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Swedish death metallers Bastard Grave are preparing to release their newest album Diorama Of Human Suffering via Pulverised Records.

The album, which will be the band’s sophomore effort, is due out on August 16.

Diorama of Human Suffering was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ulf Blomberg (Crawl, Age Of Woe, Inevitable End, etc) and features an artwork by Australian artist Stewart Cole (Contaminated, Noisem, Scorched, etc).

Check out the title track, the track listing and the album art here.

Vanhelgd stream new song “Where All Flesh Is Soil”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at 4:56 PM (PST)


Swedish death metallers Vanhelgd are streaming their new song “Where All Flesh Is Soil” from their forthcoming monstrosity Relics of Sulphur Salvation.

Relics of Sulphur Salvation will drop on May 26 around the world (Pulverised) and on May 27 in North America (20 Buck Spin).

Check out the video for “Where All Flesh Is Soil” as well as the Relics of Sulphur Salvation track list here.

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Impiety take a really metal picture

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 1:17 AM (PST)


Impiety posted this shot on their Facebook and it is extremely metal. That is all.

Funeral Pyres Upon Bangalore, INDIA – Feb 2014

Photo by Sandesh Shenoy

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Denial signs with Pulverised Records

Posted by longhairedpoet on Thursday, July 18, 2013 at 12:29 PM (PST)

Denial Mexican death metallers Denial have inked a deal with Pulverised Records.

Denial is currently working on two tracks for a 7″ EP.

Check out comments about the signing from the band and the label here.

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Quest Of Aidance coverSwedish deathgrinders Quest of Aidance decided to drop a bunch of information about their new album today, entitled Misanthropic Propaganda. The release date is still TBA, but we know it’ll be out via Pulverised Records. The album artwork was done by Pär Olofsson (known for work for bands like Immolation and Malevolent Creation).

You can check out the full tracklisting and the music video for new album track “Aryx” here.

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New Music: Skineater – “Dismantling”

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 7:22 AM (PST)

Swedish death metal group Skineater have released a new single called “Dismantling.”  The song is the second they have released and comes from their debut album Dermal Harvest which is due out later on this year via Pulverised Records.

To listen to “Dismantling” along with the first single called “Your Life Is Mine” click here.

Skineater worked with Pelle Saether at Studio Underground (Carnal Forge, Amaran, Manegarm)in order to record, mix, and master Dermal Harvest.  Album cover artwork was designed and conceptualized by Matthias Björkbacka.

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New Music: Fastkill – “Die In The Pentagram”

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 6:13 AM (PST)

Japanese speed thrash freaks Fastkill are streaming the single “Die In The Pentagram from their latest release Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer.

To check out the new song click here.

Fastkill have been around since 1996 and have released 5 albums in Japan.  They recently teamed up with Pulverised Records for a European and North American distribution deal to unleash their Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer of metal on the masses.

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New Music: HeXen – “Stream of Unconsciousness”

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 5:44 AM (PST)

Los Angeles progressive thrash band HeXen have released a single from their upcoming July 17, 2012 Pulverised Records release.  The song is called “Stream of Unconsciousness” and will be found on the album Being And Nothingness.  Every aspect of this album haw handled by producer Rich Bruce of Vivid Tone Recording Studio in Springfield, Missouri.

To check out “Stream of Unconsciousness” for yourself click here.

This will be HeXen’s second full length release and the follow up to State of Insurgency.  The band recently commented on the album:

“We are completely stoked for this long worked on; long awaited second release and we can’t wait to showcase this opus live to all our fans. Unlearn what you have learned about metal!”

For more info on the album click here.

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Swedish death metallers, Bombs Of Hades, has released the cover art and track list for their upcoming album “The Serpent’s Redemption.” The cover art was done by the Polish artist Rafal Kruszyk and the album will feature eight new tracks.

To check out the cover art and track list click here.

The new album is expected to be released later in 2012 through Pulverised Records.

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Singapore’s own blackened death warbeast Impiety have announced the release of their 8th studio album called Ravage & Conquer.  It will be released April 2, 2012 in Europe and May 8, 2012 in the states on Pulverised Records.

The album was reportedly written, recorded, mixed and mastered in two weeks time, and the album artwork was done by Thai graphic illustrator Lord Sickness (Sabbat, Witchaven, Zygoatsis, etc).

You can see a statement from Pulverised records along with the track list and larger artwork here.

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Pulverised Records signs Japan’s Fastkill

Posted by mattevans on Friday, February 24, 2012 at 7:41 AM (PST)

Extreme Metal label, Pulverised Records has announced the signing of Japan’s Fastkill.  Fastkill, already having five releases under their belts, are no strangers to the metal scene.  Pulverised will be distributing the bands latest album, Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer in North America and Europe.

Pulverised had the following to say: “Having known Fastkill for years but never had the opportunity to work with them, we are especially overwhelmed to finally be able to release their latest musical violence Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer in almost five years since the Nuclear Thashing Attack album. We always felt that this form of no-frills and breakneck speed Thrash Metal are one of Fastkill’s traits and now with this latest opus from the band, this is the perfect time to show the world how real Thrash Metal should be done – the Fastkill way!”

Fastkill drummer Kazu replied, “We’re really glad to team up with Pulverised Records since we have respected their professional work with bands like Whiplash, Master, etc. We are quite confident that their special team will lead us to the next level. As for the new album, we have pushed further ahead what we have produced so far. In this album, you will hear the sound of furiously speed-oriented raging Thrash Metal.”

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Thrash Art: HeXen open up about new album

Posted by NichTheHair on Monday, February 13, 2012 at 4:04 PM (PST)

Los Angeles-based melodic thrash metallers HeXen have sent a few text messages officially announced their new album, Being and Nothingness. What’s that? Haven’t heard of HeXan? Because I’m a nice guy, I included a wee video on the next page of some well weilded melo-thrash that I thoroughly enjoyed. Normally, I’m not a thrash guy, which this predominantly is. However, these guys really exploit the opportunity to take their song structure to the next level and push the envelope further into their capabilities.

Sooooo…their new album from Pulverised Records has been described to be one that is poised to separate them from the mill, not just another novelty. The track listing for Being and Nothingness looks brave, they are taking on an eight part nocturne suite.  It has been four years since they released their debut, State of Insurgency.

HeXen commented saying:

“We are completely stoked for this long worked on; long awaited second release and we can’t wait to showcase this opus live to all our fans. Unlearn what you have learned about metal!”

I like that. “Unlearn what you have learned about metal!”

Click here for a good shot at the hand-painted art for Being and Nothingness and track listing.

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Master announce new album “The New Elite”

Posted by jessepac on Thursday, February 2, 2012 at 1:37 PM (PST)

master band photoAfter 2010’s The Human Machine, Master has been in high demand to put out another album and today the band has announced The New Elite as their follow-up. Featuring “11 tracks of unambiguous death metal in its wretched form, in perfect coalition with the offensive Paul Speckmann-spewed lyrical shitstorm,” the album brings many political issues to light when Pulverised Records releases it later this year.

Commented mainman Paul Speckmann: “The rich are getting richer and the poor are starving on the streets all around the world while men battle each other for world dominance! Governments are grabbing the world by the balls and dictating the new rules of the soon-to-be New Elite, while the youth of today just sit down and take it. I really wonder if and when the youth of today will take a stand against these crazy fucked-up ruthless world leaders.”

Click here for the album cover and track listing!

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Enshadowed sign to Pulverised Records

Posted by jessepac on Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 2:15 PM (PST)

Pulverised Records has announced the addition of Greek black metallers Enshadowed to their steel stable.

Enshadowed are geared up to release their third album, Magic Chaos Psychedelia. Septicflesh‘s Fotis Benardo handled the engineering duties.

Commented guitarist N.e.c.r.o: “This is the right step for us! Magic Chaos Psychedelia is the most important album for the band yet. It’s an honor for Enshadowed to join Pulverised Records.”

“This album is a very personal for us. Fotis Benardo of Septicflesh was behind the sound engineering. We spent many hours creating the best sound quality for the recording and mix. Now Pulverised Records is ready to spread our sick spiritual creations. Give yourself the chance to taste the blood of chaos and a magical psy-trip…”

Click here for the track listing and some samples of the new album!

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Experimental black metal heads Enshadowed have completed the fine tunings of a deal with Pulverised Records. The label will be releasing Enshadowed’s third release Magic Chaos Psychedelia later on this year.

The band has described the album as, “the ultimate combination of orthodox black metal with experimental grotesquery parts. Chaos, ritualism, paranoia — the formulas of how it can be harmonized with the chaos and the utter,” according to a press release.

Click here for more comments from the guitarist and a track listing off the new album.

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