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Hometown: Oakland, California Current Label: 20 Buck Spin Websites: Official Website
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With a wall of raspy down-tuned equipment, Brainoil plays powerful, tight rhythm-section based songs. Brainoil have been jamming since Oct. of 2000, debuting live on March 3rd, 2001.

Converging the energy of various styles within the punk hardcore scene, Brainoil personnel have a history of contributions to underground music. Ira has a long past of beating the drums for bands such as Grimple, Ojo Rojo, Gag Order and Watch them Die. Nate has blasted the guitar for Destroy!, Nigel Pepper Cock, and Stormcrow. Greg has pounded on the bass, screamed into the mic and experimented with noise for Lana Dagales, Laudanum and I Will Kill You Fucker.

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