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Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island Current Label: 20 Buck Spin Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Paul Lyons: Bass
Brian Gibson: Drums
Ryan Lesser: Guitar
Jason Kendall: Vox

Megasus Bio:

The cult of blood gave rise to a mythic beast, Sprung from the shrine of gods at the lunar feast, No living thing no sage no king left standing in its way! Grim destroyer thunders from its hidden lair, Immortal beast spreads it wings sets fire to the air, Ancient worm mare of night born of plague & doom! Elders demand a sacrifice- And so the village passed from light- The sea of blood it fails to please him- Hordes of men prepare to fight! Dawn of war has begun, Brave kinsmen they fight as one,The clash of shield & sword & helmet, They hint of slaughter yet to come! Iron & bone upon its flesh- Brave words and deeds put to the test-Bitter teeth- claws – wings and hooves now- DEATH awakens from its nest!

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