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I Divine

I Divine
Hometown: Budapest, Hungary Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Balázs Tóth - Vocals
Attila Kovács - Guitar
István Neubrandt - Guitar
Péter Lipák - Guitar
Attila Király - Bass
Zoltán Pál - Trombone
Tamás Sándor - Drums

I Divine Bio:

I Divine was founded in the summer of 2009 by musicians who were quite well-known in the Hungarian underground. After the split in Sear Bliss, Zoltán Schönberger (drums), Zoltán Pál (trombone), István Neubrandt (guitar) and Attila Kovács (guitar) decided to form a new band together. They needed such a charismatic frontman as Balázs Tóth. As the vocalist of Tesstimony, he is well-known in the Hungarian extreme metal scene, too.

I Divine’s musical quality is predestined by the members’ past, although the music itself is more diverse than before. Their songs are a musical experiment with extreme and progressive tunes, without using clichés.

The band’s first songs have been published at their official myspace site. The songs can be downloaded for free, in excellent quality. The recording process can be followed in the band’s studio diary.

The first live act was at Harag Napja Festival in Tatabánya (H) on 08.01.2010. It has been followed by many other gigs worldwide

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