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Hometown: Norrköping, Sweden Current Label: Century Media Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Lars Broddesson - Drums
Magnus Devo Andersson - Bass
Morgan Håkansson - Guitars
Arioch aka Mortuus - Vocals
Lars Broddesson - Drums

Marduk Bio:

Marduk was formed by Morgan Håkansson in 1990 to create the most blasphemous music ever. In 1991 they released their demotape "Fuck Me Jesus" which gave the band a strong fanbase all over the world. They also recorded material for a 7" called "Here's No Peace" but they decided to not release it since they wanted to concentrate on recording a full-length album instead. They also performed their first live shows in 1991.

In June 1992 they recorded their debut album "Dark Endless" which was released in December. In 1993 Marduk signs a deal with the French label Osmose Productions since their first label had ripped them off. They also recorded their second album "Those Of The Unlight" which was released in October. In 1994 they played outside Sweden for the first time at a black metal festival in neighbouring Norway.

In May and June 1994 they went on their first European tour entitled "Sons Of The Northern Darkness". In the autumn they went into the studio to record their next album "Opus Nocturne" to be released at the end of the year. In February 1995 they plagued Europe again for the second time under the name "The Winter War". In April their "Fuck Me Jesus" demo was released as an MCD. Because of the title and artwork the MCD is boycotted in seven countries.

In early June 1995 Marduk played one show in Mexico City. In the autumn they worked on new material for the next album "Heaven Shall Burn...When We Are Gathered" which was recorded in February 1996 and released in June. In the autumn they went out on their most extensive European tour so far. During the tour they also released the MCD "Glorification" which included a remixed track from their latest album + cover versions of Bathory, Piledriver and Destruction.

In the spring time of 1997 Marduk toured the European continent again. During their last tour they recorded the live album "Live In Germania" at four German shows which was released in the summer of 1997. In October they released "Here's No Peace" on the new Swedish label Shadow Records with old recordings from their demo days. In October and November they recorded their new album "Nightwing" which was released in March 1998.

During the summer of 1998 they wrote material for the upcoming albu "Panzer Division Marduk" and in October/November it was time to travel through Europe again on "The Black Metal Assault Tour". In February 1999 they entered Abyss Studio in Ludvika to record the new album. After the recording sessions were finished it was back out on tour again, starting with some warm up shows in Scandinavia and then the real thing in Japan. Dyring the summer they also played several festivals.

In October/November of 1999 Marduk went on a 7 week headline tour throughout Europe. As soon as they were back home again they entered the studio to record the MCD "Obedience" which was released in March 2000. In April they went on a shorter European tour with Deicide and Cannibal Corpse. They now also decided to end their co-operation with Osmose for different reasons and release their new material on Morgan's own label Blooddawn Productions. In May they went to Mexico for the second time to play six shows. During the summer it was time to do the festival thing again.

On the 27th of October 2000 Marduk played an ten year anniversary show in their hometown Norrköping and on the 31st of October they released their anniversary live album called "Infernal Eternal" which was recorded during the French part of the "World Panzer Battle" tour 1999. In December they entered Abyss Studio again to record their new full-length album "La Grande Danse Macabre". The album was released in Europe in March 2001 through Blooddawn and a while later on Century Media in North America.

In January 2001 they recorded some new tracks in the Abyss Studio. Among them were a special written track for the motocross superstar Brian Deegan called "Deathride". Marduk was also offered to do some music for a horror movie on a big independent label. In March/April they toured through Europe with 31 shows followed by their first US tour in May/June covering 30 dates.

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