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Hometown: Sandnes, Rogaland Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Nattefrost (Roger Rasmussen) - Vocals, All Instruments

Nattefrost Bio:

Nattefrost is a Norwegian black metal project band that has existed since 2003 of Roger Nattefrost (Roger Rasmussen) from Carpathian Forest, World Destroyer and Bloodline.

While Carpathian Forest is a well known old school/atmospheric black metal band, Nattefrost goes even further incorporating more punk influence, stylistically similar to early Mayhem releases such as Deathcrush. The first release, Blood & Vomit was almost completely performed by Nattefrost, with additional help from a number of musicians from other bands Nattefrost has associated with. Vrangsinn, the bassist and backup vocalist of Carpathian Forest, who performed backup vocals on tracks 1, 2 & 8 and bass guitar on track 3. Nordavind performed vocals on track 5 and the backing vocals on track 3. Evind Kulde, who is also part World Destroyer along with Vrangsinn, performed backing vocals on track 2.

While the first Nattefrost album is primarily performed by R. Nattefrost, Terrorist, is an enormous conglomeration of many musicians, often with the same person(s) playing different instruments on different tracks, or completely different lineups altogether. Carpathian Forest, including Nattefrost himself, are often remarked to be completely humorless in their music, although some critics find it difficult to take this album seriously.

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