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Hometown: New Castle, England Current Label: SPV Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Dave King, Brian Smith, Mick Percy, Paul AT Kinson

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In 1981, Battleaxe recorded demos at Guardian Studios, and were later signed to Roadrunner/Music for Nations and the Guardian demos released as ‘Burn this Town’. This was to become a cult album due to the unusual and unsanctioned album cover. (but that's another story).

In December 1983, Battleaxe recorded their second album "Power from the Universe", this was to prove a turning point for the band when the relationship between guitarist Steve Hardy and the band broke down. Following the release of the second album, Battleaxe were able to get a support slot on a Saxon UK tour, which saw the band play a show with Twisted Sister and Anvil.

Unfortunately this is where the story almost ends, as Battleaxe was unable to sustain any success in the UK and band almost fell apart. An attempt was made to record a third album, but when funding ran out and people left the band, the project was mothballed.

With only Brian and Dave left from the original line up, things were stabilised between 1985 and 1987 when guitarist Mick Percy and drummer Paul AT Kinson joined the band.

Through the late 80s into the early 1990s, Battleaxe played a few local shows and wrote and recorded a few songs, but the climate had changed for rock music and things just became pointless for a band like Battleaxe in the UK.

Mick continued playing the local rock scene and Paul joined folk metal band Skyclad, whilst Dave and Brian went back to working on their own projects and music for the next 10 years or so.

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