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Hometown: São Paulo, Brasil Current Label: AFM Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Marcello Pompeu - Vocals
Heros Trench - Guitar
Antônio Araújo - Guitar
Dick Siebert - Bass
Rodrigo Oliveira - Drums

Korzus Bio:

KORZUS are one of the most legendary bands of the Brazilian Thrash Metal scene, along with Sepultura and Sarcofago.

They prove that you can stay true to your roots without denying that time moves on.
So their new album “Discipline Of Hate” is exactly that:

A timeless thrash metal attack that will amaze every fan of Slayer, Testament, Exodus and more. But it´s not just a copy other successful bands, KORZUS do create something unique on their own.

And though KORZUS have been founded in 1983 already, it´s undenyable that this band is burning to bring their monstrous songs to the stages.
This is where they are best, proof is their amazing
reputation for being one of the most intense live acts of South America.

The rejuvenated cult thrashers are now ready to conquer Europe.

Their weapon: “Discipline Of Hate” – a merciless inferno for all thrash maniacs!

AFM Records will release the new KORZUS album “Discipline Of Hate” on June 11th.
"We Are Just The Same" features Ektomorf-Vocalist Zoltán Farkas!

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