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Mar de Grises

Mar de Grises
Hometown: Santiago, Chile Current Label: Season of Mist Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Sergio Álvarez - Guitar
Alejandro Arce - Drums
Juan Escobar - Keys and vox
Rodrigo Gálvez - Bass
Rodrigo Morris - Guitar

Mar de Grises Bio:

With a transverse aesthetic in music genres, and salvaging some of the most romantic poetry of their country, MAR DE GRISES (Sea of Grays) have broken barriers of distance and prejudice and have helped bring Chile worldwide recognition in the Doom and Avant-garde Metal scene.

Their first release "The Tatterdemalion Express in 2004 attained them considerable acclaim for its unique and graceful soundscapes and is still today referred to as one of the most important doom metal releases in these last few years.
In 2008 "Draining the Waterheart" took the world by surprise with a new episode of post-doom and metal and with the band again being hailed in the worldwide media for their unique delivery of soundscapes. Alongside this release the band took part in their second European tour playing in more than 10 countries and among prestigious venues and festivals all across Europe.
In 2010, the “First River Regards” release recalled the bands first ever recordings in a special edition for their fans of their only rehearsal/demo plus an extract of their stellar participation at the famed Doom Shall Rise festival in Göppingen, Germany in 2005.

Today the band is working for their upcoming 3rd album and imminent European tour in 2010, August and October respectively, willing to continue surprising to the world scene.

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