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Hometown: Marseille, France Current Label: Season of Mist Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Staif : Guitars / Samples
Greg : Guitars
Yom : Drums
Damien : Bass


Eths is a French metal band from Marseille. They have garned much attention and critical acclaim for their mix of different styles such as nu-metal, death metal, alternative metal and, more recently, deathcore into one unique sound.

Staif joined by Greg, formed the band What’s the fuck in 1996. The following year, Candice joined the band which was renamed Melting Point. In 1999, Guillaume joined the group after having left his earlier group Shockwave. Six months later, Roswell joined. The band was complete. The members then decided to change their name to Eths.

The band is often on tour around France, Switzerland, Belgium and Portugal. They have made several maxi CDs, the most famous is Samantha. The band also released its first full-length album, Soma, in 2004.

Eths’ music features heavy, hard guitars and drums. Their song lyrics are inspired by Candice’s painful childhood.

Eths tours and distributes albums under the Coriace label. They became famous in France, appearing on the cover of Rock Sound #141, and they often play with bands like Lofofora, Fantomas, Machine Head, Skindred and Element.

On June 27 of 2006, Eths wrote an official statement on their website, announcing the departure of Guillaume and Roswell for “different points of view”.

The remainder of the band announced that they were on good terms and that they were working on a new album being produced by Fred Norguet. 15 pieces were written and the vocals composed on half of them. Pierre of Lofofora performed drums on the album and their label Coriace dealt with the bass. The album was released in the Spring of 2007 in France, and in March 2008 for the rest of the world.

On June 28 of 2009, Eths performed at the Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium. Later on July 31 of 2009, Eths performed at Wacken Open Air in Germany. Of January 9 of 2010 Eths announced that they were writing their next album, called III which will be released April 6 2012, with the songs Gravis Venter and the lead single Adonaï released beforehand (with a video for Adonaï released on March 12 (English version) and March 13 (French version)). A tour will follow.The band recently announced the return of former drummer Guillaume Dupré.f

In their native France ETHS are superstars. With their third full-length under the tell-tale title "III", ETHS are now ready to conquer the world. Produced by Fredrik Nordström (ARCH ENEMY, IN FLAMES) in Studio Fredman, this album comes with a massive, yet crisp and nuanced sound that perfectly fits their modern Metal style.

On September 18 of 2012, then frontwoman ,Candice Clot announced her exit from ETHS due to family commitments and personal reasons

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