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Sonic Syndicate

Sonic Syndicate
Hometown: Falkenberg, Sweden Current Label: Nuclear Blast Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Nathan J Biggs - Vocals
Karin Axelsson - Bass
Christoffer Andersson - Vocals
Roger Sjunnesson - Guitars
John Bengtsson - Drums
Robin Sjunnesson - Guitars

Sonic Syndicate Bio:

Some bands have a knack for writing a few catchy songs, SONIC SYNDICATE however possess the rare ability to spin aural gold. To say their music is infectious is an understatement. Upon hearing Only Human the only way to forget it is a costly lobotomy by Dr. Blast himself. For those the rest of us without health insurance, or stuck with a lousy HMO, there is no forgetting the undeniable hooks of SONIC SYNDICATE.

SONIC SYNDICATE was founded in 2002 under the original moniker FALLEN ANGELS. In 2003 the band recorded three demos, two of which were recorded at Studio Mega (THE CROWN, BESEECH, LAKE OF TEARS). After the success of those recordings and various shows throughout Scandinavia, word would soon spread across the globe about this more than promising new act.

In December of 2004, the band changed their name to SONIC SYNDICATE and signed with the upstart North American label, Pivotal Records. The group released their debut album, Eden Fire, in the Fall of 2005 to a more than welcome response. With their ferocious blend of Swedish melodic metal and American hardcore, SONIC SYNDICATE proved to be one of metal?s most promising new acts. Compared with that album to an impressive laundry list of bands such as IN FLAMES, SOILWORK, CHILDREN OF BODOM, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE etc. it was obvious this band was a serious contender.

In 2006, NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS took note of this underground sensation and offered them a new home. The band entered Black Lounge Studio in Sweden that same year with producer Jonas Kjellgren (SCAR SYMMETRY). From the crisp production to the unique artwork by Koma-Design (LACUNA COIL, IN FLAMES), Only Inhuman sees the band taking their vision to new heights. Along with a live performance that has earned them the right to share the stage with such acts as ARCH ENEMY, EVERGREY, ENTOMBED, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and TRIVIUM, there is no stopping this devastating act.

Soon to be held in such high regards as the bands that spawned them, SONIC SYNDICATE is hands down one of the best new comers the scene has to offer. See why Anders Friden of IN FLAMES calls SONIC SYNDICATE?s Only Inhuman, ?A new force in Swedish metal; melodies and songs for the melodic generation.

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