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Daybreak Embrace release “The Moment” video

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 5:20 PM (PST)


Hard rockers Daybreak Embrace have released a melodic, drifting ballad perfect for long and introspective drives. It is pretty much live footage and while the video is good (and shows a big crowd from Woodstock Poland 2016!), you sort of get pulled in more by the song itself, which sounds like an unwritten radio hit that you know but have never heard before. That is a compliment. While it is straight up hard rock it is well written and by no means am I implying it is a drag. It’s a cool song and you find yourself singing along or replaying it in short order. It isn’t easy for the song to overshadow visuals often, as the eye distracts.

Since Velvet Revolver and Scott parted ways, there haven’t been too many bands doing this kind of stuff well (Killcode and Chevelle come to mind as exceptions). Styles and time change. But cool to know some bands are still pulling it off well.

“The Moment” is a tribute to the fans and family gained on a cross-continent journey full of love, life and loud music.” – Kenny Figueroa (Guitar)

“We realize that we are living dreams right now because of your love and support.” – Ryan “Fry” Dorries (Bass)

Buy “The Moment” on iTunes


British death metal powerhouse VENOM PRISON are excited to share their new video for “Corrode The Black Sun”, based on World War 2, exclusively via Metal Hammer UK HERE.


Taken from their debut album Animus, the video depicts the band playing in an abandoned house while a woman peels her skin away. “The idea behind the is about tearing away and shedding skin to become a new and better person,” explains vocalist Larissa Stupar. “I was always fascinated with the fact that the Nazis were able to kill over six million people with the use of stationary facilities built exclusively for the purpose of mass extermination, while a whole nation categorically denied knowledge of the atrocities that were committed.”


“Growing up in Germany, I have learned that people have trouble recognising that every cog and social issue had a part to play to some extent. It is a difficult reconciliation with the concept of collective guilt, but closing our eyes to the hands of psychopaths committing horrific mass crimes makes all of us responsible,” says Stupar. “The ideals of fascism have been part of human history throughout. You see the same kind of lunatics marching with torches through German streets, the KKK is still performing their idiotic rituals yet the world still chooses to close its eyes while hate crimes are being committed.”

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Imperial Triumphant release video for “Breath Of Innocence”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 1:36 PM (PST)


I swear, Imperial Triumphant sometimes make me think of Psyopus playing black metal on acid. Just really left of field, disturbingly addictive weird shit that also has numerous DM signifiers sprinkled amidst the hallucinatory caves of the subconscious wherein these masked geniuses scamper and contemplate quarks. The NYC outfit have been growing in popularity on their own terms and the Inceste EP was very well regarded, for good reason, in extreme circles.

They seem to be headed into more of an experimental death metal direction, sort of like Gorguts-worthy post-apocalypse or current dystopia type stuff rather than, say, Lightning Swords Of Death. Whatever you call it, it works.

Now the band have premiered a video for “Breath Of Innocence”, the closing track from their recent EP which has an ending part I am particularly fond of that almost sounds like a jazz version of being mauled in dark, turning gears. The band are rumored to be working on an Abyssal Gods follow up as well!

The new video was crafted by director Brendan McGowan, who played the lead in last year’s “Square Hammer” video from perennial favorites Ghost. Watch “Breath Of Innocence” HERE.

This is literally the only thing that can banish the horror of our “President” tweeting about Easy D and Nordstrom right now.


Circuit Of Suns premiere “Purge/Replace/Repeat”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 4:58 PM (PST)


CIRCUIT OF SUNS have teamed up with Lambgoat to premiere the music video for their new song “Purge/Replace/Repeat“. The video can be viewed RIGHT HERE.

Directed by Alex Kouvatsos (Chasing Safety), the music video also features The Last Ten Seconds of Life vocalist John Robert Centorrino as the lead character.

This song sonically and lyrically is a reflection of what’s going on inside all of our outer and inner worlds, individually and collectively, with the mania that ensues.” stated vocalist Mo Kofuma.

Added drummer Mike Ranne Jr. (also of Through The Eyes of the Dead) “Purge/Replace/Repeat was a track written to showcase the band’s technical side. We tried to pull off something different while still retaining what we always do.

Purge/Replace/Repeat” was produced and mixed by Shane Frisby (Unearth, The Ghost Inside, Bury Your Dead), who the band also teamed up with for the track “Queen Bottom Feeder“, which was released via lyric video in October 2016.

CIRCUIT OF SUNS will be hitting the road with Aegaeon and By The Thousands for a string of dates in February, confirmed shows are BELOW.

Suicide Silence and people doing whatever the fuck they want

Posted by longhairedpoet on Friday, February 3, 2017 at 8:36 PM (PST)

Suicide Silence cover

Suicide Silence have recorded a new album that is going to come out on February 24 via Nuclear Blast. It will be the band’s Nuclear Blast sophomore effort, and the second album with Eddie Hermida on vocals.

And people, like they like to do, are losing their ever-loving minds!

Wikipedia (the highest of sources) is officially labeling the self-titled album as a Nu Metal and Deathcore album. Not that it’s some Nu-Deathcore hybrid, but more that it contains elements of each genre.

And for you metal historians playing along at home, it would be easy to close the door on the Century Media Records chapter of Suicide Silence’s history (just like there was a Demo/EP/Third Degree chapter). What we get to argue about for no other reason then we gain some sick pleasure from it is where You Can’t Stop Me fits. For my money, just give it it’s own chapter and not make it complicated.

Now I’ve already pre-ordered my copy of Suicide Silence. I’ve been a Suicide Silence fan since like 2010 or 2011, so I figure I’ll stay around for a while.

This isn’t about whether or not I like “Doris” and “Silence”. Frankly, I don’t think it’s about if any of us “fans” (and oh so fair-weather some of you seem to be) do or don’t like “Doris” and “Silence”. A group of artists got together and made art that makes sense to them and for them. They put their heart and soul in to it, they did what they wanted to do.

We can all sit back, spinning The Cleansing and Hate, Malice, Revenge and pontificate all we want about the influence of the producer, the influence of the scene, the influence of X, Y, Z. Surely somewhere someone will bandy about phrases like “sellout” until it loses all meaning. Because the fact of the matter is that Suicide Silence isn’t selling out by making art they want to make and releasing it through an independent label we all fucking know and love. The easiest thing to do is be a critic. The Cleansing meant enough to me that I probably spent the only $20 bucks I had on it. If Suicide Silence does for one kid what The Cleansing did for me, then who am I to bitch? If “Doris” is somebody’s “Unanswered” – empowering – then who am I to be a dick? If “Silence” is someone’s “Disengage” – life affirming – then who am I to go fill up comment threads with some shit about how I’m not feeling appeased?

If you’re worried that deathcore is changing and becoming a scene you don’t wanna be a part of anymore do us all a favor and head over to Bandcamp and check out the bands in the deathcore section.

If you’re worried that Suicide Silence are going to release an indie-acoustic album in a few years then go ahead and print yourself and all your friends some “Metal Is Dead” shirts.

As for me, I listen to whatever the fuck I want, I write whatever the fuck I want and I create whatever the fuck I want, and I hope the folks in Suicide Silence do the same.

If you haven’t checked out “Doris” and “Silence” yet and you want to, check them out here.

Happy headbanging motherfuckers \mm/

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Aerial release video for “Foreign Coast”

Posted by Metal Riot on Thursday, February 2, 2017 at 10:07 AM (PST)


Progressive metalcore quartet Aerial has released their new music video titled, “Foreign Coast” off their 2016 EPForesight. After spending six months in the U.K. writing and recording., the band reached out to Keaton Goldwire, of Invent, Animate and Jesse Cash of Erra to produce the five track EP. Mixed and mastered by Brian Hood (Memphis May Fire, Erra), the group came away with their debut EP which reached over 250,000 streams in a short couple months.

“We’ve put a lot of work into this EP, and being an independent band makes everything so much more expensive and time consuming,” says vocalist, Markus Johnsen. “Getting all this positive feedback means everything!”

Foresight” is available to purchase on iTunes and all other online music retailers. Watch “Foreign Coast” below.


I write about metal most of the time but there are a handful of bands that I gravitate to or  am preoccupied with more often from other genres. Dance punk provocateurs Wax Idols are way up near the top of that list and I’ve listen to them much more than most other groups save two or three other current favorites for over a year or so now. Seriously, I only regularly listen to like four or five bands for enjoyment anymore, hahaha. A very welcome surprise today to see that recent gem American Tragic is getting a tape re-issue with new exclusive art and the band are hitting the road soon with verbose emo rockers Thursday. American Tragic is more aptly titled than ever and we certainly seem to be headed for War All The Time, so count me in.

The band have also posted a new video for “Deborah” , otherwise known as my third favorite track from AT (my favorite two are “At Any Moment” and “Severely Yours” , since you weren’t wondering), and you can watch the premiere at Noisey along with the tour dates HERE. If you are one of the people who aren’t so down with the post-punk vibes and only come here for rare gore metal postings or something, I dunno what to tell you. This band is cool as shit. I hope some people who didn’t get to grow up with The Pretenders on TV fall in love with this band’s music and energy, follow them on Twitter where singer Hether is funny, outspoken or existential and they end up feeling really inspired to stay bold, brave and beautiful.


Kreator release video for “Fallen Brother”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 12:36 PM (PST)


Beyond a doubt Kreator‘s newest Gods Of Violence is a huge win for the band and fans, a welcome addition to their long career. Great reviews and the already cool videos released notwithstanding, if you needed another reason to check or re-spin the album you ought to dive into the video for “Fallen Brother”. A straightforward tribute to many of metal and rock’s fallen greats, see how many people you recognize.

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Fit For An Autopsy release super heavy “Heads Will Hang” video

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, January 30, 2017 at 6:02 PM (PST)


Fit For An Autopsy have premiered perhaps their best video yet for “Heads Will Hang” exclusively with Alternative Press HERE. If you aren’t feeling those bad ass intro drums or don’t get a little bit of a chill at the 3:28 mosh mark of this bad boy, we don’t know what to tell you.

Personally, I gotta say that it sounds like the band are poised to make a serious grab for the deathcore crown as several of the bigger bands have made some questionable choices lately while FFAA seem to be more focused than ever. The new material and artwork for The Great Collapse show the band growing by leaps and bounds. Pre Orders for some sick ass bundles are HERE.

Directed by Max Moore, (CODE ORANGE, OF MICE AND MEN) this is the first music video the band has released from their upcoming new release. Founding guitarist / producer Will Putney comments, “The concept behind the song/video was to set a scenario in America where a normal happy family was placed in a similar extreme situation, in the hope that it creates a certain feeling of empathy for what less fortunate nations are experiencing right now. And to shed some light on just how close we are to the same tragedies hitting our homes.”

“People in the United States always seems to form these really strong opinions about war, refugees, and other crisis situations in third world nations without really having the perspective of what’s actually happening there,” says Putney. “Everyone’s guilty of it to some extent; a lot of us live very privileged lives in comparison to other pockets of the world, where the basic comforts like clean water, power, shelter, and safety are not guaranteed.”

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Los Angeles based Metal band Athanasia has released the official music video for the lead single off their upcoming debut album, The Order Of The Sliver Compass. This is the second music video release from the album, following the critically acclaimed “Spoils Of War“. Originally premiered on Metal Underground, “The Order Of The Silver Compass” was directed by renowned filmmaker Matt Zane and filmed at Modern Sector Studios in Burbank, CA.

This power trio have been working hard and you can pre order their upcoming debut HERE (there are also some sick patches with tight, evil design work). I have a feeling you’ll be hearing more from this group, as they could likely appeal to fans of everyone from Venom to Cradle Of Filth to Bullet For My Valentine. These guys have a big and impressive sound.

King Woman share video for “Deny” via Consequence Of Sound

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at 6:40 PM (PST)


King Woman have released a powerful video for “Deny” from the band’s intoxicating inundation of doom and mood, their Relapse debut Created In The Image Of Suffering. The video deals with repression and how religion is often less about love in some instances than fear.

Vocalist and lyricist Kristina Esfandiari commented:

The video for ‘Deny’ is a depiction of the shadow aspect in Jungian psychology.  It’s about the inner darkness buried deep within the subconscious. In the video you see this portion of the mind surfacing and coaxing the preacher into his truest form; drawing out the aspects of himself which he loathes because it doesn’t fit in with his beliefs.

In church, I saw others being raised with a rod in their backs, trying to fight their own carnality – buried in shame and guilt. The belief was to deny anything inside of themselves that was considered ugly or wrong, and instead attain a pristine image. With this video, we aimed to paint a picture of how tormenting and exhausting it is to wrestle with your true self.”

Check out the “Deny” video, directed by Kevin Haus, here. We also recommend this cool interview she did at recently (some great photos).

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Destrage release playthrough video for intricate “Dreamers” track

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 11:38 AM (PST)


Italy’s Destrage are a compelling act. Paolo Colavolpe’s higher octave shout scream voice almost reminds me of the loved or hated vocalist for NY’s underappreciated Shutdown, the great hardcore frontman Mark Scondotto. But Destrage can’t be fit into one musical category as the music is all over the place, from prog to thrashy to borderline super catchy emo parts. Fans of Protest The Hero, Fair To Midland , Periphery or even Stray From The Path will probably be all about this. The band actually sound fairly American in influence, at least to my ears.

This is one of those playthrough videos where you can enjoy watching it but also kind of have to laugh because most people will not be able to emulate what the musicians are pulling off on their song “Dreamers”. Matteo Di Gioia and Ralph Guido Salati show their serious guitar chops and you get to enjoy a complex track to get you feeling inspired. Check it out below!

The entire guitar transcription for the band’s album  A Means To No End can also be purchased online now at:

To hear more from A Means To No End, and to purchase the record in various formats, please visit:

Benighted drop gory new “Reptilian” video

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 9:51 AM (PST)


It’s a good week for music videos for metal and punk, if a bad week for most other things. Green Day released their awesome new “Troubled Times” protest clip fittingly out on the anniversary week of the American release of London Calling and again underscoring that they are making some of their best material in years. ONI did a complex metal song with Randy Blythe over at Billboard. Demented deathers Withered have a new lyric video for “To Glimpse Godliness” out featuring their unique and impressive arrangements and style paired with Eye of Sauron-esque visuals . Walls Of Jericho released a super amped up live clip for “Forever Militant”. And now Benighted gift us with this freakish “Reptilian” video.

New album Necrobreed releases on February 24 across multiple limited edition formats here. Necrobreed  features 12 tracks of relentless death metal fury, and sees the band joined by acclaimed extreme metal drummer Romain Goulon (NECROPHAGIST).

This is  very much in a gore tradition and fans of early Exhumed, the technical side of TBDM or Cannibal Corpse will dig it. Warning, it does feature a maniac dissecting animal and human parts and some very bloody self-disembowelment. I hope no one thinks this is par for the course for schizophrenics. I for one found the animal scenes distasteful and prefer when bands go the Cattle Decapitation route and show humans paying for being nasty and wretched, but most of the clip is way cooler and the song is tight. It is about a mentally unwell hunter, so I understand that was part of the plot to show his death obsession. The new stuff Benighted have been releasing is very intense and over the top French technical death metal that will peel your face off…(spoiler) even literally in the new music video.

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ROOT release “Black Iris” video

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 7:15 PM (PST)


Pre second wave black metal Czech masters of dark suspense ROOT have a big 2017 ahead, set to appear at Maryland Deathfest and getting strong reviews for 2016′s “Kärgeräs – Return From Oblivion”In addition, a great reissue of Hell Symphony can be coveted or purchased HERE.

See the new video for “Black Iris” below as ROOT keep metal traditions alive and show past, present and future generations how heavy ceremony is done.

ROZAMOV trailer for ‘This Mortal Road’ album

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 3:14 PM (PST)
photo by Morgan Y. Evans

photo by Morgan Y. Evans

With five songs clocking at over forty minutes you can bet ROZAMOV‘s doomy debut is not for the feint of heart or patience. The band are indeed an endurance test but by no means because they are boring. I saw the Boston band live and was very impressed with their unified racket and sense of severe purpose. It was quite an onslaught and the band deserve more attention. This Mortal Road is set for co-release through Battleground Records and Dullest Records in March. Digital preorders are posted HERE, and physical preorders at Battleground HERE and Dullest HERE.

View ROZAMOV’s This Mortal Road trailer RIGHT HERE.

RIYL Rabbits, Melvins, Agrimonia