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One man’s meat is another man’s poison. This saying could be applied to the 2002 birth of the Styrian black Metal horde HELLSAW. After leaving behind the more melodic genres, Sanguis, Aries (vocalist, bassist and guitarist), and his spiritual brother Svart (drums) decided to focus on the raw tunes of the early 90s, thus creating an icy and uncompromising atmosphere. Only one year after the formation of the band, “Sins of Might” hit the streets. The first of the dark spawn released onto the ugly face of the earth received much praise from fans and press alike. Fueled by the overwhelming feedback, the band began working on their first full length entitled “Spiritual Twilight” and releasing it to the eagerly awaiting fans in 2005. With this album, Aries and Svart became a contending force within the Black Metal underground. However, it was clear to the duo that they could not rest on their laurels. Hence, they embarked on extensive European tours and fans all over the continent were able to see how well HELLSAW was able to bring their hateful songs to the stage without having them lose their sinister magic. The undisputed highlight of these gigs was most certainly the band’s legendary performance at Germany’s own Under the Black Sun Festival. After a rather uneventful 2006, 2007 brought about major news. HELLSAW was offered to join the “Flesh for Satan Tour”, headlined by no other than the mighty Inquisition. Without a doubt, this tour can be counted as one of the highlights of the band’s career. The extensive touring, however, did not hinder the band from channeling their creativity into writing new songs for their second release. After months of hard work in the studio, “Phantasm” saw the light of day via Folter records. The album showed the band, now regarded as a rising force within the Austrian Black Metal community, in a much more mature and well developed light. Thus it was no wonder that “Phantasm” proved to be an important milestone in the band’s success story. As a consequence of their determination, Hellsaw embarked on a European tour with Shining and Skitliv. The band reached a point where it became necessary to balance their qualitative musical output with an addition to their ranks. When Malthus and Isiul joined HELLSAW as guitarists and Desderoth took over the bass duties, the band further intensified their rise to power. Inspired by the great response received on tour and their outstanding gig at the fifth Ragnarök Festival in Lichtenfels, the band members began working on the third full length album. Prior to the beginning of the recording sessions, Hellsaw secured a deal with Napalm Records. “Cold” was then soon recorded at Hellhouse under the supervision of V Santura (Dark Fortress). With their latest album, Hellsaw opens the gate to a world of darkness and wintry chill. “Cold” presents the band in best form and offers raw True Black Metal of the old school variety. Frontman Aries reigns with his pitch black vocals over a foundation of infernal drums, frigid guitar riffs, and ice-cold melodies. The listener is soon caught up in a black maelstrom and inevitably led into Hellsaw’s all-encompassing darkness. Rarely before has black metal achieved such a hate-filled atmosphere, making “Cold” a masterpiece of the black arts that belongs in every purist’s collection. Following the March 27 2009, fans may look forward to a year of active touring. HELLSAW will weave their black magic at festivals including Party.San, Kaltenbach, and Kings of Black Metal, to name but a few. With both the intensity and frequency of their live presence and the strength of the new album, it should be merely a matter of time until HELLSAW will finally break all barriers and also conquer the international Black Metal scene. The cold, hateful, yet catchy hymns of this devil’s brigade will only be silenced when hell freezes over. So get ready for the next ice age—it’s gonna be “Cold”! - Napalm Records

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