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Laid In Stone

Laid In Stone
Hometown: Oxford, Michigan Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Chad Rice - vocals
Trent Heichel - guitar
Kelly Meadows - guitar
Danny Cummings - drums
Kyle Cummings - bass

Laid In Stone Bio:

If the road as a musician lead into a complete circle, consider it a success, as you can only hope to return home, take a breath and do it all again. A path all to familiar yet so unknown, like finding your way in the dark. keeping on track can never leave you lost, only inching toward the task at hand. The very momentum we have made our own, to set the bar high with all plan B's left behind. Approaching from the woods of Michigan, Laid In Stone is a group of individuals whom are thought to be the finest and most creative members of their former bands left to be un-named. A present day collaboration creating a sure force to be reckoned with. this time all the raw ingredients are there; brotherhood, musicianship, and dedication; the very foundation of Laid In Stone. It has been many years in the making and there will be many more to come as we continue to work hard, shunning the idea of far-fetched dreams. This is more than just an image, more then just a pastime, this is our way of life. a rule to follow, to dominate as much as humanly possible until the end. Ultimately, we all live to play and will always pour our heart and souls into what is Laid in Stone. From the intensity of our band room and our creative process, to the live performance which can only be merely attempted to be projected on record, we are brought together as one, a common drive, vision of today and into the future. We've been compared to some of our own influences such as Pantera, Lamb Of God and Cannibal Corpse. founded upon true brotherhood, with twin brothers Danny and Kyle Cummings controling the rhythm section, Guitarists Trent Heichel and Kelly Meadows combine forces to create a guitar attack like no other in the genre, and led by vocalist Chad Rice. Comprised of individuals who want it more than anyone else. Listen to our songs and you can hear that each of them share a similar atmosphere, forcing a simlar need to be heard and felt. The lyrics haunting and direct, while leaving much interpretation to the listeners mind. The guitars expressing the energy and feeling of the song, giving each one its own depth. The bass is fierce and precise and incredibly driving, giving Laid in Stone its ultimate tone, and the drums sear through the sound waves, raising the heart rate of any who listen and respect LAID IN STONE.

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