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Serpent Ov Old

Serpent Ov Old
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Current Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Knight Ov Thee North- Ser Stephen Thee Unruly (M.W.S.) 6&5&4 Strings, Synth, Diatribes and Nocturnal Pulse, Knight Ov Thee South- Bård Schrecken Von Blut Diatribes and Nocturnal Howls, Knightess Ov Thee East- Säbel Von Blut Additional Synth, Diatribes, Rituale Altar Ov Sacrifice, Knight Ov Thee West- (Cowan)

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I: Master of slanders, dispenser of the benefits of crime, administrator of sumptuous sins and great vices, Satan, thee we adore, reasonable god, just god!
Superadmirable legate of false trances, thou receivest our beseeching tears; thou savest the honor of families by aborting wombs impregnated in the forgetfulness of the good orgasm; thou dost suggest to the mother the hastening of untimely birth, and thine obstetrics spares the still-born children the anguish of maturity, the contamination of Original Sin.
Mainstay of the despairing poor, cordial of the vanquished, it is thou who endowst them with hypocrisy, ingratitude, and stiff-neckedness, that they may defend themselves against the children of god, the rich.
Suzerain of resentment, accountant of humiliations, treasurer of old hatreds, thou alone dost fertilize the brain of man whom injustice has crashed; thou breathest into him the idea of meditated vengeance, sure misdeeds; thou incitest him to murder; thou givest him the abundant joy of accomplished reprisals and permittest him to taste the intoxicating draught of the tears of which he is the cause.
Hope of virility, anguish of the empty womb, thou dost not demand the bootless offering of chaste lions, thou dost not sing the praises of lenten follies; thou alone receivest the carnal supplications and petitions of poor and avaricious families. Thou determinest the mother to sell her daughter, to give her son; thou aidest sterile and reprobate loves; gaurdian of strident neuroses, leaden tower of hysteria, bloody vase of rape!
Master, thy faithful servants, on their knees, implore thee and supplicate thee to satisfy them when they wish the torture of all those who love them and aid them; they supplicate thee, to assure them the joy of delectable misdeeds unknown to justice, spells whose unknown origin baffles the reason of man; they ask, finally, glory, riches, power, of thee, king of the disinherited, son who art to overthrow the inexorable father!

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