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Dark yet fun distro/label/whatever ya wanna call ’em, Iron Bonehead Productions put out great shit all the time.  Cemetary Fog‘s Shadows From The Cemetery is a recent victory of below the radar, under the soil death. It’s one of those demo cassettes that begs repeat listens and never gets worse. Now the Finnish duo have a new 12″ mini-LP coming out called Towards The Gates that sounds equally enticing. This is seriously the coolest metal news I got all day. Look forward to hearing this band’s gnarly growth. Something real evil going on here.

August 1st has been set as the release date. From the press release:

In many ways, the CEMETERY FOG of now bear more than a passing resemblance to the early ’90s school of UK doom-death – crushing yet emotive, melodic yet sorrowful, deathly yet graceful – but with an eerie, mystical touch all their own. The band may still be young, but their confidence and ambition are wholly evident across the five tracks of Towards the Gates – and they’re just getting started

Click HERE for cover art and song titles.