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Cauldron Black Ram

Cauldron Black Ram
Hometown: Current Label: 20 Buck Spin Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: ALIM. Cauldron black guitar. Primal grunts.,
ESH. Animal skin thrashings. Raw throat.,
GRUESOME. Richter scale crushing bass. Gang vocals.

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The Cauldron Black legion emerged from belching tar pits, mid-1996, bringing with them the heaviest, most foreboding metal to inspire the hearts & ears of the parched underground scene.

Stalagmire (CD/Vinyl) - 2014

The Poisoner Maxi-EP (CD/Vinyl) – 2011

Slubberdegullion (CD/Vinyl) – 2010

Skulduggery (CD/Vinyl) – 2004

The Devil Bellied Seven Inch – 2003

Cauldron Black Ram/Misery’s Omen (split-Cassette) – 2002

Cauldron Black Ram demo – 1997

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  1. Album Review: Cauldron Black Ram – Stalagmire |6/20/2014 4:17 PM | Permalink

    […] Cauldron Black Ram are a long running outfit from Southern Australia who defy expectations of what a pirate metal band ought to sound like. Press play on their track “A Litany Of Sailor’s Sins” and you are not going to hear anything along the lines of an Alestorm or Tankard. There is no sea chanty feel or fun loving swashbuckling going on here, just balls to the wall death metal. This band is much more like barnacles on an undead skeleton pirate ship’s hull than a fancy hat and brand new cutlass. They don’t make me think of parrots. Let’s face it, the most metal thing in those Jack Sparrow films was definitely the doomed undead, anyway. […]

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