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Album Review: Sierra – “The Mirror”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, March 30, 2018 at 3:29 PM (PST)

In a time when there is a lot of sad news to report from the tragic death of underground rock bassist hero Caleb from Cave In in an auto wreck to the break up of Seven Sisters of Sleep over horrifying things (best of luck to the other guys who must be in awful shock), I am glad I can put out some positive words today that hopefully will cheer some of you up a tiny bit. The new Sierra record is really, really good. I know it is just music and not serious like the other things I mentioned above, but good art underscores the beauty and cool parts of life and music is literally the soundtrack to our lives. With that in mind, it is awesome that in 2018 when temptation could lead the creative type to make any kind of sounds they want to, that some dudes from Ontario still care enough about rock n roll to make a near perfect hard rock album. When anyone says ,”No new rock is as good as the great old stuff” I will go so far as to say you could play them The Mirror and they will at least look a little sheepish and admit it was pretty god damned awesome even if not made in the late 1970s.

I am a huge Kylesa fan so checked out and enjoyed most of the bands Phillip Cope has given his thumbs up to over the years. Phil and Laura always have recommended awesome crust, psych and retro rockin stonery stuff to others in the scene and Sierra was one of the coolest newer bands I learned about because of them. On The Mirror (which Cope produced), the band have made their strongest statement to date. If a feel good but emotionally nuanced blend of alternative hard rock, 70s influences and even a little prog and thrash somehow melted into one seamless cohesive sound works for you, you need to check this out.

From start of the mellow acoustic and synth intro song (which doesn’t sound like it but for some reason reminded me of Mr. Crowley, if only because I know Sierra love the Ozzman and have done a rippin’ “War Pigs” cover with effin’ Wino, no less) you will want to hear where this goes. The track name “Falling” suits the cover art -which would be a great companion piece to The Jesus Lizard’s DOWN album if the Sierra guy falling ever wants a falling pet dog for company. The song itself sounds huge, big and dominant with melodic undertones like the large sound of the recent Bask Ramble Beyond stuff- for example. The guitar playing and songwriting are mature and fun and while the vocals aren’t show boaty they always fit the tunes.

My favorite lyric is probably on the anthemic “Rainbow’s End”, which exclaims relatably that ,”If you don’t fit into this world, it’s because you’re supposed to change it.” What a positive update to Saint Vitus’ “Born Too Late” message of not fitting in, haha. Just kidding. But for real, it is motivating and the song makes you feel optimistic and want to do good for the people you value or a little old lady, while rocking out hard. “The Last Time” is kinda thrashy and the solos on the record rip. The instruments sound massive and clear but not overdoing it. “The Mirror” even has slow drums that come in with the dominance of Killswitch Engage’s “The End Of Heartache” but in a different metal sub genre. All in all this is just a truly solid and enjoyable time and you will likely play it again all the way through often.

I am really into it. What else can I say? Can’t find a single damn thing wrong with it so I am giving it 5 stars.

Niche release “When I’m Gone”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Friday, November 6, 2015 at 12:04 PM (PST)


Georgia metal band Niche have released “When I’m Gone”.

“When I’m Gone” comes from the band’s  album Heading East.

Heading East will be released via Retro Futurist.

Stream “When I’m Gone” here.



Put on Lazer/Wulf‘s latest LP The Beast Of Left And Right and you’ll be yanked into a world where possibility is the norm. This is not a band to sit around and let genre or uncertainty derail them from riffing on towards finding solutions. Very competent musicians, the Athens trio are poised to make a bigger impact on the scene via their new partnership with Kylesa’s Retro Futurist label.

Click here to read a chat with guitarist Bryan Aiken about the growth of the band, Metroid, Lady Gaga and Refused, among other topics.

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Album Review: Jagged Vision – Harvest Earth

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, March 28, 2014 at 3:33 PM (PST)


Jagged Vision from Norway are the latest band on Kylesa‘s new label and are definitely the most rough and tumble. Like your rock real dirty but don’t want to go near any of the punk n roll bands cuz they just aint metal enough? Jagged Vision are your solution. The group play “stoner hardcore”, which pretty much is the perfect form of music and fairly describes their mission to dominate the electric empire. Violent, fuzzed out and aggro but with a serious nod to rock n roll riffs and even a little Iron Maiden marching here and there. Vocalist Ole Urk Wik is the new favorite earth scorching vocalist on my short list of awesome front-dudes. The guy sounds like he is vomiting hot whiskey tumbler shards into your face from Purgatory.Seriously every song makes you want to forget your worries and just mosh it up aggro rock n roll style. This is great music to speed to or when you need a reminder that life is fucking intense and gone in the blink of any eye. Grab the moment!  I haven’t seen them live but if they are half as crazy as on record…look out.

The slow, Nausea heavy grim and ponderous intro of “No Peace” sets the tone for shove your neighbor while pumping the other fist tomfoolery. Think Kvelertak with more metalcore and less rock, but a near militaristic sense of purpose to the riffing. These guys are relentless. Shit just hammers you over the head like Motorhead and real early Kylesa on a deathtrip. While the music can be repetitive and the vocal approach never changes, the band
don’t ever get tiresome. There is just way to much punch packed onto this platter of rock. “Path Of Bones” and the punk rock intro of “Shadow’s Glide” could serve as the soundtrack to a bar fight on any good HBO show (or in real life). The Sword worthy power of “Trapped Forever”(with near Skeletonwitch vocal grim-ness) brings an old school heavy metal charge to bear on your last attempt at resistance before this band shovels the dirt on your inner wuss and you punch yourself in the forehead and scream as loud as you can. “Spiritual Invasion” features some of the best characteristic shouted Philip Cope (Kylesa) guest vocals this side of Time Will Fuse Its Worth, a tad more aggressive than he sounded on Ultraviolet (which is a good thing, even though I love that album). The song is mid paced and features big, swallow you whole chords that sweep you up like a tidal wave befroe black metal drums carry us into the final last blood gargling statements to squeeze out through Ole’s gritted teeth. By the time it is over, not only will you “Lose Control”, but you might have a new favorite band.

Stream the FULL fucking album HERE.

Album Review: Sierra – Pslip

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 3:10 PM (PST)


Sierra‘s debut for the Kylesa founded Retro Futurist records lives up to the great label name on this Phillip Cope produced LP. Looking both forward and back, Sierra aim to break on through (via bad ass power trio “go for it” faith) to the other side while still wearing influences on their sleeves. The band is great but vocalist/guitarist Jason Taylor steals the show. Taylor’s guitar playing is expansive and comforting stoner prog that makes you feel warm and fuzzy but want to rage. Every once in a blue moon on here there are even some riffs that sound like Quicksand smoked a bunch of reefer.

“Little Smoke” is the most Spirit Caravan sounding tune I have heard since that great Wino led band turned in The Last Embrace, while “Into Nothing” has a bulldozer Clutch meets Pentagram feel. Sounds cool? It is. Sierra also have a great logo and cool band name, but my only complaint is that the album art and the title Pslip don’t do the music or band justice. The record name reminds me of Phish (not ok), while the album art of a pupil-less girl looking like she is ready to hump just seems kinda teenage (though I loved the new Hammercult art, which is absurd. Guess I am a hypocrite).

I guess they couldn’t call the record Slip (Quicksand kinda covered that one already). These gripes aside, I have played this a LOT. I was lucky enough to buy a copy from the band themselves when they recently played St. Vitus Bar with Kylesa and had some tour copies prior to official release, so I’ve been waiting for the rest of the metal world to start to realize how cool this band is. I’ll give it 4 stars, with only the art and title preventing it from a higher rating, in my book. I wish track number 3 “Control Folly” was the title track of the record. THAT woulda been a cool ass record name.

If you want some brilliant live sounding rock performances with killer solos, great grooves and guitar that really takes you out of the mundane and into the void, this one is for you. Along with label-mates Darkentries and the new Sunn O)))/Ulver release, 2014 is already looking pretty darn boss.