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Hometown: Herne, Germany Current Label: Nuclear Blast Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Peavy Wagner - Vocals, Bass
Victor Smolski - Guitar
André Hilgers - Drums

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The RAGE story begins way back in 1984, when their debut album "Prayers of Steel" was released. Albums were released in regular intervals, and RAGE toured tirelessly throughout Europe, making an abiding and enthusiastic fanbase. Their 1992 album release "Trapped" marked their international breakthrough, with tours through Asia, Russia and South America succeeding regularly after every new release. With a new line-up, RAGE realize their work "Lingua Mortis" in 1996, the first classical album by a German metal act. Subsequently, RAGE plus orchestra did a celebrated tour and played at several European festivals. Their thirteenth album "XIII" saw the light of day in March 1998, forming not only another highlight in the band's career but also the beginning of a new chapter in their line-up: The subsequent album "Ghosts" was followed by a severe personnel change which resulted in guitar player and multiinstrumentalist Victor Smolski joining the band. Together with Peavy Wagner, Victor Smolski is the musical head within the current RAGE line-up and it would be totally impossible to imagine RAGE without him now.

The new line-up had their baptism of fire at the Wacken Open Air in August 1999, presenting an impressive work with the "Welcome To The Other Side" album. Their subsequent releases "Unity" and "Soundchaser" evoked equally enthusiastic reactions from both the press and fans alike, and the appertaining tours turned into veritable triumphal marches. In 2004 RAGE celebrated their 20th band anniversary with "From The Cradle To The Stage", documenting that no former RAGE line-up was as strong a force on stage as the one featuring Wagner, Smolski and Terrana. The European tour 2004 guaranteed to confirm this impression. The next RAGE album "Speak Of The Dead" which was released in 2006, was also acclaimed by the international press, and while RAGE were playing a sold out European tour, the band's concert in St.Petersburg was recorded for a live DVD called "Full Moon In St. Petersburg". Due to personal and musical differences, RAGE split with Mike Terrana at the end of 2006, with André Hilgers becoming the new drummer. André's first concerts were the shows played together with the "Lingua Mortis Orchestra" in Russia, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic and also at the "Wacken Open Air" festival in Germany where the show was recorded infront of an audience of 100.000. This material was used for a bonus DVD supplementing the upcoming RAGE studio album"Carved In Stone". In 2009, RAGE celebrated their 25 years band anniversary with numerous jubilee shows. With their song "Never Give Up" from the eponymous EP, RAGE gained the third place in the Bundes Vision Song Contest. In 2010 RAGE released their new CD "Strings To A Web", which was real successful on the market (3 weeks in Media Control Charts - #27, even 1 year at the readers charts of Rock Hard magazin). In Europe, Russia and Japan RAGE presented their album at numerous concerts, the highlight was the legendarye headliner-show together with the Lingua Mortis Orchestra at the Rock Hard festival in the sold out Gelsenkirchen amphitheater. In future, RAGE and the "LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA" will play two different shows. Producer Victor Smolski will envolve different guest musicians at the "LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA", producing complete orchestrated records. So RAGE will focus on the heavy tracks in future, the orchestrated works will be offert by "LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA". Both bands will be on Nuclear Blast Records.

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