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Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Florida Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Nestor Aguirre, vocals
Damien Lee Thorr, guitars
Victor Meneses, guitars
Scott Opiela, bass
Ed Gresely, drums

Predator Bio:

"PREDATOR" is the self-titled debut release of a true "Power Metal" group. It is lightening, packed within a collection of high energy thrashers, that grab the listener from the first awesome slash across the strings. Their poetic lyrics are deeply thought provoking works, which will leave the listener feeling and thinking more about life on multiple levels. Their song, "Icon" was recently hailed by and featured in, Metal Edge's CD Sampler.

Nestor Aguirre, a native of Managua, Nicaragua, possesses one of the most unique and outstanding voices in Heavy Metal today. His passion races through their songs like a lion, closing in fast on it's prey. Nestor performs with a great positive energy which brings the listener to an astounding level of musical enjoyment that may require seat-belts.

Damien Lee Thorr is a truly unique, "guitarist extraordinaire", who has been an acclaimed, gifted expert at the craft for many years. He has divided his time between being a mentor to many young musicians, (including Paolo Gregoletto, bassist from TRIVIUM), as well as, being a center stage performer himself. He has won numerous prestigious awards naming him best guitarist. Damien has also made time to record solo CD's and in the eighties, played with the New York incarnation of the Dutch group, "Highway Chile" with former lead singer Armand Vander Stighel. Predator is a project close to his heart and one in which his fingers were set free to soar to dizzying heights. His creativity seemingly knows no bounds, as he is also the author of the horror erotica novel, "The Vampire Journals" under the pen name Nigel Zachary Coutrwight.

Billy Gordon is an outstandingly talented, guitarist . He has professionally performed and recorded with the remarkable Heavy Metal band, "Edge of Anger" and has released two CD's, toured extensively, and performed live before many thrashing adoring fans. His unparalleled fresh style and smooth skills on the guitar compliment that of Damien's, there by, providing an awesome team of guitar pyro-technics that set trends... rather than, follow them!

Scott Opiela is Predator's Bass player extraordinaire. This extremely talented musicianhas a unique aggressive musical style and knack for heavy metal. He is gifted with phenomenal skills, which have been sharply honed, making him a slick well trained expert on the Bass. Scott rocks you into the night with an amazing ear for power metal that sizzles long after the last note has been played.

Eddie Gresely is a tremendous, heart pounding "rocket ship" of a drummer! Blasting off with howling power and intense energy that reaches into the stratosphere. He was immediately noticed for his wondrous, "bone rattling" ability to compliment any song, with his amazing speed and marvelous technique.

Together, these five predatory musical carnivores comprise PREDATOR. Staking as one, this pack has become a force in Heavy Metal that simply cannot be denied. Their amazing talent, song writing abilities and overall cool positive vibe, will leave the listener feeling enthusiastic and thinking more about their own place in this world. Never, will you hear nonsense songs, simply extolling evil or anger, self-loathing or depression from these boys. These amazing and powerful songs are positive mirrors of strength in the world and feelings of self reliance and self worth abound! This is... REALITY METAL... This is... PREDATOR!

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