewhere for Enabler to stay – so I told them I lived right down the street and they could stay over. We hung out at the house for the remainder of the evening and the next morning they were off to Philly. Jeff mentioned hitting me up for art for future Enabler endeavors before leaving.”

Click HERE for the rest of the story.

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Enabler announce 2nd full length “La Fin Absolue Du Monde”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, March 24, 2014 at 3:41 PM (PST)


Following recent broadcasts informing the public of ENABLER‘s deadly revamped lineup and impending East Coast tour, the Midwest-based trio now expose the details on their anticipated second full-length release, La Fin Absolue Du Monde. Translated from French to signify “the absolute end of the world,” the title of the new album is yet another of the band’s works inspired by filmmaker John Carpenter, in this case in referencing his movie, Cigarette Burns. La Fin Absolue Du Monde was tracked with Shane Hotchstetler at Howl Street Recordings in Milwaukee (Expire, Northless) and mixed by Steve Austin (Today Is The Day) at his Austin Enterprises, and packs the band’s most diverse material to date into a thirty-six minute battering with fourteen tracks.


ENABLER has partnered with several close allies to wage this new battle in a collaborative strike. Proudly going to war as part of the La Fin Absolue Du Monde campaign are San Francisco-based Creator-Destructor Records as well as NYC-area-based The Compound. Creator-Destructor has released titles from The Funeral Pyre, Gypsyhawk, Heartsounds, VYGR and others in addition to the vinyl version of ENABLER‘s 2012 debut LP, All Hail The Void, which came out on CD and digital platforms via Southern Lord. The Compound, the label faction of media/PR faction, The Earsplit Compound, unleashed ENABLER‘s rabid 2013 Flies EP and is currently unloading physical versions of new releases from Godhunter, Cop Problem, Die Choking and others. La Fin Absolue Du Monde will see killer deluxe CD and vinyl pressings and will see North American release on May 27th, just one day after ENABLER marks their debut invasion of the annual Maryland Deathfest.


Stated founding guitarist/vocalist and chief songwriter, Jeff Lohrber, on the current state of ENABLER: “This record is one of the proudest moments of my recording career. It’s a record made by a full band, and it sounds like a band playing. That is something that is lost in modern recording and is slowly becoming a thing of the past in the modern world of music. I feel alienated by it and I’m pissed about it. I recommend turning everything all the way up while listening to it.”


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Enabler secure new drummer, lock up tour dates to NEMHC

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 6:47 PM (PST)


Did you think “Sickened By The Wake” had the sickest intro you’ve heard in awhile? Can’t wait to smash your face into a beer can listening to it live? You are soon to be granted your innermost desire!

After several months off the grid, metallic punk radicals, ENABLER, now pledge full-on annihilation in 2014, today announcing their revamped lineup, a plethora of upcoming live actions, and the completion of their highly anticipated second LP. Faster and faster we turn into cancer!!!

Over the past two years, ENABLER has followed their massive Southern Lord debut LP, All Hail The Void LP, with widespread touring of North America, Europe and Australia, and unloaded both their four-song Shift Of Redemption EP via Think Fast! Records and six-song Flies EP via The Compound in 2013. Since the Autumn release of Flies, things with the band have been seemingly quiet on the public front, but the band has been working harder than ever behind-the-scenes, and now confirm that 2014 will be their most frantic and busy year yet, beginning with the announcement of their newest lineup. ENABLER officially confirms Ryan Steigerwald as their full-time drummer. Steigerwald previously hails from the Chicago band, The Ox King, in addition to having filled-in as Ringworm’s drummer for the past nine years, and now takes the throne as ENABLER’s first full-time skinsmasher since the departure of Fall Out Boy’s Andy Hurley in 2012.

Having already performed locally with the stripped-down new lineup — rounded out by bassist/vocalist Amanda Daniels and founding vocalist/guitarist Jeff Lohrber — ENABLER has also been secretly recording their latest material over the past few months, and just this week put the finishing touches on their second LP, which will see release later this year; detailed info will be available soon.

The band will tour harder than ever in 2014, the first major trek of the year now confirmed to embark on April 10th as the trio forges across the country on their way to rip shit up at the sixteenth annual New England Metal & Hardcore Festival in Worcester, Massachusetts on April 17th. On the opening evening of the gigantic festival, ENABLER will join The Compound labelmates, Philly’s d-beat activists, Cop Problem, as well as All That Remains, Bleeding Through, Broken Hope, Fallujah, Oceano, Scars of Tomorrow and others. From there, ENABLER and Cop Problem will share stages in four more cities (including a date with Meth Quarry!) before ENABLER forges homeward. Other standout spots on the tour include Skeletal Lightning Fest II in Champagne, Illinois, Forward Ohio Fest in Columbus and more.

Click HERE for more.

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Godhunter team with Ryan Butler and The Compound

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 1:25 AM (PST)


While brutalizing Tucson-based sludgecore quintet, GODHUNTER, has amassed a plethora of independent recordings since their late 2009 inception, including several split vinyl releases, and their 2011-released Wolves EP, City Of Dust marks the band’s first official LP. The band already bears an undeniable kinship to goliaths Noothgrush, Weedeater, Bongzilla and Sourvein, yet the sprawling pending LP shows the band exploring even more depth, with more sonically-destructive tones, more diverse, melodic song structures and even acoustic strings and gravelly, clean vocal segments atop the sun-baked bed of earthmoving roared vocals and gang chants. More than simply a collection of songs amassed for the purpose of releasing an album, City Of Dust presents a fully conceptual statement, lyrically delivering a political by-the-throat theme which unravels through the bitter finale. The album’s eight anthems engulf exactly fifty minutes of brand new material, recorded with trusted cohort Ryan Butler (Landmine Marathon, Unruh) at his Arcane Digital Studios (Exhumed, Misery Index), where GODHUNTER’s Wolves EP also came to fruition.

City Of Dust will be released cooperatively between the band’s own newly-founded Battleground Records and Earsplit PR’s also recently-formed label, The Compound. The first strike will see the album disbursed on CD digipak and digital download on February 18th, 2014, followed by a limited, deluxe 12” LP version shortly thereafter. The LP’s cover artwork was created by Tucson-based artist Rudy Flores, marking his return after handling the artwork for Wolves as well.

GODHUNTER will perform constantly and tour new areas of the country throughout all of 2014.

Click HERE to see the bitchin rad not to be fuckable with album art!

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