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Calm Hatchery

Calm Hatchery
Hometown: Poland Current Label: Selfmadegod Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Panzerhauser Guitars (lead and rhythm) (2002-present)
See also: ex-Stygmat, ex-Dead Infection, ex-Tehace, ex-Skuty Lodem
Hacel Bass (2006-present)
See also: Aggressor, ex-Extremis Necrosis, ex-Moby Dick
Szczepan Vocals (2006-present)
See also: Deabhar
Radosław Szczepański Drums (2008-present)
See also: ex-Tehace
Jakub Kwidziński Guitars (2013-present)

Calm Hatchery Bio:

Calm Hatchery was formed in the beginning of 2002 in Bialystok (region of Podlasie), Poland, by Piotr "Huzar" Hauzer (guitar), Adam "Radad" Radziszewski (drums) and Maciej "Iwan" Jakoniuk (guitar). The demo "First dreams "was recorded in August 2002 in their rehearsal room and at IWAN's house. Its form is completely underground (a photocopied cover, etc.). It comprises four tracks (which last 15 minutes)- all of them belonging to death metal type of music.

Their debut got well received by the fans and got the musicians going to push forward. In 2004 they entered Bialystok's HERTZ STUDIO to record their first full album. New vocalist and pre-gained experience made the music mature and advance technically. First album titled EL-ALAMEIN got sent out around the world and aroused big interest. Empire Records was
interested in releasing EL-ALAMEIN but in the end in 2006 it got released by an independent label VIA-NOCTURNA in CD format. EL-ALAMEIN got well received by fans and journalists including TRASH'EM ALL magazine with a 4/5 rating and the band was able to play shows with the likes of HATE, TRAUMA, ABUSED MAJESTY, HERMH etc. thanks to it.In 2003 HUZAR was a session guitarist in DEAD INFECTION and played several live shows including FUCK THE COMMERCE in Germany, OBSCENE EXTREME in Czech Republic and a few in Netherlands and Belgium.

Just after starting to get recognition in 2005 IWAN's and GHAEZ's departure nad HUZAR's return to his domesticPomerania (650km away from Bialystok) put the band on hiatus. About 6 months later HUZAR was able to find new musicians in his hometown. Bassist Daniel "HACEL" Szymanowicz, guitarist Arek "ZOMBIE" Józefowicz and vocalist Marcin "SZCZEPAN" Szczepański joined the band. Finding a suitable drummer was a remaining issue. In 2006 Calm Hatchery got invited for a small summer fest in Malbork "ZAMCZYSKO 2006", RADAD agreed to re-join the band for some time. In 2007 the band recorded their second demo "THESE WHICH WERE" and although it was done in a small ammount of time it received good reviews
with THRASH'EM ALL's 4/5 among others. Soon after RADAD went abroad and the band was put on hold again.

In the beginning of 2009 Calm Hatchery was joined by drummer Radek "Mg 42" Szczepanski who appeared to be the missing part of the metal machine. They made a milestep forward, music exploded with new solutions and new horizons were set!
In 1,5 year new album was written and the band was ready for recording. They played several shows with the new drummer in the meantime, that appeared to be the band's best era. Prestigious S'THRASH'YDLO 2009 fest, headliner appearance on Lviv METAL FEST in Ukraine and many other shows in Poland.

NEW ALBUM "Sacrilege of humanity":
In December 2009 Calm Hatchery entered the famous HERTZ STUDIO in Bialystok (VADER, DECAPITATED and many more) where they recorded their 2nd full album. Mix and mastering were also done by Wieslawcy brothers from HERTZ STUDIO.

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