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Horse Called War

Horse Called War
Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Current Label: Dirtbag Music Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Aaron Korstjens - Vocals
Mark Johnson - Lead Guitar
Keith Wingfield - Rhythm Guitar
Nick Brower - Bass
Jeremy JC Clifton - Drums

Horse Called War Bio:

Note: Horse Called War officially disbanded in 2011.

Horse Called War evolved from typical organic beginnings in the year of our Father 1646, with guitarists Mark Johnson, and Keith Wingfield, bassist Nick Brower, drummer Jeremy 'JC' Clifton and vocalist Aaron Korstjens. Through this medium, Horse Called War strives to bring a meaningful measure of reality regardless of societal norms and expectations through the forms and framework of technical groove metal.

Horse Called War has developed a loyal following throughout the Southwestern United States that continues to grow with every live performance. Humbled to have shared the field of battle with many international and national acts including Lamb of God, Testament, Unearth, Children of Bodom, Powerman 5000, GWAR, Behemoth, OTEP, Job For A Cowboy, Soilent Green, Lazarus A.D., W.A.S.P., Silent Civilian, Cattle Decapitation, Straight Line Stitch, Bleed the Sky, The Destro, Within Chaos, A Dozen Furies, Manntis, Thine Eyes Bleed, Curse Your Name, My Ruin, and many others. The band also possesses a companion video for “Fields of Poverty” which is featured in the soundtrack to the film "Behind the Suit and Tie".

From technical landscapes to grooving textures, the first full-length album “Becoming” brings an onslaught of sonic brutality equally matched to their live performance. With anthems such as “Fields of Poverty” and “Coward Be Thy Name”, the real issues of life are brought to the table without any apologies and are violently spoon-fed to the listener. Through their personal experiences and living scars, Horse Called War brings relevance to the American metal scene; no hocus pocus, no goblins, just real fucking life, real problems and real issues.

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  1. nickthehair
    NichTheHair8/18/2011 9:45 PM | Permalink

    Boo Ya motherfuckers! These guys tear it up live!

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