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Hometown: London, England Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: James Chapman - Drums
Adam Kuklinski - Bass
Ryszard Gabrielczyk - Lead Guitar

Alareiks Bio:

The formation of the band began around the beginning of 2009 through the efforts of lead guitarist Ryszard and drummer James, joined a few months after by Adam on bass. The aim was to produce a style that preserved the powerful, brutal and potent aspects of death metal and to fuse it with influences from melodic metal and an array of other technical metal genres. The long search for a talented, compelling but ultimately captivating vocalist that suited the bands’ style was eventualy over when Imre joined and writing soon started. As writing progressed, the need for a second guitarist was evident and Steve joined towards the end of 2009 to fill the void.

The band didn't have a set name for a while and played around with various concepts but finally settled on 'Alareiks', a Gothic/Germanic twist on the name of an ancient king 'Alaric'. The band were inspired by legendary stories of the ancient king of the Visigoths; who sacked the city of Rome and marked the decline of imperial power in the west. Alaric was so respected by his people when he died that they temporarily moved a river to bury him under it with all his worldy possessions then all the captives that worked on the burial were put to death so that 'none may learn thier secret'. To this day, the grave has not yet been uncovered. The name literally mean's 'Ruler of all', which was impressive enough on its own and the name stuck.

With the completed line-up, the band quickly put down new material and began gigging venues in and around London, every time receiving impressive reviews and a rapidly expanding fan base.

At the turn of 2010 Alareiks sought the aid of producer Misha Nikolic at Monster Trax studios in Chiswick, London in getting their much anticipated first demo ‘Apocalyptic Process’ out. Art work for the demo was provided by world renowned digital artist Gustavo Sazes who has done work for Arch Enemy, Nightrage and God Forbid just to name a few.

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