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The Iron Maiden machine has gifted us with another future classic, the massive new song (and accompanying epic animated video) “The Writing On The Wall”. While I liked the band’s last few efforts, this single struck me as the most classic feeling number in awhile. No shade on The Book Of Souls or The Final Frontier intended, as both have plenty of rad moments like the galloping “Speed of Light” and larger than life, cinematic “Starblind”, to name two jams. But something about this new song just hit me like OLD Maiden. It is super easy to sing along with and has such an adventurous 80’s feel and a larger than life, grandiose video steeped in Maiden lore of (cough) Biblical proportions. I would kill for a whole record like this if the band has one more in them before the writing is, indeed, on the wall.

Bruce Dickinson conceived the video in conjunction with former Pixar executives Mark Andrews and Andrew Gordon. It was eventually produced with the London-based animation studio BlinkInk and does not fall short.

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RIP Martin Birch

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, August 10, 2020 at 1:24 PM (PST)

Famed British producer Martin Birch has passed away. Birch is known for his iconic work with Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple and more. His legacy is simply unfuckwithable.

Rising, Stormbringer, Mob Rules, the bulk of Maiden’s most important work, Birch had his hands in more classic albums than most people ever get to be a part of.

Pour one out for Martin today and thank him for all he did for us! Read some tributes HERE.

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The new Iron Maiden comic seems pretty darn legit

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 1:17 PM (PST)

Metalsucks ran a piece on the new Iron Maiden comic expanding on their recent video game. Read it HERE. Not much to add except this seems like a pretty fun idea and we will take any excise to post about Iron Maiden around here . My favorite variant cover is above.

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Nice recap of Book Of Souls Tour at Metal Insider

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Saturday, July 29, 2017 at 10:28 AM (PST)

Metal Insider published a nice recap of the importance of Maiden‘s recent The Book Of Souls Tour in the long and short run a few days ago. Check it out below.

The chapter ends on Iron Maiden’s ‘Book Of Souls’ tour

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From the opening Dickinsonian aged but truly  emphatic power yell to great riffs , tones and the dead lock rhythm section of Steve and Nicko, the new Iron Maiden song blazes by in a flash of nostalgia yet with the ever more present future doom  scaling sci fi visions on the edge of reality somewhere that Bruce provides (think last album’s epic title track).

Still, you feel the forward momentum as “Speed Of Light” bears down on you. It’s much more direct and packs a major punch. When I went to bed last night it had about 12,000 plays and now is over 600,000 not even 24 hours later. That is what I call heavy metal.

At the end of the day though, this is Nicko’s song. He pounds the living shit out of this number.

And did I mention I love the arcade games? Limited Santi Casas print for the song can be found HERE and will surely go as fast as the song title.

Check it BELOW.

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Iron Maiden announce “The Book Of Souls”

Posted by Metal Riot on Thursday, June 18, 2015 at 11:14 AM (PST)


IRON MAIDEN’s eagerly awaited new studio album The Book Of Souls will be released globally on 4th September through Parlophone Records (Sanctuary Copyrights/BMG in the U.S.A.). It was recorded in Paris with their longstanding producer Kevin “Caveman” Shirley in late 2014, with the finishing touches added earlier this year.  However, the band decided to delay its release so that vocalist Bruce Dickinson, who was recently given the all-clear from a tumour, would have time to recuperate sufficiently to join in the preparations for the album’s launch.


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Bruce Dickinson undergoes cancer treatment

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, February 19, 2015 at 8:20 AM (PST)


It will always be debated whether Iron Maiden or Sabbath is the best heavy metal band of all time. Their legacy is secure and even more than that, the band still thrives. My father just died of cancer a few weeks ago and I found the song “The Final Frontier” to be inspiring lyrically and was just listening to it to cheer myself up the other day. Now we get the news Bruce himself is undergoing treatment, yet another reason to say #fuckcancer

posted by Maiden camp:


Just before Christmas, Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson visited his doctor for a routine check-up. This led to tests and biopsies which revealed a small cancerous tumour at the back of his tongue. A seven week course of chemotherapy and radiology treatment was completed yesterday. As the tumour was caught in the early stages, the prognosis thankfully is extremely good. Bruce’s medical team fully expect him to make a complete recovery with the all clear envisaged by late May. It will then take a further few months for Bruce to get back to full fitness. In the meantime we would ask for your patience, understanding and respect for Bruce and his family’s privacy until we update everyone by the end of May. Bruce is doing very well considering the circumstances and the whole team are very positive.

Up the irons, Bruce. Here’s hoping you’ll be flying the plane again and singing for us all soon.

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Pumpkins to perform with Brad Wilk and Mark Stoermer

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 7:04 AM (PST)


I am a huge Smashing Pumpkins fan ever since years ago when my dad came back from Tower Records in NYC and gave me a copy of Siamese Dream and the mighty Core by Stone Temple Pilots ‘cuz he thought they seemed like my cup of tea. SP changed the way I heard rock music and though they are not metal by any stretch “Frail And Bedazzled” from Pisces Iscariot (at times my fave SP record) is as exciting a rock song with great guitar work as you can find anywhere. Zeitgeist also was super fucking underrated when it came out, Billy’s darkest record and a thrilling big chord rock ride with few frills.

Anyway, in addition to showing it is ok to have a sensitive side and being a big wrestling fan, the reason Billy Corgan is being mentioned on Metal Riot today is that Brad Wilk from Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave and recent Black Sabbath fame  is one of two special…ahh, just read the darn press release:

In support of their eighth studio album Monuments to an Elegy , available December 9, The Smashing Pumpkins will play a series of special shows in select cities around the globe, and we’re proud to announce that Webster Hall is one of them. These performances will feature a special lineup which will include Brad Wilk (Rage Against The Machine) on drums and Mark Stoermer (The Killers) on bass joining The Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan and Jeff Schroeder. “We’re absolutely thrilled and humbled to have Brad and Mark helping us out with these shows,” said Corgan “and if our rehearsals are any indication they should be one-of-a-kind.” Webster Hall tickets go on sale November 19th at 12pm EST via Ticketweb.

The SP camp also released a new song recently with Tommy Lee on drums. I guess Billy wasn’t kidding when he recently said he kind of understands Axl Rose and his Chinese Democracy approach. Hey, it’s all good with me. He always grabs good talent (I liked that Mike Byrne guy’s playign a lot, though it was more spare than Jimmy Chamberlin’s untouchable busy ass skill. What happened to that Matt dude?). I’ll always prefer the classic line-up, but things should look interesting for the near SP future (Hey Billy, if you need a candidate I suggest Nate Kelley who played two songs on the first Coheed record and was in Shabutie 6 years before that, a time when Claudio Sanchez and Nate were huge disciples of you and Chamberlin. I can wish, right?)…

To be continued.

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Iron Maiden show in London sells out in 12 minutes, second show added

Posted by GageT on Friday, June 28, 2013 at 8:54 AM (PST)

Iron MaidenIron Maiden’s show at the O2 Arena in London on August 3 sold out in 12 minutes a while back, resulting in ticket scalpers reselling those tickets anywhere from $500-$1000. Since Maiden is made of cool dudes, the band decided to just do another show the night after.

Vocalist Bruce Dickinson had this to say:

We’ve all been having such a fantastic time on this tour. From the very first show in North America last year to the European dates we are doing now, it’s just been tremendous fun. Our fans have been brilliant as usual, and seem to be loving the setlist and the stage production! So we thought that because this tour has been such an amazing experience for band and fans alike, it somehow seems right to finish up back home in England and have the final show celebration on home turf. And now instead of one night’s celebration back home, we get to have two!!

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Only five more years to see Iron Maiden live as many times as humanly possible

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 8:27 AM (PST)

Iron MaidenThey say all good things must come to an end, but why this???  It looks like Iron Maiden bass player Steve Harris has been quoted as saying that the band probably only has another five good years until they hang it up.  While it’s understandable what he’s saying about getting older and not wanting to sell the fans short, I think everyone is missing the important question that this whole thing is raising.  AREN’T THE MEMBERS OF IRON MAIDEN IMMORTAL?!?!  What’s next, Manowar are mere flesh and blood?  The world is coming apart at the seams people.

If you think you can do it without crying and would like to read the entire quote from Harris you can do so by clicking here.

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Just when you thought he couldn’t get any cooler, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson goes and creates 1,000 or so jobs in the next 18 months.  We reported a while back how Bruce had recently started his own aviation maintenance company called Cardiff Aviation Ltd. in Wales.  Well, in this video he takes us on a full tour of the facility, and it seems like he really has his shit together. (was there ever any doubt?)

Just to warn you, Bruce is in a suit the whole time so it’s a little weird.  To watch the video tour and read some quotes from the man himself click here.

Bruce is leasing the Twin Peaks Hangar at St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan in Wales, United Kingdom from the Welsch government (radioactive isotopes and all) and will help maintain airliners and other large aircraft for major and independent airlines. It will also have facilities to complete the full range of ancillary aircraft maintenance and training activities and has the expertise and approvals to certify aircraft from many jurisdictions, including the USA.

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East Coast heavy metallers, Adrenaline Mob, have released the music video for their song “Indifferent” off their debut album “Omertá.” This is the first official music video ever made by the band. Adrenaline Mob has also announce European tour dates for the summer. The tour will last from June 8th through July 8th as the band plays in thirteen different countries.

To check out the music click and the tour schedule, click here.

“Omertá” was released in March 2012 through Elm City Music in North America and Century Media in Europe.

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Is there anything that Bruce Dickinson doesn’t do??? We all know that he flies planes, is an awesome fencer, and is a huge submarine enthusiast, and oh yeah, and he sings for Iron Maiden dammit!  But who saw him opening his own aviation maintenance business?  I guess it makes sense since he is a pilot, so Bruce has decided to start up Cardiff Aviation ltd.

Bruce is leasing the Twin Peaks Hangar at St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan in Wales, United Kingdom from the Welsch government and will help maintain airliners and other large aircraft for major and independent airlines. It will also have facilities to complete the full range of ancillary aircraft maintenance and training activities and has the expertise and approvals to certify aircraft from many jurisdictions, including the USA.

Wow Bruce, wow.

To read the official quotes about the project from the man himself click here.

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Iron Maiden release trailer for upcoming “Behind the Beast” documentary

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 8:58 AM (PST)

In anticipation of next week’s release of their epic concert/documentary DVD set called En Vivo!, the one and only Iron Maiden have released the trailer for the documentary section of the DVD entitled Behind the Beast. The trailer can be seen right here.

En Vivo! is a collection of live footage taken April 10, 2011 in front of over 50,000 people at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago and a documentary about the world tour that show was a part of.  It is being released March 26, 2012 through EMI and more details and statements from the band can be found right here.

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Paul Di’Anno and Blaze Bayley, two former singers of the mighty Iron Maiden have been touring Russia together since February 22 and made a stop in Moscow this past Sunday.  Some fan filmed video have shown up on Youtube and although the sound is low quality they are worth a watch.  They can be seen here along with a short press conference.

Paul originally fronted the band when they first became popular in 1978 through 1981. He was eventually fired for allegedly being a huge coke head and an alcoholic to the point of missing shows.  Paul denies it all and has been on tons of albums since leaving the band while continuing to release music to this day.

Blaze replaced Bruce Dickinson in 1994 as Bruce embarked on his solo career and was eventually asked to leave because he couldn’t sing good enough for Maiden.  He also denies these charges and claims that they asked him to perform songs outside of his natural vocal register.

Bruce Dickinson later rejoined the band and has gone on to do things such as fly the band around in their own personal jet and hang out on a nuclear submarine.  More or less all has become well with the world.

There is a lot of history with this band and they are currently about to release a DVD set called En Vivo! on March 26, 2012 that you can read more about here.

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