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Twisted Tower Dire

Twisted Tower Dire
Hometown: Chantilly, Virginia Current Label: Cruz del Sur Music Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Jonny Aune - Vocals
Dave Boyd - Guitar
Jim Hunter - Bass
Marc Stauffer -Drums
Scott Waldrop - Guitar

Twisted Tower Dire Bio:

In the year of 1995, when metal was being viciously suffocated by an almost supernaturally lame mainstream pop culture, TWISTED TOWER DIRE was born. Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Candlemass...these were the teachers. After releasing two cult demo cassettes, several split EPs and contributing to various sampler CD's to critical acclaim, the band began a partnership with long time fan and Solstice mainman/guitarist Rich Walker. He had recently begun a new label called The Miskatonic Foundation and offered to support the recording and distribution of the first TWISTED TOWER DIRE album.

The band unleashed their self produced, full-length debut in 1999. Despite a modest budget, "The Curse of Twisted Tower" won over many dedicated fans that appreciated TWISTED TOWER DIRE's traditional yet unique sound. From 1999 to 2000, the band embarked on a relentless, self-financed world tour in support of "Curse" including several American festival appearances. A European stretch of the tour with fellow heathens Slough Feg and Solstice followed, including several club dates and the Wacken Open Air Festival, where the band had to perform directly after Venom's headlining set!

In 2001, TWISTED TOWER DIRE released the critically acclaimed "Isle of Hydra" (produced by Kevin 131 & TTD) on The Miskatonic Foundation and Hellion Records. The album featured tighter songwriting and improved production, but still retained a certain underground feel. In support, they played shows in North America’s Mid Atlantic Region and beyond, including more festival dates. In July 2002, TWISTED TOWER DIRE returned to Deutschland, once again with the mighty Slough Feg, to continue their assault on clubs and festivals, including a headlining appearance at the Headbanger's Open Air Festival.

In September of that same year, TWISTED TOWER DIRE signed to Germany's Remedy Records. Their third release "Crest of the Martyrs" (produced by Piet Sielck & TTD) was unleashed upon the masses on May 26th, 2003. “Crest” had the distinguished honor of being named one of Terrorizer Magazine’s Top 20 Power Metal Albums of All Time (Issue 137, Nov. 2005). This release was accompanied by another European invasion with festival gigs at the Metal Bash Open Air Festival and their second appearance at the Wacken Open Air Festival. "Crest" was also the first TWISTED TOWER DIRE album to be officially released in Japan (Spiritual Beast) and the USA (Magick/Cleopatra).

Between 2004 and 2006, the members of TWISTED TOWER DIRE all went through some heavy personal times. The band kept moving forward despite the setbacks, playing shows across the US, including the first Alehorn of Power Festival (Chicago) in June 2006, and working on the aptly named fourth album “Netherworlds”. In September 2006, lead vocalist of nine years, Tony Taylor left the band after a long battle with depression. Once it was decided that Tony’s departure was permanent, TWISTED TOWER DIRE welcomed Viper(NC) vocalist Johnny Aune as their new singer, reinvigorating the spirit of the band.

TWISTED TOWER DIRE have gone through countless trials and changes in their 11 year history, but the purpose has remained the same from early basement practices to today's basement practices. The "Tower Brethren" continue to play their guts out for the legacy of Classic Heavy Metal with their latest album “Netherworlds” (released Feb 23rd 2007 and produced by Matt Crooks, Wayne Mitzen, Marc Stauffer & TTD) and their headbangmania live shows. The band appreciates the support of their dedicated friends and fans around the world and hopes to soon see YOU in front of the stage banging thy head!

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