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Hometown: Germany, Norway Current Label: Napalm Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Carmen Elise Espenæs: Vocals,
Birgit Öllbrunner: E-Bass, Acoustic Bass,
Daniel Fischer: Keyboard,
Christopher Merzinsky: Drums & Percussion,
Alex Kautz: Guitar
Matthias Schuler: Guitar

Midnattsol Bio:

The Northlight (Norwegian: Nordlys) has always been a part of Myths, Stories, Sagas and Legends. Do warriors fight a bloody battle on the sky, or are these spirits of the dead playing games? Are those bands of light created by God’s fury or a sign of his protection? Maybe it’s the souls of yet-unborn children – heralds of the ancestors or the remains of fallen Warriors?

The Northlight stands for diversity, just as the new album of the German-Norwegian formation: it’s more “metal,” more diverse, and also way more folk-orientated than the debut “Where Twilight Dwells.” Journalists have already compared it to the likes of Amorphis, Devin Townsend, Nightwish or even Iron Maiden, but one thing is for sure: a simple comparison doesn’t justify itself in the case of MIDNATTSOL – since their debut, the six-piece has created and enhanced its very own style…

Singer Carmen Elise Espenaes and guitarist Chris Hector founded MIDNATTSOL in 2002, their common ground being their mutual affection for Nordic mythology and composition. Other like-minded individuals were found in short order –drummer Chris Murzinsky, keyboardist Daniel Fischer, guitarist Daniel Droste and bassist Birgit Öllbruner – and the band recorded their first self-titled demo. The band quickly gathered fans around the underground and on the internet and also gained the attention from printed magazines, soon resulting in the band’s deal with Napalm Records.

The debut album “Where Twilight Dwells” is the astounding result of months of hard work, taking the listener on a journey through the dark, mysterious and ultimately thought-provoking Scandinavian landscape. One might be reminded of the magic of BATHORY or perhaps classic ANATHEMA, all accompanied by Carmen’s tender voice harmonizing with the epic melodies or providing well-done contrast to the harsh guitar riffs.

With “Where Twilight Dwells,” MIDNATTSOL immediately earned legions of fans amongst metalheads and Goths alike, all enchanted by the unique stylistic mix. Tours with In Extremo as well as festival appearances at Wave Gotik, Summer Breeze and The Metal Female Voices Festival followed, making MIDNATTSOL a strong force in the female-fronted metal genre right from the start.

In 2008, MIDNATTSOL finally return with their long-anticipated second album, “Nordlys.” A recording marathon in the process, Carmen Elise Espenaes recorded her vocals at Mastersound Studios (LEAVES´EYES, ELIS ) while the instruments were done with THE VISION BLEAK mastermind Markus Stock at Klangschmiede E Studios. Tue Madsen (SIRENIA), one of Europe’s leading sound engineers, cared for the mix, and the infamous Finnvox Studios guaranteed a great mastering.

The sympathetic sextet revolving around the two blonde beauties has developed further to emphasize emotion and melody more than ever before, but without forgetting to add a good dose of heaviness in their latest songs that alternate between fast attacks and gentle ballads. Nordic myths and tales told by the gentle and charming voice of Carmen Elise Espenaes give the album the perfect finishing touch. Allow the Northern Lights to sweep you away and charm you to your heart's content.

The Bonus track on the Limited Edition was written for the charismatic clean voice of AHAB singer Daniel Droste. Fans of classic Borknagar or new Moonsorrow surely will enjoy this.

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