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Hometown: Stavanger, Norway Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Mr. Violence - Vocals
Ronnie Ripper - Bass
Rob Stringburner - Guitar
Hellcop - Drums

Gehenna Bio:

Gehenna was formed in January by Sanrabb, Dolgar and Sir Vereda
«Black Seared Heart» Demo Cassette
Sir Vereda leaves, replaced by Dirge Rep
Svartalv joins.
«Ancestor of the Darkly Sky» 7 Inch Vinyl EP - Necromantic Gallery Productions
Gehenna signs and cancels deal with No Fashion Records
In January 1994, the band entered the studio to record a full length album, but it was sadly cancelled due to NFR's lack of money. (3 uncompleted songs from this studiosession appear on the re-release of the «Black Seared Heart» Demo (Holycaust Records))
Gehenna performs the legendary Zonen concert, wich led to the appearance on the now «cult» norwegian Black Metal documentary «Det Svarte Alvor»
Sarcana joins
Gehenna performs at the festival held at Lusa Lottes Metal Pub, Oslo (with Dark Funeral, Gorgoroth, Dissection, Enslaved)
Gehenna signs with Head Not Found
Gehenna signs with Cacophonous Records
«First Spell» MCD/MLP - Head Not Found
«Seen through the Veils of Darkness» CD - Cacophonous Records
(guest appearance by Garm on «Vinterriket»)
«Seen through the Veils of Darkness» LP - Necromantic Gallery Productions
The band's "Second Spell" turned a lot of heads and proved they were one of the leading forces of the True Norwegian Black Metal scene.
«Malice» (the 3rd spell) CD - Cacophonous Records
«Malice» (the 3rd spell) LP unreleased
«Black Seared Heart» CD/LP - Holycaust Records
Svartalv leaves, replaced by Noctifer
Gehenna performs at Under the Black Sun Festival
Noctifer leaves, replaced by E.N.Death ((122 Stab Wounds) The Deviant)
European tour with Marduk and Mysticum
Sarcana leaves, replaced by Damien.
Dirge Rep leaves, replaced by Blod ((122 Stab Wounds) The Deviant)
Gehenna signs with Moonfog Productions
Deadlights CD EP - Moonfog Productions
(exclusive tracks «In Mothers Tomb»
«Master Satan» (from the «Malice» recording session in 1996))
«Adimiron Black» CD/LP - Moonfog Productions
(guest appearance by Sarcana on the title track and «Eater of the Dead»)
Damien leaves.
Gehenna performs with DHG and Gorgoroth in Oslo
Gehenna achieves a Gehenna Achievement Lifetime Achievement Award
«Murder» CD/LP - Moonfog Productions
Gehenna performs in Mexico City
E.N.Death leaves.
Nekro (ex-Imprint, K-Nine) joines and leaves.
Amok (Imperium, ex-Haggis) joins
Kine (ex-The Kovenant, ex-Satyricon)joins.
Blod leaves, replaced by S.Winter (Forlorn, Aeternus)
«WW» CD - Moonfog Productions
(guest appearance by Frost (Satyricon, 1349)

Gehenna performs at:
- By:larm Stavanger
- Zone Trondheim
- Inferno Metalfest 2005
- Codevilla, Thunder Road (Milano)

S.Winter leaves.
Kine leaves.
Gehenna signs with ANP Records.
Dirge Rep live session member
Martin (ex-Desspo,Agitator,Narcosau) live session member
Gehenna performs with Thundra at Tribute,Sandnes
ANP Records contract cancelled.
Dirge Rep fulltime member
Gehenna performs with Mayhem at Folken, Stavanger
Planning a new album, rehearsals.

Future Assaults

Band broke up!

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