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Hometown: Bitonto (Ba), Italy Current Label: Rising Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Phanaeus : Voice / Lyrics
Vandrer : Lead Guitars
Fjorgynn : Guitars
Eruner : Bass
Wolf : Drums

Vinterblot Bio:

The pagan death metal project Vinterblot took shape in Bari (Italy) in winter 2008 due to the initiative of such musicians as Vandrer, Wolf, Eruner and Fjorgynn, who would lately bid welcome to the singer Phanaeus from death metal band Mharbh. Their music is to be rated as a merger between the European death metal tradition and the typical dark mood featuring black metal and ambient music, whose atmospheres are the solid ground on which themes like the constant relation between the man , his darkest sides and the myth are based.
In summer 2010 is their first self- produced EP “For Asgard” released, which was recorded at the Sound Cubed Studio with the supervision of Antonio Tafaro and drew many positive reviews from heavy metal magazines and webzines, among which HeavyMetal. it and MetalArci awarded them the title of 2010 Best Underground EP.
Along with performing live Vinterblot joined other southern Italy bands in both the recording of the free downloadable “Underground Southern Conspiracy “ compilation and the “ Vieni a pogare in Puglia” split album. Besides, they were hired to take part in the final round of the Agglutination Takeoff Contest.
In march 2011 the Italian band signed its first contract for the English label Rising Records, which produced its full-length debut album entitled "Nether Collapse", recorded at Dungeon Golem Studios and overseen by engineer Giuseppe Dentamaro. The album is going to be released in January 2012. "Nether Collapse" receives many international positive reviews: 15/15 Twilight Magazine ( DE ) - 9/10 Sorrow Eternal ( UK ), 9/10 MedazzaRock ( CH ), 80/100 Metallized ( IT ), 8/10 Global Metal Apocalypse ( USA ) etc. In February 2012, it's announced the partecipation to Fosch Fest 2012.

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