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Hometown: Virginia Beach Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Brett Lloyd - Vocals
Chris Kernstock - Bass
Joe Festa - Guitars
Douglas Stanek - Drums

Pillbuster Bio:

In 2011, 4 people from different parts of the US came together in Virginia to create what would become Pillbuster. Influenced by the deep rooted, swampy sounds of southern metal, east coast hardcore, punk, and straight up rock, this band proves that genres cannot bind.
Each band member brings a different element of influence to the table, helping to create a simple yet complex sound reminiscent of times when music wasn't over produced and cookie cut for the masses. Pillbuster's sound is hard, in your face and raw...and that's how they like it.
Every song has crushing grooves, pounding rhythms with pain ridden vocals and vicious arrangements...inviting the listener to experience the influences and story of the band.
Pillbuster hides from all of the trends, and just plays the music that they want to play...staying true to who they are and what they do is evident in every riff, fill, and growl.

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