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The Wolves Of Avalon

The Wolves Of Avalon
Hometown: Hertfordshire, South, United Kingdom Current Label: Godreah Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Metatron: Vocals,
JM: Guitar, Keyboards, Clean Vocal,
Steve Wallace: Drums,
Alan Davey: Bass

The Wolves Of Avalon Bio:

Metatron [Meads of Asphodel] has long been involved in the British scene and has worked with, Huw Lloyd Langton and Alan Davey [Hawkwind], A.C.Wild [bulldozer], Hoest [Taake], Mirai [Sigh], Vincent Crowley [Acheron], Paul Fox [The Ruts], Deorth [Ragnarok], Alisa Coral [Space Mirrors]and not wanting to take the Meads into the Pagan Metal realms, the birth of The Wolves of Avalon, was always going to happen. The Wolves of Avalon is an embodiment of ancient British spirit and pride and not to be confused with any modern interpretation of things long since buried by time and dust. By drafting in JM to create the music and traditional instrumentalist from other bands, Metatron s vision has finally come to life. The Wolves of Avalon feature - , Rob Darken [Graveland], Verst [Instinct], Roibéard Ó Bogail [Mael-Mordha], Magnus O. Wohlfart [Yggdrasil], Petra Jadrná [ Cruadalach], Arvid Vermote [Krigavar], and Rob Wakefield [Aurora-Project]

The music can be termed, Celtic Pagan Metal that simmers in a doleful, almost tragic atmosphere with sporadic up tempo sections to shed light on the Dark Age tale that writhes within.

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