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RIP to Killjoy from Necrophagia

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, March 19, 2018 at 7:35 PM (PST)

Killjoy from death metallers Necrophagia has passed. Andrew Edmunds at Last Rites wrote a nice tribute HERE.

Frank “Killjoy” Pucci was a little shy of fifty years old.

Necrophagia were one of the most old school death metal bands of note. In recent years they release WhiteWorm Cathedral and toured with Venom Inc., among other events of note. Anyone who has heard “Reborn through Black Mass” knows they went out with a powerful , crushing and very dark release.

The band formed in 1993 and was the main project for Killjoy, a benchmark act in the underground who used scary themes to concoct their dark death metal potions.

“Ancient Slumber” remains so fucking insane.


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Trap Them announce final shows

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 1:01 PM (PST)

I wish I wasn’t writing this but Trap Them, miles better than the vast majority of bands in the extreme punk and metal genre, are calling it a day. If you never had a chance to see ’em live you should try to get into one of these shows come Hell or high water. Trust me, they are one of the sickest live bands I ever saw, or I didn’t just wake up from a weird dream where there was a Gene Simmons Demon wrestler (I did and, incidentally, turns out there WAS once. What does it all mean?). Check out the handful of show dates, pick up their last slab Crown Feral or an older one if you haven’t – I just grabbed Seance Prime – and let’s send them off with a great big thank you for the killer memories and music.

November 10 NYC @ Saint Vitus:

November 11 Montreal @ Turbo Haus:

event info coming soon

November 12 Boston @ Sonia:

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Spawn Of Possession break up

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Sunday, August 6, 2017 at 7:51 AM (PST)

Highly regarded critically yet not a household name by any means, the nonetheless awesome death metal band Spawn Of Possession have sadly broken up and released a statement:

Last week we decided to put SoP to rest due to several problems, mostly because we now realise we dont have the time to either finish a beast like a new album properly or do anything else with SoP for a long time. So the band has pretty much just faded away at this point. Anyway! We are very thankful for all the support we had through the years!


Metallum mentions that a follow up to final LP Incurso was planned, but now that the band is kaput we have no idea if this will ever happen.

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Dan Sugarman exits As Blood Runs Black

Posted by longhairedpoet on Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 4:33 PM (PST)

Dan Sugarman

Dan Sugarman, lead guitarist of California deathcore band As Blood Runs Black has left the band.

Sugarman plans to begin a new collaborative effort through Patreon.

The album will feature some of the biggest names in modern deathcore as well as musicians from all across the heavy metal spectrum.

Sugarman had this to say about his transition:

“I am formally announcing my departure from As Blood Runs Black. I wouldn’t trade those experiences in for anything, but I am feeling called to pursue my solo career and future opportunities that allow me focus on where I want to be as a musician. And as some of my fans and friends know, my mom is currently fighting brain cancer, and I feel it’s best that I put touring on the back burner for a while.”

Check out the musicians announced so far and the full comments from Sugarman here.

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In response to the justifiable backlash to his drunken white power salute at the end of the recent Dimebash, Phil Anselmo has stated to his bandmates in Down they move on without him. It is good he is drawing the line so as not to have others associated as much with his own struggle. Down should really just go on hiatus though as all the band members have other projects for the most part from C.O.C. to EHG. I can only really imagine Karl Agell from Kinghitter /Blind-era C.O.C. filling his shoes and that probably wouldn’t happen ever.

UPDATE: Pepper Keenan has released a related statement. Read it HERE. In addition a hometown DOWN show in NOLA has been axed by promoters. 

Personally, I feel like Phil was wasted and did something really dumb. I’m not apologizing for his actions but booze does not always reveal hidden tendencies. Sometimes it makes us stupidly insensitive and casual or out of control in hurtful ways. While his actions are reprehensible, you have to look at his whole life which also includes many moments of inclusiveness and even teaching people about the different cultural sub genres of heavy metal from nations around the world, including people of all stripes. There are as well plenty of times he was a hot mess and ranted and raved, it is true. Especially in the Superjoint Ritual early days.

He says below he is utterly responsible for his actions, which is a good start. And also intends to finally face the booze demons. As Kirk Windstein named one of the very best Crowbar albums…Sever The Wicked Hand, man. Maybe the crazy dude who shot Dimebag would have regretted if if he had lived but we will never know because he acted crazy and got his brains justifiably blown out for murdering one of the greatest guitarists of all time at a gathering of kindred metal fan spirits. Some actions have very high consequences for a reason. They are social safeguards that keep us from chaos and hatred.

Personally, I have hope for Phil and honestly believe he was amped up and being an idiot. Though I don’t think many will forgive this huge debacle anytime soon and as All Shall Perish in a very well spoken statement noted, it is a huge stain on Pantera’s legacy. I remember Phil said if he ever had the chance to do a Pantera tribute w the band minus Dime and with Wylde on guitar that he would train like an MMA fighter or some such to get back to where he once was. That, sadly, is not what happened.

As for Down, that is one of the very finest bands in the world and this is a huge blow to rock n roll. Though not as much of a blow as those who were hurt and heartbroken by his outburst. We live in an evolving time. Sometimes people are more sensitive than maybe is good but in this case? It is good these issues are being discussed. Vital. Look at the blood in our streets. #blacklivesmatter very much.

We also are really selective in what topics we address when it comes to outrage, as evidenced by emo kids who still scream along and laugh to Glassjaw’s  famed ,”Suck on the end of this dick that cums lead” lyric, for the first example that comes to mind. Just sayin’.

Scott Ian is 100% correct that Anselmo should donate to some charities.

Anselmo’s statement follows:

“Every citizen in this entire world has the unalienable right to live with dignity and respect without hate or oppression. And I mean this, with all of my crushed, yet, guilty heart. It’s common knowledge that we can choose to either learn from our mistakes, or continue on a path of insensitivity and destruction.

I am utterly responsible for the mistakes I have made, and can only give you my word to no longer do them in the present, through ACTION, not just mere words. My band mates are now experiencing the consequences of my behavior, and I now publicly apologize to them as well. Never in my entire lifetime would I drag them down with me, and I’ve privately suggested to them that they move on without me.

“My biggest obstacle(s) are the over-indulging in the booze and blurting out spiteful, ignorant reductions of the human spirit itself. I will address these issues, head-on. I’m repulsed by my own actions, and the self-loathing I’m going through right now is justified by the hurt I’ve caused. I realize we live in a society where apologies are NOT accepted easily, yet long for a day when they can be, but I also understand if I’m shunned till I hit the dirt.

“From the bottom of my heart, and with all sincerity, I once again am truly sorry for the pain I have caused. With truth, love, hope & respect- Philip H. Anselmo”

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Giant Squid break up. FTW. I hate life now.

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 8:55 PM (PST)


West coast innovators Giant Squid have made several underground (underwater?) classics in recent years and sadly might be done for now.

Read the statement HERE.

The amount of disdain this fills me with for all the shitty bands I usually try to ignore who clog the arteries of the music world is palpable.

Damn it. Truly one of the best bands out there. But the records will remain for those lucky to find them. Some bands make a few albums and break up while copying trends along the way. GS made the ichthyologist . ‘Nuff said.

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Cynic break up again

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 4:40 PM (PST)


Prog metal heroes Cynic have released a break up statement, the second in their off and on history. Hopefully the future will iron things out as their return was a huge boon to the scene:

It is with a heavy heart that I post today’s CYNIC news. CYNIC is no longer an active band. Due to artistic and personal differences, the second chapter in the ‘BOOK OF CYNIC’ has come to an end.

I will say the last shows we played in JAPAN have left me with a positive charge, even though they were the last live performances with Paul, Sean Malone & I on the same stage. My longstanding creative partnership with Paul, which started when we were very young kids in south Florida, has simply endured so much friction that there is no way, from my perspective, that CYNIC can be salvaged, repaired or kept afloat by any means.

I profusely apologize to the fans who were not only expecting us in China & Taiwan (that was not our fault), but to the fans who were planning to see us in Europe next month. These things happen, unfortunately, to bands. There can be differing levels of conflicts and/or differences in opinions, musical directions, or perspectives. Sometimes these things are insurmountable, and no amount of time or effort can resolve them. This is the case with CYNIC.

This page will stay up, and of course there are our respective personal pages and websites that will continue to let everyone know what we’re doing individually.

I wish all of you love & peace.


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I could hardly bring myself to write about this Enabler news today as it made a huge lump in my throat. I’m a big fan of this band and all their record’s are some of the best new music on the scene in years. I’ve interviewed Jeff Lohrber for New Noise Magazine and am pretty good friends with their frequent record cover artist Chris Smith who has done art for my bands GET OUT, Antidote 8  and Black & White Universe as well as many other band’s record or live poster art in the scene (Atlas Moth or Hindsight come to mind).

I wondered why Amanda wasn’t in the band anymore. This seems to clearly be why. I feel bad for Century Media to be dealing with this on the heels of Blake Crush drama. Or Earsplit PR who put a lot into these guys.

Metalsucks has the best editorial on the accusations HERE.

My heart goes out to Amanda Daniels, recent drummer Frank who everyone in the scene loves, and even to Jeff who I bet is in hell right now also. Whatever the truth of the matter, and I’m certainly not saying Amanda would make up the accusations, the fact is there is now a lot of pain and human grief attached to a band that was prior to this a new leading light for inspired, dissonant and often political and powerful music. Why does the fucked up shit always happen with bands I like most like Nachtmystium, Enabler or once a long upon a time ago Coheed (who are nothing musically on the first two, even if they are a good band).

I’ve personally had a turbulent life at times. When I was 15 I semi broke into a person’s home scared and  tripping balls. I got lost and  screamed and knocked them down thinking I was dead, pushing past the woman who answered door and trying to hide behind a couch. Then got maced by cops while tripping when they arrived that horrible Winter Solstice half my life ago. I often think of how scared house owner must have been when i pushed past her screaming. I’ve been in abusive relationships where I, as a man, was hit often by a woman and struck them back once after the literally dozenth time and a cutting barb a few days later. My anger and sense of victimization didn’t excuse my action of hitting her back. I thank lucky stars every day both she and I matured and now have a healthy friendship and deep bond.

I’ve burned sage at sites where people I know where raped, with them…to banish demons. Sang on this Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch anti rape song “A Slow dance in hell”.

Flipside. Had syringes thrown at me as darts by partners. My foot run over. Woken up getting “used” or getting oral by people and didn’t mind AND other times by people I DID mind (though consent is ALWAYS important). I’m illustrating this as a bi sexual male somewhere on this rainbow spectrum we all inhabit, to just try and say a little prayer here for everyone. Just sending so much love to all of the people in this mess and whatever the truth is hope they can find healing. I have been in a place before of having hurt a person and of having been hurt or being an activist and hosting Pro Choice and really pro female benefit shows or promoting bands with strong woman to show the trolls in the scene that girls are just as important as boys. I was in a psych ward and also closeted for near 30 years as bisexual, not feeling safe to step out of my shell and feel exposed…until FINALLY coming out in this interview with OTEP, who emboldened me. Or metal scribe Kim Kelly who has no idea how much her writing for gender equality in metal has influenced me to try and do a similar thing and use my own weird voice in, hopefully, a posi way.

I’ve talked gender issues with Mina Caputo who came from a “tough guy” family and who saved my life without ever meeting me through Life of Agony’s classic and somehow life affirming suicide themed album River Runs Red.

My heart is pretty broken by this today but it also really makes me want to try and stop conflicts in my own life, even though I have been in a big rekindled feud with Coheed & Cambria again last week, perhaps due to a misunderstanding and perhaps not (and much of it because I feel like they bullied my sister Cambria and me by not having fans apologize when Claudio Sanchez didn’t ever reveal band was named after my sister and so she was called a liar or presumed to have fucked all of Coheed by charming CoTF alumni over the years) .

Either way, in any circumstance we can all aspire to handle ourselves with grace, even when we’re angry or hurt or lonely. There has to be a better way then the continued cycle of pain, like in Middle East. Let’s try and liberate ourselves from hate, Support the FEMEN international and progressive causes. Learn about other genders and don’t hurt people, even when we perceive a major slight.

I’ve been technically also raped due to me being a minor and someone much older than me doing things to me when I was a teenager and on three bags of heroin in a power submissive position of being stranded far from home in the then much more violent NYC at house of older person. I’ve been a feminist for years.

Here’s a horrible story. Once when I was blacked out and grief stricken I even accidentally groped a friend  and have very little memory of it and it damaged our friendship and destroys me inside to this day, as they’d been a huge source of comfort to me when I was going through major trials after deaths in my family. A huge part of why I don’t drink is to think I scared someone that way , especially when that has happened to me or many people I’ve dated to much, much worse degrees that were nothing short of rape . Or because if I drink old trauma comes back up if I have too many. You lose filters.

Girls  and friends I loved were raped so bad by others that they cheated on me cuz they hated  men or wanted to sabotage our good relationship points as a “test”, because they resented men , and rightly so, after having been assaulted by others they trusted or in some cases strangers.

I have major, major trust issues from lots of this shit. It happens to guys AND girls. Life can be cruel as we learn from awful mistakes or try and wrestle with insecurities and the devil’s we create in our collective id.  People hurt each other or lie or don’t own harm they’ve inflicted on others because they can’t get objective without the House of Cards falling. We bully each other, we hide our insecurities and we swim in shark infested waters.

Please, let’s all try and respect each other as men and women, bands and peers, scenes and just as fucking humans in general. So much more we can all accomplish if we can free ourselves from pain body, Samsara and the inner violence of jealousy, fear, anxiety and loathing of self and/or others. That’s all I’ve got.

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3 Inches of Blood Has Decided to Part Ways

Posted by JDKleinhans on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at 2:02 PM (PST)


From the very 1st note that graced my ears (“Deadly Sinners”), 3 Inches of Blood spoke to me with a deep resonance. When I discovered they’re avid D&D players like myself, it all made sense. But sadly that era has come to an end. 3IoB have just announced they are separating. This is what they posted on their official Facebook page just a few hours agohg:

“Unfortunately this is not the sort of news you were wanting to hear but here goes.  It is now that we come to announce that 3 Inches of Blood has decided to part ways. Naturally, people will have questions as to why we have collectively made this decision. While our reasons are personal, just know we are all still good friends, but it is just time to move on. All of us will continue to pursue musical projects, so refer to our social media pages to keep up with that. We are eternally thankful to our fans, friends and family that have stuck by us through thick and thin and always believed in us. You are the reason this band got anywhere and kept us going. We’d also like to thank our musical peers and former 3 Inches of Blood members for all your love and support over the years.

We’d like to put one last stamp on the band’s career and end it in grand style. Our final performance will be in our hometown of Vancouver, BC, Canada on Saturday, November 7, 2015 at the fabulous Commodore Ballroom. We’re pleased to say that, Fire Up the Blades-era bassist, Nick Cates will be playing the show with us. As well, we intend to deliver other special surprises that will make this a night to remember. Tickets go on sale this Friday, June 5 and you will be able to get them here.”

Raise your tear stained metal horns in eulogical honor. \m/ #RIP3IOB 

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Black Sabbath’s first singer announces band’s final album, tour

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 8:36 AM (PST)

logo_Large_32723Ozzy Osbourne, the first of numerous great vocalists who contributed to the legendary band Black Sabbath whose name I have as a tat on my wrist, announced yesterday that the band will do one more album and tour. While I hope Bill Ward can complete the full circle and be on it, things haven’t been boding well lately. I hope Sabbath can really give the fans what they want. I love Ozzy but there have been numerous people important to the band over the years who don’t seem to get as much due as they should.

Personally, I liked the 13 album. Ozzy killed it and the songs were really good, but let’s all  hope the mix can be a bit less clean for the final record.

Check out the press conference BELOW.

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Ephel Duath’s Davide Tiso ends the project

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 12:01 PM (PST)


Ephel Duath are no more, according to virtuoso/mastermind Davide Tiso in a long Facebook post (reprinted after the jump). The band went through various incarnations and styles but was always compelling (understatement). There is no word yet if this means Tiso will be devoting his creative energy full time into wife Karyn Crisis’ Gospel Of The Witches endeavor, who recently signed with Century Media. Best of wishes to Davide with whatever the future holds.

Read the at times rather cryptic statement here.

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Brandon Butler releases statement on Veil Of Maya exit

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, September 29, 2014 at 8:05 AM (PST)


Veil Of Maya has always been mostly about the intricate guitar parts, with vocals seeming almost an afterthought or about Dexter and Heroes episodes or whatever. Still, the exit of Brandon Butler from the popular group was a shock. It isn’t as much of a frustrating loss as, say, Punch losing Meghan O’Neal Pennie right as They Don’t Have To Believe was gaining traction (seriously, wtf?), but Butler worked earnestly during his time in VoM.

Here is his statement.

“As most of you know by now I am no longer in Veil of Maya. This decision was one of the toughest ones I have ever made in my life. The journey I have had traveling the world and playing for people who want to hear music I helped create is impossible to describe in words. The last 7 years of my life have been one wild ride and there is nothing I would take back about it. It was a dream of mine to make an impact with my words, even if in just a few lives. I will NEVER stop being passionate for music and writing as it is a massive part of my life. I feel as if I was on the verge of writing some of my best lyrics yet with the VOM guys and wish I could have showed you all.

“Marc, Sam, and Danny are currently working extremely hard on some amazing stuff that I know you guys will enjoy. They have a strong vision for how this album should sound and personally and creatively I had a different view from theirs which caused a wedge between us in this last year. I spent 7 years of my life hanging out with those guys grinding it out on the road and will always love them like brothers regardless of how it ended. It was an adventure with tons of ups and downs. Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of my time with veil. You changed my life for the better! The biggest thing I will miss is sharing experiences and stories with my friends around the world. Thank you for everything you have given me. VOM has the best fans ever! It was an absolute honor sharing the stage with you all and I’ll miss it. Stay fucking metal \m/”

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R.I.P. Chimaira

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, September 4, 2014 at 8:37 PM (PST)


Chimaira are no more. Haters can step off, cuz these guys were around a long time and did some awesome stuff over the years. This sucks.

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ExodusThrash metal icons Exodus have announced that they have parted ways with their longtime singer Rob Dukes, who was with the band for nearly ten years. It is currently not known if Dukes has left the band or been fired, but an official statement from Exodus regarding his split is expected to be announced soon.

In addition to the split, Steve “Zetro” Souza has reportedly been asked by Exodus fans to rejoin the band. Zetro, who is currently in Hatriot, was a member of Exodus from 1986 to 1992, and again from 2002 to 2004.

A new album from Exodus, which will be their first since 2010’s Exhibit B: The Human Condition, is expected to be released later this year.

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Wacken Open Air 2006Surprising news today, as Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy reveals she has left the band and is turning vocal duties over to Alissa White-Gluz. Angela will now take over managerial duties of the band.

Founder and gutarist Michael Amott spoke about the change: “We are eternally grateful to Angela for all her passion, hard work and talent. Her legacy is tremendous and will always be a big part of the band’s history. We feel great pride in what has been achieved in the past, but also look forward to new battles and new victories. We welcome Alissa with open arms – and we hope you will have open ears. We might have just created our most wicked metal opus yet with our upcoming album War Eternal!”

War Eternal will be the first album with Alissa White-Gluz on vocals.

Click here for statements from both women.

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