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Just watched the awesome first episode of Legion and am now web diddling in pajamas (that isn’t what it sounds like) whilst listening to Demon Lung’s A Dracula and wishing they had a new release soon. What do I spy in my emails? Some great news to share with you rage-o-holics. First, let me thank you for reading us over here in Metal Riot land. Whether every day or once in awhile or this is your MRiot cherry popping and you will never come back, thank you. Writing about and debating metal keeps some of us alive through the shitty parade of mandatory holidays that society crams down our throats, while completely burying cool ones like Saturnalia and National Plum Pudding Day (allegedly that is Feb. 12th and I missed it, who knew?).

Anyway, metal news! Blackened thrashers ALL HELL will release a record on Prosthetic later this year. Scant details are available at this time, but we can share that the North Carolina act’s latest is called The Grave Alchemist and sports some sexy kinda campy but still cool vampire art!

Tracklisting BELOW.

Venom Prison announced as direct support for Suicide Silence

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 2:19 PM (PST)


One of our current top favorites Venom Prison have been announced as direct support for Suicide Silence on an upcoming brief UK run. This reflects well on Suicide Silence. Honestly, Venom Prison are on fire right now and while Suicide Silence are great live…well, Venom Prison are hungry and out to take heads right now. If the sound guy doesn’t duck down the levels of the opener like in many wussy tour packages, there is actually a risk Venom Prison could hand Suicide Silence their ass a little bit (except of course the crowd will favor the band they know better). Still, I love when headliners are down with not having shit openers to make themselves look better and I would skip across the pond not to see these dates (and to escape “Agent Orange”) lickety split if I could.

Whether you like what some have dubbed “Kornicide Silence” or not, these shows will be dope.

The early days of Suicide Silence pushed us into wider ranges of heavier music and diversified our influences, there is no doubt that Suicide Silence are an influential and phenomenal live band to this day” remarked VENOM PRISON.

Extreme music is an impressively broad spectrum, and if anything, fans are deprived of the opportunity to explore and diversify their tastes in the same way that we did, due to increasingly tight and niche sub-genres. This tour provides an opportunity to spread our debut full length ‘Animus’ to yet another audience and it allows those fans to embrace a newer band like Venom Prison, with whom they may not yet be familiar.”


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British death metal powerhouse VENOM PRISON are excited to share their new video for “Corrode The Black Sun”, based on World War 2, exclusively via Metal Hammer UK HERE.


Taken from their debut album Animus, the video depicts the band playing in an abandoned house while a woman peels her skin away. “The idea behind the is about tearing away and shedding skin to become a new and better person,” explains vocalist Larissa Stupar. “I was always fascinated with the fact that the Nazis were able to kill over six million people with the use of stationary facilities built exclusively for the purpose of mass extermination, while a whole nation categorically denied knowledge of the atrocities that were committed.”


“Growing up in Germany, I have learned that people have trouble recognising that every cog and social issue had a part to play to some extent. It is a difficult reconciliation with the concept of collective guilt, but closing our eyes to the hands of psychopaths committing horrific mass crimes makes all of us responsible,” says Stupar. “The ideals of fascism have been part of human history throughout. You see the same kind of lunatics marching with torches through German streets, the KKK is still performing their idiotic rituals yet the world still chooses to close its eyes while hate crimes are being committed.”

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Pre Order the new Hour Of Penance album, hear angry new track

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Friday, November 25, 2016 at 4:20 PM (PST)


“XXI Century Imperial Crusade” is the first taste of Cast The First Stone, the looming album from death metal force Hour Of Penance. It was revealed through Prosthetic Records via the Italian band’s Bandcamp page HERE. Pre orders are live and the album drops January 27th in full. If the rest of the songs are half as good as this first marshall cry, we are in for a bruiser.


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Starkill reveal “Through The Darkness” via New Noise

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 1:36 PM (PST)


Starkill return this year with Shadow Sleep (Pre Order HERE), a well crafted new chapter in the band’s spectacular symphonic melodeath journey. Catch a new lyric video for “Through The Darkness” via our friend’s at New Noise (USA) HERE.

The album releases Nov. 4th and is eagerly anticipated by many fans of the more grandiose end of the heavy spectrum. The new song features the addition of Sarah Lynn Collier.

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Spellcaster announce west coast fall tour dates

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 3:41 PM (PST)

Portland traditional heavy metal outfit Spellcaster have announced a series of headlining shows along the West Coast this Fall en route to their upcoming performance at California’s Frost & Fire II Festival featuring Cirith Ungol, Midnight, Omen and many more. Spellcaster will be joined by Pittsburgh NWOBHM act Midnight Chaser on select dates leading up to the festival in addition to one-off shows with Kataklysm, Visigoth, Hellchamber and Iron Kingdom.

Bassist Gabe Franco commented:

“We’re really looking forward to hitting the road again. We will be playing cities we have not hit in years and with MIDNIGHT CHASER no less. To top it all off we will be appearing at Frost & Fire Fest II in Ventura, CA with a multitude of killer bands old and new. See you all soon!”

Midnight Chaser vocalist Josh Rodstein also chimed in stating:

“Midnight Chaser is stoked to announce five West coast dates leading up to Frost and Fire Fest II with our pals and old Heavy Artillery label mates, Spellcaster!!! Don’t miss our triumphant return to the west coast. Bring your moms! Let’s Party!”

Check out the full list of dates here.

Reaping Asmodeia on tour

Posted by longhairedpoet on Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 6:44 PM (PST)


Minneapolis tech-death metallists’ Reaping Asmodeia will take a break from mixing their upcoming sophomore album “Impuritize” (due out later this fall) to rally crowds across the North East United States on a headlining summer tour. Catch them at one of the below dates to hear new music!

Check out the latest Reaping Asmodeia track here.

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Spirit Adrift releases “Psychic Tide”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 6:31 PM (PST)


Phoenix doom metallers Spirit Adrift released their newest song, “Psychic Tide”, on Monday.

This near-ten minute offering is equal parts music video and short film. It’s well worth the watch.

“Psychic Tide” is the newest track from Chained to Oblivion which was released on August 12 via Prosthetic Records.

Check out “Psychic Tide” here.

Venom Prison “Abysmal Agony”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 5:40 PM (PST)


UK death metallers Venom Prison have released their latest song “Abysmal Agony” on Thursday.

“Abysmal Agony” comes off the album Animus, which will be released on October 14 via Prosthetic Records.

Venom Prison is from South Wales and was started in last year.

Listen to “Abysmal Agony” and break-yer-neck here.

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Trap Them premiere new rager at CVLT Nation, to tour with Yautja

Posted by Metal Riot on Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 12:08 PM (PST)


Hardcore outfit TRAP THEM are excited to unleash a punishing new track taken from their upcoming release “Crown Feral” due out via PROSTHETIC RECORDS worldwide on September 23. Lauded as “a perfect example of how venomous Trap Them can be”, CVLT Nation are hosting the exclusive premiere of the video for “Luster Pendulums” here: or streaming below.

Guitarist Brian Izzi commented, “We wrote this song as a nod to mid 90s era Carcass, Grave, & Napalm Death mixed with the usual Trap Them intensity. The artwork for the video is inspired by those old Nihilist demo covers and was cleverly drawn earlier this year by Mattias Frisk. Enjoy!

Pre order info + Tour dates with Yautja (who I was just thinking of the other day while drinking alone watching Alien V. Predator) are below.

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Album Review: Skeletonwitch – “The Apothic Gloom EP”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, August 4, 2016 at 11:41 AM (PST)


Don’t throw yourself into a “Well Of Despair”, Skeletonwitch are back with The Apothic Gloom . In fact, you can instead throw yourself into a pit while the ready made for flying elbows “Well Of Despair” undoubtedly blasts from a stage near you soon.

The extra high rating here is due to the band bucking the odds and starting anew in the face of doubters while also delivering the hard task of making an EP that is vital and full enough it will bear many a repeat listening.

Opening with the cold acoustic guitar intro of the title track which wouldn’t sound out of place on a medieval version of some strange Nine Inch Nails/Elliot Smith collaboration, maximum attention capturing moodiness is pursued by big dueling guitars. Finally a truly heroic and vintage sounding Witch pure heavy metal series of riffs open up and the vocal era of Adam Clemans (Wolvhammer, Veil Of Maya) era properly begins.

As a big Wolvhammer fan, the extra pressure here has only made Clemans deliver even more strongly. 2:28 onward of “Well of Despair” (after Clemans’ epic grunt), you can rage to some pit starting shit that’d even give Goatwhore a run for their  money  if you don’t believe me.

Fans of older Skeletonwitch will be pleased that the qualities you often loved remain strong, while the epic closer “Red Death, White Light” and certain moments of the title track here take them to even more blackened shores than their thrashy history. This is a fusion of the past with an ever darkening yet bright future.

“Black Waters” is my favorite here, a marching and fist pumping riff that demands neck movement charges in with melodeath confidence and Clemans roars like a tormented titan that “all light is gone from the sky” (I think). The band before were evil and teeth gnashing while simultaneously feeling a little bit fun at times, but now things just feel even more undead and the technical brilliance paired with actually memorable riffs remains as sharp as ever. If anything the EP writing is kind of epic and I wonder if they will scale back a bit on the next full length and write shorter singles. In the meantime, “Black Waters” certainly will also appeal to shred heads with a gorgeous widdly widdly solo over some charged up chordal grimness.

It’s vindicating to know that the band responsible for such modern classics as Beyond The Permafrost and Serpent’s Unleashed is not going quietly into the night even after a substantial lineup shift.

This IS metal. 




Song of the week is Spellcaster‘s 80′s inspired, glorious “Night Hides The World”. This is like a lost Whitesnake anthem complete with keys, big spacious verses and a smokey video. If the intro riff doesn’t give you an odd nostalgic feeling all while pumping your fist to a new song, I dunno what to tell ya. Great rock song and stands out from many bands out right now with a sincere appreciation for some of heavy metal’s most ambitious days.

Purchase info below.


“Form and Force”, the first song you can peruse from Spirit Adrift‘s pending full length Chained To Oblivion, is now streaming along with pre order options HERE. The first song has a very melodic kind of big Baroness warmth and classic guitar harmonizing along with a black treacle tempo before opening up to a kind of watery mid section and crashing down for a powerful solo/finale. Looks like the effort is five songs, but they are all likely to be pretty long each and of themselves.

Chained To Oblivion is out in early August. Read an interview HERE on the prior 2 song.

Family premieres “Day Vision”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Saturday, June 25, 2016 at 9:13 AM (PST)


Brooklyn, NY progressive metallers Family have premiered their latest song “Day Vision”.

“Day Vision” comes off the band’s forthcoming album Future History which will be released on July 15 via Prosthetic Records!

Check out “Day Vision” here.

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Like many a metal fan, I thought flagship Prosthetic Records band  Skeletonwitch were goners after Chance Garnette was out. There were some big shoes to fill, but the band smartly soldiered on and have been rewarded for their metal pluck with the addition of great fit Adam Clemans from one of my very favorite modern black metal bands Wolvhammer. So I was def gonna give them a …um, chance (awkward). But yeah, Adam has one of my favorite growls and it suits the somewhat more blackened direction the group seems to be heading on new EP The Apothic Gloom. Check out the seven-minute “Red Death, White Light,” which is now available for instant download along with any digital pre-order of The Apothic Gloom. The Kevin Bernstein produced track crackles and seethes, retaining attention with ease despite being on the longer side.

YouTube Preview Image

Pre order info and more BELOW.

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