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Hometown: Porto Alegre, Brasil Current Label: Kill Again Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Alceu Martins - Drums
Patrícia Bressiani - Bass
Paulo Hendler - Guitar/Vocals
Rodrigo Weiler - Guitar

Decimator Bio:

Decimator is a Thrash Metal band formed in July 1999 in Porto Alegre (Brazil), with the purpouse of practicing an agressive Thrash Metal, fast and raw, directly influenced by precursors of the style.

In early 2003 was recorded the band's first record, a Promo CD recorded live with tree original songs that had good impact in the underground, with nearly 450 copies distribution. In December 2004, in partnership with the German label Final Punishment Records is released "Decimating Thrashterror", promo compilation of essays and versions recorded in 2003. The 200 copies sold out quickly taking the Decimator's name outside Brazil through various underground utilities.

In 2007 the band released their first album, "Killing Tendency", with seven new songs and as bonus on the tree Promo 2003. In parallel with the national launch via Marquee Records, the album is released in Europe on K-7 format by the French label Maltkross productions. Halfway through the 2009 year the Decimator completed 10 years of dedication to the Thrash Metal, and thereafter began composing for his second album, Bloodstained.

The Bloodstained album was recorded in 2010 at Hurricane Studios, with eight fast, agressive and touching core tracks. The Bloodstained was released under Kill Again Records in March 2011, ever keeping the pure Thrashing taste

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