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Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Current Label: Gilead Media Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Nick Elert: Guitar,
John Gleisner: Drums,
Jerry Hauppa: Bass,
Erik Stenglein: Guitar / Vocals

Northless Bio:

Northless deals in volume. Great, shuddering washes of sound and texture, pummeling rhythms and intense guitars.

Hate. Anger. Pain. Disillusionment. Abuse.

Formed in 2007 by Erik Stenglein, Northless is a reaction to the erosion of the future. Drawing from influences such as Neurosis, Eyehategod, Drudkh and Khanate, Northless has placed a boot firmly in the realm of sludge and doom.

In Fall 2008 with drummer Dan Opgenorth, Northless recorded 11 songs at Milwaukee's Howl Street Studios with engineer Shane Hochstetler. Out of this session came the song "Temples Of The Weak", which was later included on a split 7" with Milwaukee hardcore band Protestant, released by Inkblot Records out of NYC. Six of the remaining songs from that session were used on the 2010 release Leaving The Wolves, released by Halo of Flies records. The first full length album, titled No Quarter for The Damaged, was released in May 2009, also by Halo of Flies records.

After Dan left the band in 2009, Erik turned to Milwaukee instrumental music stalwarts Nicholas Elert (This Specific Dream), John Grant (This Specific Dream) and John Gleisner (Mahogany Throttle) to flesh out the lineup and provide a fuller sound, more bottom end, and greater impact.

Working together, this lineup wrote the eight songs that make up 2011's Clandestine Abuse (Halo of Flies/Gilead Media) in six months. Recorded once again with Shane at Howl Street, Clandestine Abuse is a documentation of pure, unmitigated hatred of the way things are.

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